5 Stunning Succulents That Look Like Jade Plant

These Succulents That Look Like Jade Plant will leave you in awe with their foliar beauty and striking resemblance!

If you love the timeless beauty of jade plants but want to mix things up in your garden with similar options, these doppelgangers might be for you. Stay tuned to learn more about these specimens.

Succulents That Look Like Jade Plant

1. Silver Dollar Plant

Succulents That Look Like Jade Plant 1

Botanical Name – Crassula arborescens

USDA Zone – 9a to 11b

The silver dollar plant looks similar to Crassula ovata with its fleshy, red-edged spherical leaves and starry flowers. Its foliar beauty makes this succulent an excellent addition to rock and succulent gardens.

A Word of Caution – If you have cats and/or dogs, avoid this succulent because it’s toxic to them. Its ingestion can cause nausea and retching in pets.

2. Trailing JadeSucculents That Look Like Jade Plant 2

Botanical Name – Senecio jacobsenii

USDA Zone – 10a to 11b

Senecio jacobsenii is a creeping succulent that produces jade-like, thick, egg-shaped leaves on 20″ long and 0.3″ stems. However, you can easily differentiate this succulent from the jade plant by its trailing growth habit.

Note – The green leaves of trailing Senecio jacobsenii turn purple/maroon in winter.

3. Elephant BushSucculents That Look Like Jade Plant 3

Botanical Name – Portulacaria afra

USDA Zone – 9- 11

Elephant bush is a spitting image of the jade plant because of its round to oval, glossy green leaves and upright growth habit. These edible leaves are popular among South Africans for their culinary and medicinal uses.

4. Fairy CrassulaSucculents That Look Like Jade Plant 4

Botanical Name – Crassula multicava

USDA Zone – 9b to 11b

Indigenous to South Africa, the fairy crassula features oval to round green foliage and star-shaped blooms like jade plants. This winter bloomer is a common sight near forest margins, stream banks, and subtropical thickets.

5. Variegated Elephant BushRainbow Bush

Botanical Name – Portulacaria afra ‘Variegata’

USDA Zone – 9b to 11b

Give your boring outdoor garden a stunning focal point with the variegated elephant bush variety. It can reach up to 10 feet tall with cream-edged green leaves and starry blossoms.

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