33 Indoor Plants Safe for Cats | Non Toxic Plants for Cats

Here’s a list of Indoor Plants Safe for Cats that you can grow without any worries while inviting a touch of greenery to your home!

Ensure the safety of your four-legged friend by bringing home these ASPCA-approved Indoor Plants Safe for Cats! These non-toxic plants help you in preparing an indoor green oasis.

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats

1. Rattlesnake Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 2

Botanical Name- Calathea lancifolia

Flourishes in bright, filtered light and well-draining soil, Calathea lancifolia is a rewarding plant because of its crinkly variegated leaves.

2. Busy Lizzie

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 3

Botanical Name- Impatiens walleriana

Impatien or Busy Lizzie is prized for its bright-colored flowers and the ability to bloom in moderate light. It’s one of the best indoor plants safe for cats.

3. Boston Fern

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 4

Botanical Name- Nephrolepis exaltata

Include the picture-perfect, cat-safe Boston fern in your indoor plant collection. It enjoys high humidity and indirect light.

4. Areca Palm

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 5

Botanical Name- Dypsis lutescens

Areca palm is loved for its big and stunning fronds. Group 2-3 palms indoors to make a little green corner for your feline.

5. Baby Rubber Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 6

Botanical Name- Peperomia Obtusifolia

Do you want a baby rubber plant indoors? Don’t hesitate, as it’s completely safe for kitties. With little care, you can raise this display-worthy specimen.

6. Majesty Palm

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 7

Botanical Name- Ravenea rivularis

Add tropical flair to your indoor space with the cat-safe, majesty palm featuring long arching, stunning green fronds.

7. Zinnia

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 8

Botanical Name- Zinnia

Bring zinnia indoors, and rest assured with the fact that this colorful flowering plant is safe for your cats.

8. Parlor Palm

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 9

Botanical Name- Chamaedorea elegans

Parlor palm is a slow-growing, low-light loving, forgiving houseplant with excellent air-purifying capabilities, and it’s non-toxic to cats.

9. Gloxinia

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 10

Botanical Name- Sinningia speciosa

Grow gloxinia for its trumpet-shaped flowers and velvety foliage. This gorgeous flowering plant needs indirect sunlight and constant moisture to thrive.

10. Spider Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 11

Botanical Name- Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plant is an easy to grow and cat-friendly plant with air-purifying potential, making it a valuable addition to an indoor garden.

11. Ponytail Palm

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 12
Ansons Athome Aroids

Botanical Name- Beaucarnea recurvata

Popular for its drought-tolerant nature, the ponytail palm is one of the most attractive ornamental plants for indoors.

12. Cast Iron Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 13
Those Positive Plants

Botanical Name- Aspidistra elatior

Raise cast iron plants indoors to please your eyes with its beautiful lush green foliage. This cat-friendly plant adapts and survives in extreme conditions.

13. Staghorn Fern

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 14

Botanical Name- Platycerium

The staghorn fern or elkhorn fern is appreciated for its unique fronds that look similar to deer or elk antlers. It’s non-toxic to cats.

14. Zebra Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 15

Botanical Name- Aphelandra squarrosa

The dark green leaves of the zebra plant adorned with white veins make it a captivating, cat-friendly indoor plant.

15. Nerve Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 16

Botanical Name- Fittonia albivenis

Flourishes in low light and moderate watering, fittonia is a low-growing creeper and completely safe for your little feline friend.

16. Wax Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 17

Botanical Name- Hoya carnosa

With waxy leaves and beautiful, sweet-scented white flowers, the wax plant is a must-have houseplant for an indoor cat garden.

17. Moth Orchid

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 18

Botanical Name- Phalaenopsis

Do you want to grow a moth orchid indoors for its long-lasting aromatic flowers? Go ahead; it’s safe for your cute furball.

18. Bromeliads

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 19

Botanical Name- Bromeliaceae

Bromeliad is admired for its striking red and yellow flowers. This tropical beauty is a low-maintenance plant, perfect for indoors.

19. Burro’s Tail

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 20

Botanical Name- Sedum morganianum

Introduce the display-worthy burro’s tail indoors for its fleshy blue-green leaves. Its thick stems seem braided with leaves.

20. Pearl Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 21

Botanical Name- Tulista pumila

Another stunning cat-friendly succulent to plant indoors is the pearl plant. Its pulpy leaves feature pearl-like tubercles, hence the name.

21. African Violet

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 22

Botanical Name- Saintpaulia

The African violet is native to Africa and offers deep purple blooms all year long. Place this cat-safe plant away from a drafty window or vent.

22. Polka Dot

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 23

Botanical Name- Hypoestes phyllostachya

A striking choice for cat parents, the polka dot plant has brightly variegated foliage and needs indirect light to thrive. Place this plant near an east-facing window.

23. Watermelon Peperomia

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 24

Botanical Name- Peperomia argyreia

Peperomia is cherished for its gorgeous watermelon-patterned leaves. This tropical plant is safe around cats and adapts quite well to indoor conditions.

24. Haworthia

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 25

Botanical Name- Haworthia

Haworthia is a genus of attractive succulents with fleshy green leaves. This low-maintenance plant is non-toxic to both cats and dogs.

25. Friendship Plant

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats 26

Botanical Name- Pilea involucrata

Friendship plant has textured foliage with intricate patterns, making this humidity-loving plant a valuable addition to an indoor cat garden.

26. Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy

Botanical Name- Plectranthus verticillatus

Adorned with dainty green leaves and aromatic flowers, Swedish ivy is ideal for novice gardeners and harmless to kitties.

27. Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Botanical Name- Gynura aurantiaca

The purple passion plant is appreciated by gardeners for its lovely purple foliage. This houseplant loves diffused bright light and moist soil.

28. Angel’s tears

Angel's tears

Botanical Name- Soleirolia soleirolii

Angel’s tears, commonly known as baby’s tears, is a fast-growing houseplant with a moss-like appearance.

29. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Botanical Name- Schlumbergera bridgesii

Adored for the gorgeous tubular flowers, the Christmas cactus is a wonderful houseplant. Include this beauty indoors without worrying about your feline friend.

30. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy

Botanical Name– Gerbera jamesonii

Gerbera Daisy is a showy plant with long-lasting blooms. It’s a NASA-approved air-purifying plant and pet-friendly as well.

31. Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy Date Palm

Botanical Name– Phoenix roebelenii

Pygmy date palm or dwarf date palm is a slow-growing plant with air-purifying abilities. It produces edible fruits as well.

32. Money Tree

Money Tree

Botanical Name- Pachira Aquatica

Native to the tropics, the money tree plant loves moist soil and indirect light. Remember to keep this cat-friendly plant near a fairly sunny spot indoors.

33. Banana

Cat Friendly Banana Plant

Botanical Name- Musa

Grow the banana plant indoors for its dramatic accent. Not all banana varieties produce edible fruits that’s why choose accordingly.

Quick Note- Keep an eye on your cats when they nibble on plants to avoid a choking hazard.

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