25 Trees That Start with D

Step up your gardening game with these Trees That Start with D. Whether you’re a gardener or an arborist, this list has something for everyone!

Ready to deepen your tree knowledge? This article offers an in-depth look at Trees That Start with the Letter D. Whether you’re a professional arborist or someone with a budding interest in botany, you’ll find this guide informative and enlightening.

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Trees that Start with D

1. DogwoodTrees that Start with D 1

Botanical Name: Cornus florida

Dogwood is known for its elegant blossoms, varying from white to pink and even red. Its distinctive layered branches create a mesmerizing visual appeal, making it a favorite among garden enthusiasts.

2. Douglas Fir

Trees that Start with D 2

Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii

The Douglas fir stands tall with needle-like leaves and cones gracefully dangling from its branches. Its lush foliage and conical shape give an evergreen touch to any landscape.

3. Date Palm

Trees that Start with D 3

Botanical Name: Phoenix dactylifera

Adorned with feathery fronds, the date palm also boasts clusters of sweet dates. Its slender trunk adds a tropical touch to any setting.

4. Dawn Redwood

Trees that Start with D 4

Botanical Name: Metasequoia glyptostroboides

The dawn redwood showcases feathery, fern-like foliage that turns into a captivating reddish-brown in the fall. This fast-growing, deciduous, evergreen tree can reach up to 100′.

5. Dragon Tree

Trees that Start with D 5

Botanical Name: Dracaena draco

The dragon tree’s striking rosettes of sword-shaped leaves present an enchanting appearance. Its unique, sculptural form is perfect for those seeking an exotic touch.

6. Desert Willow

Trees that Start with D 6

Botanical Name: Chilopsis linearis

A deciduous tree that can grow up to 15 to 40 feet, the desert willow produces large, trumpet-shaped blooms. This drought-tolerant tree requires well-drained limestone soil for prolific growth.

7. Deodar CedarTrees that Start with D 7

Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara

The deodar cedar is revered for its aromatic, evergreen foliage and pyramidal shape. Native to the western Himalayas, this tree has needle-like blue-green leaves, making it a captivating focal point in any landscape.

8. Devil’s Walking Stick

Trees that Start with D 8

Botanical Name: Aralia spinosa

Popular for the sharp spines present on its leaf stalks, stems, and branches, the devil’s walking stick features large, compound leaves. It’s an excellent conversation starter in any garden.

9. Dutch ElmTrees that Start with D 9

Botanical Name: Ulmus x hollandica

The dutch elm stands out with its asymmetrical leaves and distinct serrated edges. Its resilience against various conditions makes it a reliable choice.

10. Drumstick TreeTrees that Start with D 10

Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera

Revered for its nutritional value, the drumstick tree showcases feathery leaves and drumstick-like pods. Its multi-purpose attributes make it an eco-friendly addition.

11. Dove TreeTrees that Start with D 11

Botanical Name: Davidia involucrata

The dove tree’s white bracts resemble fluttering doves, creating a unique display in spring. Its heart-shaped leaves further add to its beauty.

12. Desert IronwoodDesert Ironwood

Botanical Name: Olneya tesota

Resilient in arid environments, the desert ironwood displays small, silvery leaves and dense hardwood. Its contribution to desert ecosystems is truly noteworthy.

13. Deciduous Holly

Deciduous Holly

Botanical Name: Ilex decidua

The deciduous holly loses its leaves in winter, revealing vibrant red berries that provide a splash of color during colder months.

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14. Daintree Pine

Daintree Pine

Botanical Name: Gymnostoma australianum

Native to the rainforests of Australia, the Daintree pine is a conifer that stands up to 50 feet tall. It features needle-like leaves and produces cones, making it a picturesque garden addition.

15. Dyer’s Mulberry

Botanical Name: Maclura tinctoria

Primarily found in the Caribbean and South America, this tree is traditionally used for dye extraction. Its yellow wood is also utilized in making furniture. This makes this botanical specimen a notable addition to this list of trees that start with d.

16. Devilwood


Botanical Name: Osmanthus americanus

Devilwood captivates with its fragrant white flowers. This tree can reach up to a height of 15 to 25 feet. Its dark, olive-green foliage and adaptability to various soil types make it a versatile choice.

17. Douglas Maple

Botanical Name: Acer glabrum

Douglas maple produces red, orange, and yellow-hued leaves in the fall. Its compact size and ornamental appeal suit large landscapes and urban settings.

18. Downy Serviceberry

Botanical Name: Amelanchier arborea

Delighting with its springtime white blossoms, the downy serviceberry offers juicy, edible berries and vibrant fall foliage. This tree is known for its unique looks, adding beauty to any space.

19. Dotted Hawthorn

Botanical Name: Crataegus punctata

Among the various trees that start with d, the dotted hawthorn is popular for its beautiful clusters of white flowers and red fruit. It’s an ornamental tree providing habitat and food for various wildlife.

20. Dahurian Birch


Botanical Name: Betula davurica

The dahurian birch features eye-catching white bark and yellow autumn foliage. It’s native to the colder regions of Asia and is well-adapted to cool climates.

21. Daimyo Oak


Botanical Name: Quercus dentata

Native to eastern Asia, the daimyo oak is known for its large, coarsely-toothed leaves. It provides a broad canopy and is often used as a shade tree.

22. David Maple


Botanical Name: Acer davidii

Featuring striking green and white striped bark, David’s Maple provides year-round interest. It’s also known for its vibrant yellow fall foliage.

23. Durian

Botanical Name: Durio spp.

Native to Southeast Asia, the Durian tree is admired for its large, spiky fruit with a strong aroma. It’s a tropical tree that requires specific growing conditions.

24. Durmast Oak


Botanical Name: Quercus petraea

The durmast oak is recognized for its stately presence and long, glossy-green lobed leaves. This European native is a long-lived tree that can thrive in various soil types.

25. Degame


Botanical Name: Calycophyllum candidissimum

Endemic to tropical regions of the Americas, the Degame tree has smooth bark and white flowers. Its hardwood is often used in construction.

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