18 Most Beautiful Succulents with Red Flowers

Looking for unique specimens with pretty blooms? You shouldn’t miss out on these Beautiful Succulents with Red Flowers!

To add some visual interest and a pop of color to your home or garden, check out this list of beautiful Succulents with Red Flowers. They are easy to maintain and will surely attract a lot of eyeballs.

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Succulents with Red Flowers

1. Red Torch Cactus

Succulents with Red Flowers 1

Botanical Name- Echinopsis spachiana

Adored for its showy red blooms, the torch cactus is an attractive succulent that requires moist, well-drained soil for better growth.

2. Red Orchid Cactus

Succulents with Red Flowers 2

Botanical Name- Disocactus ackermannii

This orchid cactus is a lovely epiphytic with funnel-shaped, scarlet-hued blossoms. It’s one of the most attractive succulents with red flowers.

3. Jewel of the Desert Garnet (Ice Plant)

Succulents with Red Flowers 3

Botanical Name- Delosperma cooperi

Admired by gardening enthusiasts for beautiful daisy-like, red-purplish flowers, this succulent is an excellent ground cover.

4. Fire Barrel Cactus


Botanical Name- Ferocactus gracilis

The colorful spiny ribs and bright red flowers of the fire barrel cactus make it an ideal focal point for the garden.

5. Echeveria ‘Black Knight’

Succulents with Red Flowers 4

Botanical Name- Echeveria affinis

Featuring fleshy, nearly black pointy foliage and bright red blooms, this echeveria variety is a sight to behold.

6. Baby Sun Rose

Succulents with Red Flowers 5

Botanical Name- Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space by introducing this lovely baby sun rose plant having tiny red blooms.

7. Aloe PorcupineSucculents with Red Flowers 6

Botanical Name- Aloe ‘Porcupine’

This compact aloe variety has striking red blossoms and medium green-colored spiky, flashy foliage. It prefers a well-drained potting mix.

8. Propeller Plant

Succulents with Red Flowers 7

Botanical Name- Crassula perfoliata var. minor

If you’re looking for an eye-catching succulent specimen with red-colored flowers, consider growing this propeller plant.

9. Torch Aloe

Succulents with Red Flowers 8

Botanical Name- Aloe arborescens

Perfect as an outdoor and indoor plant, the torch aloe is loved for the sword-shaped foliage and gorgeous orange-red blossoms.

10. Burro’s Tail

Succulents with Red Flowers 9

Botanical Name- Sedum morganianum

The drought-tolerant burro’s tail displays pink to red, star-shaped flowers. It can be used as a houseplant or a lush green exterior plant.

11. Christmas Cactus

Succulents with Red Flowers 10

Botanical Name- Schlumbergera

Grow Christmas cactus to amp up the visual interest of your living space. This succulent makes a great addition to the holiday decor.

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12. Crown of Thorns

Succulents with Red Flowers 11

Botanical Name- Euphorbia milii

The crown of thorns or Christ thorn is one of the most gorgeous succulents with red flowers. It’s very forgiving about water but demands a well-draining potting mix.

13. Scarlet Hedgehog Cactus


Botanical Name- Echinocereus coccineus

Native to Northern and Central America, this cactus is adorned with scarlet-red blooms. Furthermore, it also produces yellow, pink, purple, or white-colored flowers.

14. Kalanchoe


Botanical Name- Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

This slow-growing perennial succulent is a commonly cultivated houseplant that needs well-draining, light soil, and minimal care. It loves bright indirect light to survive and thrive.

15. Lifesaver Plant

Lifesaver Plant

Botanical Name- Huernia Zebrina

No succulent can beat the beauty of the lifesaver plant because of its unusual 5-pointed, star-like flowers with a raised, glossy, burgundy ring in the center. It’s a perfect houseplant for small spaces.

16. Chenille Prickly Pear

Chenille Prickly Pear

Botanical Name- Opuntia aciculata

Highlighted by alluring bright red-orange flowers, the chenille prickly pear is an eye-catching ornamental specimen.

17. Kingcup Cactus

Kingcup Cactus

Botanical Name- Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Add some pizzazz to your space by growing this lovely kingcup cactus for its pretty red blooms. Use white pebbles in the planter for extra oomph.

18. Peanut Cactus

Peanut Cactus

Botanical Name- Echinopsis chamaecereus

This drought-tolerant succulent looks-like peanut in shape, hence the name. It showcases red-orange blooms. Put this cactus near a bright west or south-facing window for prolific growth.

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