32 Trees That Start with F

Whether you’re looking for evergreens, fruit trees, or something exotic, this list of Trees That Start with F is perfect for you!

Want to give your garden or yard a fresh look this season? Trees That Start with the letter ‘F’ offer an array of possibilities, from flowering beauties to sturdy evergreens. Read on to discover which F-named trees could become your new backyard favorites.

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Trees that Start with F

1. Fever Tree

Vachellia xanthophloea

Botanical Name: Vachellia xanthophloea

Native to eastern and southern Africa, the fever tree is characterized by its bright greenish-yellow bark. It typically grows in swampy or riverside locales and offers a haven for birds.

2. Flowering DogwoodTrees That Start with F 2

Botanical Name: Cornus florida

Known for its striking springtime display, this deciduous tree exhibits brilliant red berries in the fall. Its elegant appearance and adaptability to various conditions make it a classic choice for any garden.

3. Florida Maple

Trees That Start with F 3

Botanical Name: Acer floridanum

This tree is characterized by its deeply lobed leaves and striking fall colors ranging from yellow to deep red. Its smaller size makes it a great fit for residential yards.

4. Forest PansyTrees That Start with F 4

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’

A captivating variety of the Eastern Redbud, the Forest Pansy features heart-shaped maroon leaves that transition into shades of purple, orange, and red. Its ornamental value and springtime flowers make it a highly sought-after specimen.

5. Fragrant SumacTrees That Start with F 6

Botanical Name: Rhus aromatica

The fragrant sumac delights with aromatic leaves, vibrant fall colors, and clusters of red berries that last into winter. Its low-maintenance nature and drought tolerance make it a fantastic choice for gardens.

6. Fishpoison Tree

Trees That Start with F 7

Botanical Name: Barringtonia asiatica

The fish poison tree boasts glossy, elongated foliage and fragrant white flowers that bloom at night. Its cylindrical fruits can add a unique element to any garden.

7. Flamboyant TreeTrees That Start with F 8

Botanical Name: Delonix regia

With its vibrant red flame-like blossoms, this flamboyant tree lives up to its name. Its fern-like leaves provide a delicate backdrop to the striking flowers, creating a beautiful contrast in the garden.

8. Foxtail Pine

Trees That Start with F 9

Botanical Name: Pinus balfouriana

The foxtail pine is a tall tree native to California. With long, soft needles, this botanical wonder is among the best trees that start with F.

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9. Freijo


Botanical Name: Cordia goeldiana

Native to the Amazon rainforest, freijo is a hardwood tree with a dense canopy. It’s highly prized for its wood, commonly used in furniture-making.

10. FirsTrees That Start with F 10

Botanical Name: Abies spp.

Renowned for their symmetrical, conical shape and upward-facing needles, Firs are a staple in alpine and boreal forests. These evergreen trees are popular for lumber and holiday trees.

11. Fraser FirTrees That Start with F 11

Botanical Name: Abies fraseri

Endemic to the southeastern United States, the Fraser Fir is a compact evergreen that boasts dense, dark green needles with a silvery underside. Its strong branches and delightful aroma make it a leading choice for Christmas trees.

12. FigTrees That Start with F 12

Botanical Name: Ficus carica

Indigenous to the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia, the Fig tree is cultivated for its edible, sweet fruit and deeply lobed leaves. It’s a deciduous or semi-evergreen tree that often serves as a focal point in gardens and orchards.

13. Filbert

Trees That Start with F 13

Botanical Name: Corylus avellana

Also known as the cobnut, the filbert tree is a deciduous species admired for its edible hazelnuts. It features rounded, serrated leaves and produces catkins in early spring, adding visual interest to the garden.

14. Floss Silk Tree

Trees That Start with F 14

Botanical Name: Ceiba speciosa

Notable for its thorny trunk and beautiful, large pink flowers, the floss silk Tree is native to South America. The tree is deciduous and loses its leaves during the dry season.

15. Field MapleTrees That Start with F 15

Botanical Name: Acer campestre

The field maple is endemic to Europe and offers a dense canopy of lobed leaves. During autumn, the foliage turns golden-yellow, providing an eye-catching seasonal change.

16. False Acacia

Trees That Start with F 16
shutterstock/Wiert nieuman

Botanical Name: Robinia pseudoacacia

This deciduous, flowering tree boasts fragrant pea-like white blooms. Its hard, durable wood is useful for various applications beyond ornamental planting.

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17. Feather Tree

Trees That Start with F 17

Botanical Name: Lysiloma watsonii

The feather tree gets its name from finely divided, feathery foliage that sways gracefully in the wind. Clusters of fragrant white flowers add an elegant touch, making it a wonderful addition to arid environments.

18. FiddlewoodTrees That Start with F 18

Botanical Name: Citharexylum berlandieri

Fiddlewood is known for its glossy leaves emitting a distinct fragrance when crushed. Its cream-colored blossoms and ability to attract butterflies make it a charming addition.

19. Farkleberry


Botanical Name: Vaccinium arboreum

This North American native tree offers small, dark berries often used in jellies and jams. Its elliptical leaves turn a captivating shade of red in autumn, making it a visually appealing choice for gardens and landscapes.

20. Forest Fever TreeForest Fever Tree

Botanical Name: Anthocleista Grandiflora

Typically found in eastern Africa, the forest fever tree is distinguished by its large, broad leaves and attractive tubular flowers. This tree is traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

21. Foxglove TreeFoxglove Tree

Botanical Name: Paulownia tomentosa

Also known as Royal Paulownia, the foxglove tree features large, fragrant, violet-colored flowers. Its blossoms resemble those of the foxglove plant, hence the name.

22. Fiddleleaf Fig

Fiddleleaf Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata

The fiddleleaf fig is a popular botanical specimen with large, fiddle-shaped leaves. Thrives in well-drained soil and indirect light, this tree can grow 2 to 10 feet tall.

23. Forest Red Gum

Forest Red Gum

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus tereticornis

Endemic to Australia, this evergreen tree provides shade and dramatic visual impact with its bark and aromatic leaves. Thus, a notable mention in this list of trees that start with F.

24. Foxtail PalmFoxtail Palm

Botanical Name: Wodyetia bifurcata

This Australian native palm has striking leaves that resemble a fox’s tail, making it an excellent choice for tropical gardens. Grow a few in your garden to amp up the wow factor.

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25. FlatcrownFlatcrown

Botanical Name: Albizia adianthifolia

Indigenous to South Africa, the flatcrown is easily identifiable by its distinctive, umbrella-like canopy. The tree’s fragrant, puffball-like flowers attract a range of pollinators, while its hardwood is often used for carving and furniture.

26. Formosan Koa

Formosan Koa

Botanical Name: Acacia confusa

This evergreen tree is native to Southeast Asia and produces beautiful yellow flowers. The Formosan Koa is also highly valued for its hardwood.

27. Fringe Tree

Fringe Tree

Botanical Name: Chionanthus virginicus

Among this list of trees that start with F, this small deciduous tree is admired by gardeners for its fragrant, fringed white spring flowers. Its showy blue-black fruit and vibrant fall foliage ensure year-round interest in the landscape.

28. Florida Strangler FigFlorida Strangler Fig

Botanical Name:  Ficus aurea

Native to Florida, this fig variety is known for its unique growth habit, starting life as an epiphyte and developing into a freestanding tree.

29. Flooded Gum

Flooded Gum

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus grandis

Native to Australia’s eastern region, the flooded gum is a tall, fast-growing tree with smooth, whitish bark. Often cultivated for its high-quality timber, the tree also features lance-shaped leaves that release a subtle eucalyptus aroma when crushed.

30. False Kamani

False Kamani

Botanical Name:  Terminalia catappa

Also known as the Indian Almond, false kamani is a large tropical tree with ample shade and broad, dark green leaves. It’s an ideal candidate among these trees that start with F.

31. Fragrant Ash

Fragrant Ash

Botanical Name: Fraxinus cuspidata

Endemic to the United States, the fragrant ash produces small, white blossoms and offers a spectacular autumn color display.

32. Firewheel TreeFirewheel Tree

Botanical Name: Stenocarpus sinuatus

Indigenous to Australia, the firewheel tree is an evergreen with wheel-shaped, vibrant red flowers that give it its common name. Due to its enchanting appearance, it’s a notable mention in this list of trees that start with F.

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