How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands

Stuck with How to Remove Security Tags from Clothes with Hands? We have compiled the easiest options for you!

Wondering How to Remove Security Tags from Clothes with Hands? However, it is mechanically removed from shops; there are rare negligence cases. It is a little tricky to dislodge them without damaging the clothes. So we have compiled some feasible options for you!

What Is a Security Tag?


An electronic security tag has a signal transmitter installed in it that is made to detect shoplifters. It can be used on any kind of product. The security tag is a significant part of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS).

Here are the most common types of security tags out there:

  • Security Hard Tags: This electronic identification device comprises metal strips or electronic devices encased in hard plastics.
  • Alarming Tags: As the name suggests, alarming tags contain a signal transmitter that buzzes once detected by the system.
  • Ink Tags: Ink tags are made of small ink bottles encased in a plastic covering to prevent shoplifting which would otherwise spill the ink if removed forcefully.
  • Security Labels: The security labels are the ordinary tags that are adhered to merchandise in most stores to prevent illegal shoplifting.

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands?

1. Using a Flat Head Screwdriver

To remove the security tag, put the flat-headed screwdriver along the edge of the pointy piece, and twist it to open it up. Once done, use the screwdriver again to lift out the metal piece beneath the plastic head that holds the pin intact.

Now you can easily pull out the security tag from the cloth.

2. Try the Lighter Method

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 2

If the above remedy does not work, try this security tag remover that will do the trick in no time. Take a lighter and melt the dome-like upper part of the tag. Now cut out the melted piece with a knife or a plier.

After scoop-in into the tag, you will see a spring and some ball bearings that you must pull out to remove the security tag.

3. Use Pliers to Remove Security Tags from Clothes


Start the process by grabbing the security tag and pointing the cone-like side up. Then, make a proper grip from the opposite sides of the security tag with the help of two separate sets of pliers. Now, gently bend the tag applying a little force.

This will loosen the pin and the spring, making it pop off. While doing this technique, don’t use too much pressure, as the ink under the tag will spill and ruin your cloth.

4. Apply the Two Forks Technique

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 3

Yeah! It sounds crazy, but the forks are enough to remove the security tags from clothes. To do this, take two forks and insert them on either side of the tags. Now pull them in the opposite direction to open it. This is one of the most effective tag-removal remedies out there.

5. Freeze the Cloth

As crazy as it sounds, but a super hack to keep your clothes from ink stains. Freeze the cloth overnight and let it rest for an hour after taking it off. Now use pliers, forks or simply hit the tag to remove it. Since the ink is frozen, it will not spill over your clothes.

6. Use the Rubber Band Method

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Rubber band is one of the most feasible options to get security tags off your clothes. Put the ink cartridge on the lower side. Pull out the tag and wrap it with a sturdy rubber band, loosening it.

Hold the bigger portion and exert enough pressure so the pin straps off, separating from the tag.

7. Use a High Power Magnet


Attach the tag to a high-power magnet with the ink cartridge facing down. The magnet will loosen the tag, ultimately venting them off. You can then babble it to remove the pins. It is a highly effective and safe way to remove security tags off your clothes.

8. Manually Remove Electromagnetic Tags

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes With Hands 5

You can manually remove the electromagnetic tags by placing something between the tag and the pin head. This will make some space loosening the grip. Snap out the pins by bending them back and forth. Pull out the tag, and you are done.

9. Hit the Tag to Remove It

Remove the tag by hitting it continuously against a hard surface. Put a nail between the tag and the cloth and hit the head with a hammer. It will loosen the tag enough. Now pull the tag and hit the cartridge gently against a hard surface.

This way, you can easily remove the tags from your clothes.

10. Use Candle and Plier to Remove the Tags


This method is pretty similar to the lighter method. Light a candle to melt the ink dome and use a plier to remove the tag. However, be careful not to destroy your garments in th process.

Note: This article is for information purposes only. Do not try it for shoplifting, as it’s a punishable offense.

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