5 Mushrooms That Look Like Potatoes

Deepen your knowledge of unusual fungi by browsing this list of Mushrooms That Look Like Potatoes! Read on to know more!

If you think you have seen enough doppelgangers in the world of fungi, get ready to be amazed by these mushrooms that resemble potatoes. Read on to learn more about these quirky specimens.

Mushrooms That Look Like Potatoes

1. Common Earthball

Mushrooms that Look Like Potatoes 1

Botanical Name – Scleroderma citrinum

Edibility Status – Poisonous

The common earthball might remind you of potatoes due to its globose-shaped fruiting bodies. These bodies can become 2.5-10 cm wide and 2-4 cm tall between July and November.

2. Potato Earthball

Mushrooms that Look Like Potatoes 2

Botanical Name – Scleroderma bovista

Edibility Status – Poisonous

Scleroderma bovista is a potato-shaped mushroom with a yellowish-brown hue, small scales, and cracks on the surface. It grows mostly above ground and releases spores once the outer wall dries and cracks open.

Caution – Its ingestion can cause vomiting, stomach cramps, and muscle rigidity.

3. Yellow False Truffle

Mushrooms That Look Like Potatoes 3

Botanical Name – Rhizopogon luteolus

Edibility Status – Unknown

The yellowish outer skin and ovoid shape give the yellow false truffle a potato-like appearance. This mushroom has no stems, but it attaches to the ground using cord-like mycelial threads.

Fact –  The yellow false truffle was first mentioned in the year 1817 by the Swedish mycologists Elias Magnus Fries and Johan Nordholm.

4. Pear-shaped Puffball

Pear-shaped Puffball

Botanical Name – Lycoperdon pyriforme

Edibility Status – Edible

Besides resembling boobs, Lycoperdon pyriforme also looks similar to a potato with its bulbous, pear-shaped appearance and brownish hue. It grows in clusters above the ground, which further adds to its potato-like resemblance.

5. Blushing False Truffle

Blushing False Truffle

Botanical Name – Rhizopogon roseolus

Edibility Status – Edible

With its bulbous body and reddish-brownish outer surface, the blushing false truffle is the spitting image of a potato. It grows majorly in Europe, North America, and Northeastern Asia regions.

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