21 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors | Best Palm Tree Varieties

Check out these best Types of Palm Trees for Indoors to turn your living space into an eye-catching tropical getaway!

Give your boring home interior a bold, lush tropical look with these best Types of Palm Trees for Indoors. They are beautiful and make the space more inviting.

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Types of Palm Trees for Indoors

1. Ruffled Fan Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 1

Botanical Name- Licuala grandis

Featuring glossy fan-like fronds, this gorgeous slow-growing ruffled fan palm prefers humid conditions and partial sunlight.

2. Yucca

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 2

Botanical Name- Yucca elephantipes

Popular as ‘Spineless yucca’ or ‘Stick yucca,’ this evergreen houseplant is adorned with sword-like foliage. Avoid overwatering this plant to prevent root rot.

3. Bamboo Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 3

Botanical Name- Chamaedorea seifrizii

Spread tropical vibes in your space by introducing this low-maintenance bamboo palm. It’s one of the best types of palm trees to grow indoors.

4. Christmas Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 4

Botanical Name- Adonidia merrillii

Local to the Philippines, this attention-grabbing palm variety gives an interesting look to any dull corner of the house.

5. Cat Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 5

Botanical Name- Chamaedorea cataractarum

Loved by the gardeners for its shiny green leafage on stemless clumps, this houseplant admires bright, indirect light and moist soil.

6. Majesty Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 6

Botanical Name- Ravenea rivularis

The majesty palm is an excellent indoor plant, highlighted by the upward arching, dark green fronds.

7. Sentry Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 7

Botanical Name- Howea belmoreana

Give your home an appealing focal point by growing this gorgeous palm variety. It prefers indirect, partial sunlight and high humidity.

8. European Fan Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 8

Botanical Name- Chamaerops humilis

This stunning houseplant has a distinctive look with fine-textured palmate leaves. Water this plant only when the top soil is dry to touch.

9. Areca Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 9

Botanical Name- Dypsis lutescens

If you’re looking for a gorgeous houseplant with air purifying capability, the areca palm is for you. It eliminates formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

10. Kentia Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 10

Botanical Name- Howea forsteriana

Kentia palm is a magnificent-looking indoor plant with tropical fronds. It can’t tolerate overwatering or severe drought.

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11. Parlor Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 11

Botanical Name- Chamaedorea elegans

This quintessential tropical plant is a slow-grower with deep green-colored leaves. It also purifies the air and easily adapts to low-light conditions.

12. Ponytail Palm

 Types of Palm Trees for Indoors 12

Botanical Name- Beaucarnea recurvata

An excellent option for tabletops, this drought-tolerant palm boasts curly leaves on a short, sturdy trunk. It’s not a true palm variety but a succulent.

13. Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy Date Palm

Botanical Name- Phoenix roebelenii

Grow this palm tree specimen, showcasing long, thin foliage and edible mini-dates. It’s one of the most notable types of palm trees for indoors.

14. Fishtail Palm

Fishtail Palm

Botanical Name- Caryota mitis

This stunning tropical beauty with large bipinnate leaves makes this palm variety a sight to behold. The fishtail palm prefers moil soil.

15. Chinese Fan Palm

Botanical Name- Livistona chinensis

Also known as fountain palm, this houseplant is adored for its elegant fronds. It demands bright, indirect light for prolific growth.

16. Lady Palm

Lady Palm

Botanical Name- Rhapis excelsa

Bring tropical vibes indoors with this display-worthy lady palm plant. It features fan-like foliage and needs moist soil with good drainage.

17. Sago Palm


Botanical Name- Cycas revoluta

Not a true palm, this low-growing houseplant exhibits stiff upright fronds and a pineapple-like trunk. This plant is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.

18. Metallic Palm


Botanical Name- Chamaedorea metallica

This adorable palm plant showcasing blue-green foliage with a metallic sheen will look fabulous on a desk or a counter.

19. Bottle Palm


Botanical Name- Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

This palm variety has a bottle-shaped trunk, bulbous at its base and slender near the top, hence the name. It makes a great focal point for indoors.

20. Table Palm

Botanical Name- Livistona rotundifolia

Liven up your home with this attractive table palm having glossy, fan-shaped evergreen leaves and thorny stems. Avoid overwatering this lovely plant.

21. Saw Palmetto Palm


Botanical Name- Serenoa repens

Indigenous to Florida, this palm plant rewards you with extremely attractive silvery-green, fan-shaped foliage. It’s one of the best types of palm trees for indoors.

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