11 Awesome White Flowers with Purple Center

Check out these most beautiful White Flowers with Purple Center to create a breathtaking floral display outdoors!

Have you ever seen white flowers with purple centers? It’s entirely possible you haven’t, as they are a rare sight in nature. Their unique color combination makes them stand out among other blossoms.

White Flowers with Purple Center

1. Cape Marguerite

White Flowers with Purple Center 1

Botanical Name – Dimorphotheca ecklonis

African daisy is a dwarf subshrub that produces white flowers with a blue-purple center. Its blooms attract bees, butterflies, insects, and other pollinators for reproduction.

2. Trailing African Daisy

White Flowers with Purple Center 2

Botanical Name – Osteospermum fruticosum

Adorned with spoon-shaped petals, the white flowers of this daisy variety are a great addition to flora arrangements. This spring bloomer is native to the coastal areas of South Africa.

3. African Daisy ‘4D Berry White’

White Flowers with Purple Center 3

Botanical Name – Osteospermum ‘4D Berry White’

‘4D Berry White’ stands out with its gorgeous white flowers featuring dark purple quilled petals in the center. Provide this plant with full sunlight and a moist, well-drained potting medium for lush blooms.

4. Passionflower

White Flowers with Purple Center 4

Botanical Name – Passiflora incarnata

This rapid-growing vine is popular for its white blooms with a central crown of pinkish-purple filaments. Its flowers are edible and often used as a garnish in different dishes.

5. Pansy

White Flowers with Purple Center 5

Botanical Name – Viola x wittrockiana

Pansy is admired by gardeners for its white flowers with a purple center. This plant needs dappled shade and well-drained soil for best growth.

6. Morning Glory

White Flowers with Purple Center 6

Botanical Name – Ipomoea pandurata

Morning Glory features funnel-shaped white flowers with reddish-purple eyes from spring to fall. This North American native is a major food source for wildlife.

7. Purple Halo Petunia

Purple Halo Petunia

Botanical Name – Petunia x hybrida ‘Purple Halo’

This perennial boasts striking blooms in shades of white and purple. ‘Purple halo’ is a perfect flowering specimen to add a splash of color to dull landscapes.

8. Perry’s White Oriental Poppy

Perry’s White Oriental Poppy

Botanical Name – Papaver Orientale ‘Perry’s White’

‘Perry’s White’ creates a spectacular floral display with its showy crepe paper-like white blooms and maroon-purple center. In ideal growing conditions, its blossoms can become up to 4-6 inches wide.

9. Purple Heart Cornflower

Purple Heart Cornflower

Botanical Name – Centaurea Montana ‘Purple Heart’

The white spider-like petals and violet-purple stamens make this cornflower variety a conversation-worthy specimen. This specimens also boasts gray-green foliage on short stems.

10. Amethyst Hibiscus

Amethyst Hibiscus

Botanical Name – Hibiscus cannabinus ‘Amethyst’

This hibiscus is prized by botanists for its white blossoms and contrasting dark purple eyes. Its blossoms are a vital food source for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.

11. Purple Berkheya

Purple Berkheya

Botanical Name – Berkheya purpurea

Purple berkheya is a popular perennial for its large white flowers and dark purple discs. Their flowerheads can become up to 8 cm in diameter.

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