5 Types of Pine Trees in Norway

Here are some of the best types of Pine Trees in Norway that you can also grow in American Landscapes quite easily!

Norway is home to various majestic pine trees, many of which are ideal for the diverse climates of the United States. If you want to learn more about the unique features of these finest Norwegian pine trees, read this article till the end.

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Pine Trees in Norway

1. Scotch Pine

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Botanical Name – Pinus sylvestris

Scotch pine is a fast-growing, evergreen conifer with an irregular crown, flaking bark, bluish-green leaves, and brownish cones. This tree is native to Norway and naturalized in various parts of the United States.

2. Mugo Pine

Pine Trees in Norway 2

Botanical Name – Pinus mugo

Naturalized in Norway, this multi-stemmed pine can grow up to 4-10 feet tall in well-drained soil and sun or partial shade. It’s a popular landscape tree in the United States due to its compact size and dark green needle-like leaves.

3. Lodgepole Pine

Pine Trees in Norway 3

Botanical Name – Pinus contorta

Adorned with seeded cones, this Norway pine tree is a major food source for birds, small mammals, and other local wildlife. It was used by Native Americans for making ropes, splints, teepees, and waterproof canoes.

4. Austrian Pine

Austrian Pine

Botanical Name – Pinus nigra

The Austrian pine displays stiff, dark green needles and oval-shaped brown cones on stout branches. This botanical specimen easily adapts to different soil types, thus a common sight in various parts of Norway.

5. Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine

Botanical Name – Pinus strobus

A member of the Pinaceae family, the eastern white pine can become 50 to 80 feet tall and 20 to 40 feet wide in optimal conditions. This Christmas tree offers shelter to birds and small mammals.

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