How to Use Tea Bags to Get Rid of Mice

Eliminating mice from the house is tough, and it’s expensive to use chemical methods. Instead, consider this hack on how to use tea bags to get rid of mice.

How to Use Tea Bags to Get Rid of Mice1

Mice, the uncontrolled breeder can be a pain for many of us. As the approach of the summer, you will start noticing them roaming around in your house. Even in winter, they start looking for a warm and cozy place to hide. These rodents do a lot of damage to you, beginning from food to expensive clothes, footwear, and almost everything. Getting them out of the house is very difficult, and you may not even want to kill them.

Mice breed around any time of the year, and single mice can even give birth to almost 100 mice a year. Getting them out of the house may cost a lot, and even after this, there’s no guarantee that they won’t come back. Today, we’ll discuss the effortless, safe, fast, and inexpensive technique of getting these relentless visitors out of the house.

Identify mice breeding in the house

Identifying the presence of a mouse in your home is very simple as they leave significant signs. But, after identification, work on your toes for getting rid of them. A mouse is a nocturnal animal, and if you see it during the day time, then the situation is worse. They are responsible for spreading various diseases such as plague, Hantavirus, mouse bite fever, among others. If you spot any of the following things in your house, then there are possibilities of breeding of mice in the home.

  • Presence of small holes in the boxes, cabinets, bags, etc.
  • Droppings around the house or at little dark places like under a cabinet or sink area
  • Paper shredding in the corners
  • The presence of mice also causes a bad odor in the home.

Prevention of mice infestation from home

Prevention of mice infestation from home

Using chemical treatment methods for removing mice from the house can cost you a lot. Moreover, the smell of these toxins can be quite hazardous for health. Therefore, some inexpensive and environment-friendly ways can be beneficial.

Though mice produce visible signs of its presence but recognizing the places of breeding can be tough. Therefore, one convenient way of doing it is by sprinkling some powder at the corners and edges of the wall. You can also do it in places where you think they may be present. This will make it easy for you to track their breeding areas. Once you find their homes, it’s time to attack them and get rid of them.

Sipping tea

Sipping tea is the crucial step in this method, enjoy your drink, and keep collecting the peppermint teabags. The reason for using peppermint teabags is because of its smell. The smell of peppermint is unpleasant to these rodents and few insects too. The repulsive scent will keep the mouse away from your house.

How to Use Tea Bags to Get Rid of Mice

How to Use Tea Bags to Get Rid of Mice2

Placing tea bags is exceptionally vital because that’s how they will stay away from your house. Peppermint tea bags should surround all the possible breeding spots and areas. Placing them at all the entrances of the house will prevent them from entering your home as well. If you detect any holes in the wall corners or anywhere in the house, stuff it with a peppermint teabag. The teabag method is beneficial because this will not kill the animal but will keep it away from home. Therefore, the need to deal with a dead body is also gone.

This method is entirely environment-friendly as it eliminates the use of toxins. It doesn’t only keep your home healthy but also keep up with your health.

A tip to remember

There is a very significant aspect of this method which you should keep in mind. The fragrance of these peppermint teabags may fade after a few days, therefore, consider altering them frequently. If not changed on time, you may see some uninvited visitors once again.

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