34 Small Space Library Ideas

These clever small space library ideas will help you make your own reading paradise in less spacious apartments!

Don’t have enough scope in your home for a dedicated library? We have got your back with these Small Space Library Ideas.

Small Space Library Ideas

1. A Library Wall Around the Window

Small Space Library Ideas 1

Adding store-bought or custom-made bookshelves around a window creates a compact and easy-to-access library.

2. A Library Around The TV

Small Space Library Ideas 2

Turn the empty wall space around your TV into a modern library by installing a couple of wooden bookshelves. It’s one of the best small space library ideas to date.

3. Cozy Closet Library & Reading Nook

Small Space Library Ideas 3

Modify a spare closet into a tiny home library & reading nook with wall lights, bookshelves, and a small comfy bench.

4. Library in Bathroom!

Small Space Library Ideas 4

Use a built-in recessed bookshelf to convert the unused wall space of your bathroom into a super compact library.

5. A Serene Bed Side Library

Small Space Library Ideas 5

To make a serene bedside library, attach a wooden plank horizontally at an ideal height beside the bed.

6. Narrow Bookshelf for Behind the Door Storage

Narrow Bookshelf for Behind the Door Storage

Installing a bookshelf behind the door is an ingenious way to organize books without eating up the apartment’s precious space.

7. DIY Small Space Library

Small Space Library Ideas 7

Utilize space beneath the staircase as a library by adding a custom bookshelf and a comfy bench. You can display planters for an added charm.

8. Minimal and Chic Home Library

Minimal and Chic Home Library

To recreate this chic mini home library, install a small wall insert nearby the settee or bed with the help of a professional.

9. Slimmed Down Home Library

Small Space Library Ideas 8

Complemented by an attractive teal door and LED spotlight, this slimmed-down small library is fascinating. For this project, you only need a slim nook, DIYing skills, and a little bit of patience.

10. Think Outside the Box

Small Space Library Ideas 9

Gather study desks, invisible bookshelves, a vintage coca-cola crate, and a hot pink sideboard to make a unique, space-saving library.

11. DIY Book Ledges

Watch this video to DIY a tiny library using custom book ledges that can also be used to showcase art or pictures.

12. A Mini Home Library

Small Space Library Ideas 10

Add wooden shelves and a floor-standing reading lamp to transform your drab desk area into a mini-library.

13. Attic Library

Small Space Library Ideas 11

Rather than piling your attic with empty boxes and other stuff, modify the space into an elegant library and comfortable reading area.

14. Over-the-Sink Bathroom Library

Small Space Library Ideas 12

Take advantage of your bathroom’s vertical wall space by updating it into a mini-library. Simply install custom shelves over the bathroom sink, and that’s it.

15. Over-the-Toilet Library!

Small Space Library Ideas 13

Another brilliant small space library idea, in which a bookshelf is fixed over the flush tank with screws.

16. Compact Closet Library

Small Space Library Ideas 14

With an overhead light, glass door, and shelves, you can change a hall closet or similar space into a small library.

17. Space Behind the Sofa

Space Behind the Sofa

To make a cozy reading paradise in a less-spacious dwelling, tuck a bookcase behind the sofa to keep books in place.

18. A Balcony Library with Reading Nook

A Balcony Library with Reading Nook

Don’t have space in your home? Modify the balcony into a library using a comfy rocking chair and a custom bookcase.

19. A Mobile Library!

Small Space Library Ideas 15

Equipped with built-in wheels, this mobile library is an excellent means to store books collection in super compact homes.

20. Tree Bookshelf DIY

Small Space Library Ideas 16

DIY this tree bookshelf to organize your books collection in a limited space. Plus, it gives a calm and natural ambiance to the space.

21. Gutter Corner Bookshelves

Small Space Library Ideas 17

If you want a creative and space-saving library for your kiddo’s room, consider using gutters as bookshelves.

22. Cube Shelves

Cube Shelves

Create a mini library by arranging cube shelves on a blank wall in a unique pattern. It’s one of the most incredible small space library ideas ever.

23. A Tiny Library Made of Crates

A Tiny Library Made of Crates

This small library-making project is beginner-friendly and doesn’t need any woodworking skills. Grab a few wooden or plastic crates and paint for the DIY.

24. Library in a Dead Space

Library in a Dead Space

Does your living room have any dead corner? If yes, introduce some floating corner shelves that double up as a mini library and hold other knick-knacks.

25. Wall-mounted Horizontal Ladder Shelf

Wall-mounted Horizontal Ladder Shelf

Repurpose an old ladder into a library by mounting it horizontally on a wall. This multipurpose ladder shelf also lets you store wine, figurines, and souvenirs.

26. DIY Invisible Bookshelf

All you need is a book to build an invisible bookshelf that works like a mini-library.

27. Use Baskets for Book Storage

Small Space Library Ideas 18

Now, this is a pretty cheap and ultra space-friendly library idea! Take baskets, pop your favorite books in, and lay them on a window sill to enhance your room decor.

28. Put Your Books in the Fireplace

Small Space Library Ideas 19

If you happen to have a defunct fireplace, turn it into a cute little library. Besides books, you can stash other items as well.

29. Display Books on a Mantel

Small Space Library Ideas 20

Use the mantel as a small library to keep your books organized. As a bonus, you’ll get a visually stunning conversation piece as well.

30. A Ladder Library!

Small Space Library Ideas 21

Take a ladder, hang books on its steps, and Voila, your ultra mini library is ready to add visual appeal to an otherwise lifeless space.

31. Library Underneath a Bench

Small Space Library Ideas 22

Sometimes, you’ve to work with what you already had at your disposal. If you’re in such a situation, use the empty space below the bench to display your stacks of books horizontally.

32. Turn a Door Into a Bookcase

Small Space Library Ideas 23

Remodel your door into a unique bookcase that works as a mini-library and a hidden doorway to a secret room.

33. Bring Books to the Ceiling

Bring Books to the Ceiling

Install a ceiling wooden bookshelf to make a compact library without affecting the floor space. This idea is perfect for apartments with super high ceilings.

34. Transform Your Hallway Into a Library

Transform Your Hallway Into a Library

No matter how big or small your hallway is, you can upgrade it into a fully functional library. Mount some wooden planks or pallet shelves on the wall, and you’re done.

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