7 Plants That Look Like Mushrooms

Mother Nature is full of fascinating doppelgangers like these Plants That Look Like Mushrooms. Read on to discover more about these imposters!

If you think that plants’ resemblance is limited to boobs and other human body parts, you’re wrong because some look like mushrooms, too. Get ready to be amazed by these quirky doppelgangers.

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Plants That Look Like Mushrooms

1. Living Stones

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 1

Botanical Name – Lithops spp.

Lithops, also known as living stones, are small succulents native to Namibia and South Africa. They resemble mushroom caps because of their fleshy leaves that are fused together at the base.

2. Baby Toes

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 2

Botanical Name –¬†Fenestraria rhopalophylla

When viewed from a distance, baby toes look similar to tiny mushrooms due to the cluster of partially buried, fleshy leaves. They can become up to 1.6 inches long in optimal growing conditions.

3. Wine Cup

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 3

Botanical Name – Crassula umbella ‘Wine Cup’

Next on the list of plants that look like mushrooms is wine cup. The umbrella-like leaf structure gives this succulent the appearance of inverted mushroom caps, hence the resemblance. These bright green leaves can grow up to 15 cm in diameter.

4. Button Plants

Plants That Look Like Mushrooms 4

Botanical Name – Conophytum spp.

Due to their compact, round shape, button plants could be mistaken for tiny mushrooms from a distance. These succulents can be ball-shaped, tubular, bilobed, conical, egg-shaped, or cylindrical.

5. Liverworts


Botanical Name – Marchantiophyta spp.

With their flat bodies and spore-producing capability, liverworts appear similar to some stemless mushroom species. They are available worldwide but are quite common in the forests of the tropics.

6. Baseball Plant

Baseball Plant

Botanical Name – Euphorbia obesa

Although this plant has slightly raised eight ribs and a dark hue, the globular body makes it look like a giant puffball mushroom. It also boasts yellow flowers and capsules-like fruits.

7. Ghost Plant

Ghost Plant

Botanical Name – Monotropa Uniflora

A newbie mycologist and gardener might confuse the ghost plant with a mushroom due to its pale white body and upright growth habit. This plant is white due to the lack of chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis.

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