40+ Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas To Creep People

Make your facade look spooktacular with these wonderful outdoor Halloween party decor ideas. Have fun and happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, but it’ll not be the same due to the on-going COVID crisis. You might not experience droves of costumed kids knocking on your door for trick-or-treating, and gathering of Halloween parties may be socially distanced. But, don’t let the festive spirit down and embellish your yard or porch with these outdoor Halloween party decor ideas.

Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas

1. Plastic Snake Wreath Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas1

Spook your neighbors with this eerie plastic snake wreath. Glue plastic snakes on a blank wreath and paint it all to redo this DIY.

2. Spiderweb WreathSpiderweb Wreath

Make this simple and creepy spiderweb wreath with faux web, mini spiders, and a few other supplies. Copy this amazing outdoor Halloween party decor idea from here.

3. “Keep Out” Entryway"Keep Out" Entryway

A scary and unwelcoming keep out entryway is a perfect outdoor Halloween party decor. A little bit of time and commitment is all you need to complete this DIY.

4. DIY Baloon Spiders Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas2

Decorating a bunch of balloon spiders on your porch adds creepiness and a lot of excitement too. It can be a nightmare for spiders fearing people; the tutorial is here.

5. DIY Halloween Wreath DioramaDIY Halloween Wreath Diorama

Surprise your guests by making this DIY Halloween wreath diorama, which goes perfectly well with a Halloween decor. It doesn’t look too tacky and has a 3D effect as well.

6. Pumpkin HurricanesPumpkin Hurricanes

You don’t have to be a pumpkin carving expert for this simple pumpkin hurricanes. They light up your walkways while adding a scary touch too.

7. Halloween Pumpkin Totem PoleHalloween Pumpkin Totem Pole

Make your Halloween decor frightful and unique at the same time with this pumpkin totem pole. Secure pumpkins with a fence post and make them glow with fairy lights.

8. Candy Wreath Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas3

This Halloween season, be cheery, not eerie, by hanging this candy wreath on the porch door. Your kids and little trick-or-treaters are going to love this idea.

9. DIY Morgue Door DecorationsDIY Morgue Door Decorations

Transform your door front into disturbing morgue drawers with this simplistic DIY. This makes your Halloween decor more appealing and creepy.

10. Hay Bales Display

Hay Bales Display

If you don’t have much time to decorate your yard or porch this Halloween season, then try this hay bales display. This is one of the best and easiest outdoor Halloween party decor ideas that you can try.

11. Stack Bales of HayStack Bales of Hay

Make your Halloween decor unique by converting stacks of hay bales into a buffet or drinks table in the yard. Cover hay bales with faux web, pumpkins, and string lights to complete the look.

12. Black Crepe-Paper Wreath Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas4

Take your Halloween game to a new level by adding this black crepe-paper wreath in your outdoor decor plan. It looks decent yet has negative energy to it to creep people out.

13. DIY Pumpkin Scarecrow

A giant terrifying pumpkin scarecrow is enough to create a chilling scene in your yard. It’s one of the simplistic ideas that can scare people more compared to some hard to do DIY Halloween decor ideas.

14. Hanging Jack-o’-LanternsHanging Jack-o'-Lanterns

Glow your sidewalk by using a bunch of hanging Jack-o’-Lanterns equipped with battery-powered candles that toss out the risk of fire.

15. Outdoor Halloween Campfire Decor Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas5

Three skeleton friends sitting on hay bales doing campfire sounds interesting and creepy. Check out this idea to replicate it in your yard.

16. Outdoor Skeleton CrewOutdoor Skeleton Crew

Create a bone-chilling experience for your guests by placing many Halloween skeletons at the entrance as greeters. You can even hang them instead of sitting for an added scare.

17. Glittery Witch CutoutGlittery Witch Cutout

Convert your door into a bewitching art with this glittery witch cutout. Embellish it even more by adding little stars and a moon.

18. Witch Hat Luminaries Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas6

Light up your porch with these uncanny levitating witch hat luminaries. Attach command hooks to the ceiling, hang the witch hats with a fishing line and add the lighting, that’s all.

19. Rainbow PumpkinsRainbow Pumpkins

Add a fun and cheerful feel to your doorsteps with these rainbow-colored pumpkin. Additionally, you can decorate them with fairy lights so that they glow at night.

20. Skeleton GuestSkeleton Guest

Place a life-sized skeleton on a bench in the porch or garden for a spook-tacular effect. Create a shabby look to the skeleton and put a crow on its shoulder!

21. Creepy Portrait Luminaries Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas7

Besides putting pumpkins, complement your steps with these photo bag luminaries for a more creepy look. Download some creepy images and get doing this photo bag luminaries art here.

22. Hang DIY GhostsHang DIY Ghosts

If you’re planning an indoor Halloween party, these hanging DIY ghosts are a great idea to make your indoor eerie while keeping it minimalistic.

23. DIY Graveyard Skeleton Decor

Upgrade your outdoor Halloween decor with this gravecrawler skeleton that is easy to make in one evening. Watch the video to learn the steps.

24. Setup a Candy BucketSetup a Candy Bucket

If you are going to miss Halloween night, but still want to offer candies to trick-or-treaters, then this brilliant outdoor decor idea might help you.

25. Jack O’Lantern Stacked Archway

 Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas8

This jack o’ lantern stacked arch will make for an excellent spooky entrance to your doorway. Your neighbors are going to adore this amazing Halloween decor.

26. Spooky Ghost WindsockSpooky Ghost Windsock

These adorable hanging ghosts are cheap and quick to make with some basic everyday household items. Details are here.

27. Pallet Halloween Coffin DecorationPallet Halloween Coffin Decoration

No Halloween outdoor decor is complete without this gruesome cryptic pallet coffin. This decor ensures bone-chilling experiences for your guests.

28. Mod Podge Halloween Lanterns Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas9

Made with mason jars, tissue papers, sponge brush, and scissors, these mod podge Halloween lanterns are for budget-friendly folks.

29. Sitting Ghoul Halloween DecorSitting Ghoul Halloween Decor

Some Halloween decorations are cute and festive, while others are genuinely creepy like this sitting ghoul. If you are a die-hard Halloween enthusiast, we suggest you give a shot to this amazing decor.

30. Ghoulish Glowing Glass LuminariesGhoulish Glowing Glass Luminaries

Light up a dark path, set of stairs, or any corner of your patio or porch with an assortment of these glowing glass luminaries. A couple of canning jars, paint, and candles are all that you need for this DIY.

31. Black Cat O’Lanterns Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas10

Make your entryway more appealing with this terrifying trio of glowing black cat o’ lanterns. Cat lovers are going to adore this decor idea.

32. Ghost Leaf BagsGhost Leaf Bags

This ghost leaf bag near a graveyard idea is an uncanny way to welcome the Halloween spirit. Have a look at the details here.

33. Walking Dead Beastly BarbiesWalking Dead Beastly Barbies

Dress up your barbie dolls in a shabby outfit to recreate this petrifying beastly barbies army in your yard. These dolls emit mind-disturbing energy for all those doll admirers out there.

34. DIY Halloween Mummy

Every Halloween decor is incomplete without a frightening mummy. Make this easy and fun DIY project at home without any complicated and expensive tools.

35. DIY Glow In The Dark Pumpkins Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas11

Instead of using old-fashioned scary pumpkins, decor your outdoor with these glow in the dark ones. Draw any art on the pumpkins with glow in the dark paint and place them under the dark.

36. Day and Night PumpkinsDay and Night Pumpkins

Looks engaging during the day and glows at night, this day and night pumpkins will surely make your Halloween memorable. Place them strategically throughout your landscape to enhance your outside decor.

37. Halloween Skull Yard SignsHalloween Skull Yard Signs

Decor your lawn with this Halloween skull yard signs to haunt your neighbors and the people who walk by.

38. DIY Halloween Ghost Balloons Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas12

Startle everyone with these budget-friendly Halloween ghost balloons, which can be an amazing DIY project for your kids.

39. Google-eyed Mummy Jar LuminariesGoogle-eyed Mummy Jar Luminaries

Create your own goofy google-eyed jar luminaries that not only looks creepy but illuminates your outdoor space as well. Placing them on your dining table is an exciting way to start a conversation.

40. Black Cat Outdoor Halloween DecorationBlack Cat Outdoor Halloween Decoration

A hair-raising black cat protecting the candy bowl will definitely scare the trick-or-treaters. This decor is perfect for the walkway, around the trees, and shrubs.

41. Spooky Eyeball Lights Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas13

Light up your porch walls, tree branches, or hay bales with these spooky eyeball lights that stares back at your visitors.

42. Creepy Head LampCreepy Head Lamp

Setup this bewitching baby head with flickering tea lights on a table, haybales, patio, or porch floor to add an extra dose of creepiness to your outdoor Halloween party decor.

43. Picture-Frame LanternsPicture-Frame Lanterns

Repurpose your old picture frames to make illuminated scary lanterns. Combine four picture frames to make a square, insert vellum paper with cryptic drawings into the frames, and brighten them up with a candle.

44. Halloween Spider CakeHalloween Spider Cake

No Halloween party is complete without a delightful cake. Add taste and spookiness to your party decor by making an eight-legged chocolate spider cake.

45. Specimen Jars

Decorate your outdoor Halloween party using a couple of old jars, scary plastic toys, and colored water. Place these specimen jars on coffee, dinner, porch, or patio tables.

46. Paper LanternsPaper Lanterns

Running out of ideas for outdoor Halloween party decoration? Try this paper lanterns adorned with tiny spiders and bugs as a way to add chilling decor.

47. Faux Dripping CandelabraFaux Dripping Candelabra

Light up your haunted patio and porch with these battery-operated reusable candles. Made from PVC pipes, styrofoam, and hot glue, these candles resemble as they have been burning all night.

48. Glowing Severed-Hand Halloween Punch Outdoor Halloween Party Decor Ideas15

Deck up your Halloween party decor with this scaring but flavorful glowing severed-hand punch. At first, the floating hand scares, but when people realize it’s edible, they will be amazed more than ever.

49. Black Widow Venom Halloween PunchBlack Widow Venom Halloween Punch

Are you planning for a witch, spider, or monster theme Halloween decor? Go for this black widow punch that looks eerie and doesn’t disappoint in flavor.

50. Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron

This bubbling witch’s cauldron will be a great addition for your spooky witch themed Halloween party decor. Although it needs time, the results will be quite satisfactory.

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