6 Types of Maple Trees in Washington State

From the majestic Bigleaf to the elegant Vine Maple, here are some of the best types of Maple Trees that are common in Washington State!

Maple trees are not only abundant in the forests of Canada; they are also found in Washington State. These foliar specimens add beauty to the landscape and offer habitat as well as food to wildlife.

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Maple Trees in Washington State

1. Big Leaf Maple

Maple Trees in Washington State 1

Botanical Name – Acer Macrophyllum

This deciduous tree attracts attention in the Pacific Northwest landscapes with its lobed leaves, green-yellow tiny flowers, and propeller-like fruits. It can become 30m tall in optimal growing conditions.

2. Vine Maple

Maple Trees in Washington State 2

Botanical Name – Acer Circinatum

Vine maple grows abundantly in all the counties of western Washington and northwestern Oregon. This deciduous tree features multiple grayish trunks, tangled branches, and dark red samara.

3. Rocky Mountain Maple

Maple Trees in Washington State 3

Botanical Name – Acer glabrum var. douglasii

This broadleaf tree is a popular specimen in Washington state for five-petalled yellowish-green flowers and ovate foliage. It loves full sun to part shade and is hardy to USDA zone 4.

4. Norway Maple

Norway Maple

Botanical Name – Acer platanoides

Although native to Europe, the Norway maple also grows in the states of Washington and Idaho. The rounded crown and dense leaf canopy make this specimen an excellent shade tree.

5. Boxelder Maple

Boxelder Maple

Botanical Name – Acer negundo

Boxelder maple is naturalized in southeastern Washington and various parts of the USA. Its seeds are an important food source for birds, mammals, and other local wildlife.

6. Sycamore Maple

Sycamore Maple

Botanical Name – Acer pseudoplatanus

Sycamore maple is a 30-35 m tall tree with an irregular crown and five-lobed, dark green leaves that turn pale yellow in fall. This tree is native to Europe and naturalized in Washington state.

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