Insanely Clever Ways to Use Painter’s Tape

Besides protecting surfaces during interior painting projects, there are some other brilliant ways to use painter’s tape in your home!

As painter’s tape is easier to peel off and not leaves any sticky residue behind, it offers a number of clever and unique uses around the house. Here are some of the clever ways to use painter’s tape in your home!

Ways to Use Painter’s Tape in Your Home

1. Sticky Notes AlternativeWays to Use Painter's Tape1

Forgot the old sticky notes, try painter’s tape instead. Its adhesive makes it last much longer than the typical sticky notes. To write wordy notes, opt for wide-width tape.

2. Personalize Your StuffPersonalize Your Stuff

Instead of buying customized and pricey labels to organize your whole house, give a shot to this versatile tape. Simply tear off a piece, slap it on, and write on the tape using a permanent marker. Peel it off when the work is done.

3. Upgrades LampshadeUpgrades Lampshade

If you can’t stand the shabby look of your old lampshade, jazz it up using painter’s tape and gold paint. For this, make some patterns on the lampshade using the tape and then add metallic paint with a brush. Wait for a few minutes, take off the tape, let it sit in, and then roughen it up with sandpaper.

4. Make a LampWays to Use Painter's Tape2

This tape is an excellent product to make a customized lamp. All you need is scotch blue tape, wooden dowels, and a corded light source for this DIY.

5. Buffalo Plaid Mason JarBuffalo Plaid Mason Jar

Looking for easy-to-make and funky decorative stuff for Christmas? Look no further, as this tutorial will show you how to DIY a buffalo plaid mason jar using painter’s tape, mason jar, and other basic supplies. They are super trendy and are the perfect decoration to spruce up your Christmas decor.

6. Painting Straight LinesPainting Straight Lines

Planning to decorate your space with a striped accent wall or to paint straight lines on adjoining wooden surfaces? Painter’s tape is all you need to create crisp and clean painted edges on any surface.

7. Aligns Framed Photos & Wall Mount ShelvesWays to Use Painter's Tape3

Aligning shelves or photo frames in one single line is a cumbersome task. But don’t fret, with this tape, you can do it easily and hassle-free. Painter tape helps you to mark the exact positions where a shelf or frame needs to be installed and ensures an equal gap between each one of them.

8. Painter’s Tape Wall ArtPainter’s Tape Wall Art

The tape has numerous uses, but this list of ways to use painter’s tape is incomplete without mentioning its wall decorating ability. With some creativity, patience, and this unbelievably easy DIY, you can transform the appearance of your monotonous room wall in a jiffy.

9. Transforms the Look of File CabinetTransforms the Look of File Cabinet

Why purchase a new file cabinet when you can give the old one a new lease of life using this multipurpose tape, spray paint, and white vinyl cut. All you have to do is follow this amazing DIY.

10. Paint StaircaseWays to Use Painter's Tape4

Painter’s tape is an excellent product that can bring style and attention to the lonely staircase. Customize your staircase with beautiful patterns and bright colors using this tape, cardboard, paint, and a few other supplies. Read the tutorial here.

11. Handy Party AccessoryHandy Party Accessory

Painter’s tape is quite handy and useful while organizing parties. Either you want to hang balloons, make a start/finish line for games, creating a game board, and labeling areas that are restricted to guests, the tape does its job properly.

12. Paint Striped CurtainsPaint Striped Curtains

No need to waste your hard-earned money on new curtains when you can customize old ones using painter’s tape. This technique gives plain curtains a bit of personality in no time. Draw the multi-purpose tape to give designs and patterns to an old curtain.

13. Help to Etch a MirrorWays to Use Painter's Tape6

Don’t like the look of your sad mediocre mirrors? Etch them up using this versatile tape. You can carve any design you want, the possibilities are endless. Here’s the complete DIY.

14. Graphic Painted Pillow CoversGraphic Painted Pillow Covers

What if we say you can customize your plain old pillow covers using this tape? Yeah! It’s possible and works like a charm. Simply go through this tutorial to do the trick.

Final Thoughts

After reading the multitude of ways to use painter’s tape, you’ll definitely want to add this versatile product to your DIY arsenal. Besides, if you are obsessed with washi tape, this article is for you. For any suggestions and queries, write in the comment section below.

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