18 Creative DIY Scrabble Wall Art Ideas | Scrabble Wall Decor

Planning to embellish your home with scrabble wall decor? We have collected some inspiring and fun DIY Scrabble Wall Art ideas below!

Do you love to play scrabble? Then you’re going to like these DIY Scrabble Wall Art ideas. They make excellent and inexpensive wall decorations.

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DIY Scrabble Wall Art Ideas

1. Large Scrabble Wall Tiles Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 1

Transform the look of your monotonous entryway wall with this personalized DIY scrabble art featuring family names.

2. Hip Scrabble Letter Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 2

All you need for this DIY are a wooden board, measuring tape, table saw, drill with 1/4″ bit, painters’ tape, and carbon paper. Learn the detailed tutorial here.

3. Grandma’s Scrabble Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 3

Make your grandma’s birthday memorable by gifting her this handmade pseudo scrabble tile wall art. Personalizing this gift with the names of her grandchildren will make it even more special.

4. DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Decor Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 4

Display this beautiful scrabble tile wall art to spruce up your home decor. All you need are boards, printable letters, black craft paint, and a sanding block to complete this DIY.

5. Scrabble Wall Tiles With Family NamesDIY Scrabble Wall Art 5

Easy to make and beautiful to look at, this scrabble family names wall art is a perfect decorative accent for any room.

6. Scrabble Wall Tiles Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 6

With the help of black foil, wooden squares, a cutter, a ruler, and curved scissors, you can imitate this scrabble wall art without hassle. For details, click here.

7. Easy DIY Scrabble Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 7

Get creative and turn your plain old living wall into beautiful decor with this DIY scrabble art. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to complete this easy project.

8. DIY Scrabble Tile Gallery Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 8

Add a rustic touch to your staircase wall by DIYing this wonderful scrabble tile gallery wall art. Watch the video to learn more.

9. Scrabble Wall Art On A Budget

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 9

Looking for a budget-friendly scrabble art decor to heighten the look of your lonely wall in a jiffy? Then, this video tutorial is for you.

10. Magical Christmas Scrabble Wall Decor

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 10

Bored with classic Christmas wall decor? This Christmas, consider decorating your home’s wall with this magical scrabble art frame. It’s kid-friendly and looks adorable.

11. DIY Scrabble Tile-Inspired Collage Wall Decor

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 11

Use blocks, stencils, picture frames, stickers, and a sign to create this scrabble tile-inspired wall art. Details are here.

12. Easy and Fun Scrabble Wall Tiles Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 12

Find out how to make this fun scrabble wall art for your home with this easy tutorial. It’s excellent for gifting purposes as well.

13. Farmhouse Scrabble Wall Decor

Farmhouse Scrabble Wall Decor

This scrabble wall decor, made from a wooden pallet, is the perfect farmhouse decor for a gallery wall, large entryway, or living room.

14. Stained Scrabble Tile Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art 14

To recreate this stained scrabble tile wall art, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

15. Scrabble Art With Scrabble Wall Art Generator

Simple Wall Decor Idea

In this article, the DIYer made an amazing decor piece using a scrabble wall art generator and a few supplies.

16. Scrabble Tiles with ImagesScrabble Tiles with Images

This scrabble wall decor features images corresponding with letters. Get the instructions from here.

17. Magnetic Scrabble Wall Tiles Art

Magnetic Scrabble Decorative

Another awesome DIY scrabble wall art that uses magnetic paint, scrabble tiles, and stick-on craft magnets. Read more here.

18. Scrabble Tile Picture Wall Art

Wall Decor IdeaThis scrabble tile picture is an amazing wall decor and a good way to educate kids about spellings.

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