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In this plant series, I am going to tell you all how to take care of this super adorable Lipstick Plant in your home!

Lipstick Plant 1

Yes, the popular plant series is back! I love the name and look of this particular Indonesian plant – the Lipstick Plant – don’t you? It’s pretty cute if you ask me. Just like the ZZ Plant, these plants are tropical and have beautiful pointy, waxy leaves. And if you take care of Lipstick Plant properly, they will bloom bright red flowers – bonus! Plus, this lovely houseplant looks amazing indoors and complements the whole home decor without any doubt.

Lipstick Plant 2

The Lipstick Plant apparently gets its name from the red flowers that grow out of the dark maroon buds, which look like a tube of lipstick. Personally, I don’t see it. But still, cute name regardless. The good news is, this plant is really straight forward and growing one successfully isn’t all too difficult. But take care of this lovely plant as mentioned below:


Lipstick Plant 3

Lipstick plants should be watered moderately, allowing the plant to dry out slightly between waterings (especially in the winter). They love fairly high humid environments, so you can choose to mist them daily if the air is dry, like here in Canada. Although I have to admit, I have never done this and mine is doing just fine.


Lipstick Plant 4

They are happiest in lots of bright, indirect light and should never be kept in direct sunlight – that would be bad.


These pretty plant stems can grow to 2 ft long, so they would be perfectly placed in a hanging planter or on a tall shelf!

So there you go, another pretty plant for the home that happens to be on-trend with the whole tropical vibe! And it’s pretty darn easy to care for too. What do you think of this little guy?

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