15 Stunning Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors

Looking for the best Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors? We have compiled some stunning specimens below!

Here are some of the best Heart-Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors for a distinct appearance and romantic vibes.

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Heart-Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors

1. Sweetheart Hoya

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 1

Botanical Name- Hoya kerrii

Sweetheart Hoya is admired by gardening enthusiasts for its beautiful succulent, heart-like foliage. This low-maintenance houseplant loves bright, indirect light.

2. Cyclamen

Botanical Name- Cyclamen persicum

Adorned with green-and-silver, heart-shaped foliage and stunning blossoms, this plant is a sight to behold. Water this plant when the top soil feels dry to touch.

3. Anthurium

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 2

Botanical Name- Anthurium andraeanum

This exotic houseplant exhibits eye-catching heart-shaped foliage and bright red waxy bracts with a spadix. It’s a perfect table centerpiece for special occasions. Learn how to take care of anthurium here.

4. Heart Leaf Fern


Botanical Name- Hemionitis arifolia

Introduce this showy fern variety in any dull corner for an instant appeal. Make sure to keep its potting medium evenly moist. It’s one of the best heart-shaped leaf plants to grow indoors.

5. Betel Plant

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 3

Botanical Name- Piper betle

The pretty betel leaf plant boasts edible heart-like foliage. You can grow this foliar specimen indoors and outdoors.

6. String of Hearts

Botanical Name- Ceropegia woodii

Amp up the wow factor of your living space with the beautiful string of hearts. It’s a fast-growing vine with heart-like leaves and purple-hued stalks. Display this plant in hanging baskets for a captivating look.

7. Arrowhead Plant

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 3
shutterstock/Tran Trung Designer

Botanical Name- Syngonium Podophyllum

The foliage of this gorgeous arrowhead plant looks similar in appearance to a heart. Avoid keeping this beautiful plant in direct sun and stop overwatering.

8. Philodendron Gloriosum

shutterstock/Valerie Colameta Cordio

Botanical Name- Philodendron ‘Gloriosum’

Consider adding this philodendron variety to your houseplant collection for its large cordate leaves and prominent veins. It thrives well in part to full shade spot.

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9. Velvet Leaf Anthurium

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 4

Botanical Name- Anthurium magnificum

The velvety cordate foliage of this anthurium variety can grow up to 1-2 feet in length. Never overwater this plant to avoid root rot.

10. Grazielae Philodendron

Botanical Name- Philodendron ‘Grazielae’

The shiny green cordate foliage is a defining feature of this plant. This plant loves bright, indirect light.

11. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 5
shutterstock/Christian Steinsworth

Botanical Name- Philodendron hederaceum

Choose this display-worthy philodendron plant to give your home decor a stunning conversation piece. This plant is popular for its signature heart-like foliage.

12. Red Emerald Philodendron


Botanical Name- Philodendron erubescens

Brighten up your home interior with this philodendron plant featuring long, dark green foliage with a heart-like appearance. This gorgeous plant prefers a well-draining potting mix.

13. Birkin

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 6

Botanical Name- Philodendron ‘Birkin’

Accentuated with variegated heart-shaped foliage, ‘Birkin’ can be an excellent addition to the home or office space.

14. Ecuador Verrucosum


Botanical Name- Philodendron verrucosum

Prized for its green, velvety, cordate leaves and colorful stems, the ‘Philodendron verrucosum’ is a must-have foliar specimen for indoors.

15. Manjula Pothos

Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoors 7

Botanical Name- Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’

Highlighted by cordate multicolored foliage with wavy edges, this pothos plant is what you need to spice up your dull living space.

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