22 DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas | Ways to Decorate Bathroom Walls

Discover some stunning DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas to give your restroom an elite makeover like never before!

Add a bit of charm, aesthetic appeal, and interest to your restroom with these DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas. Read the exclusive list below.

Here are some amazing rental bathroom makeover ideas

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

1. Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign DIY

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 1

Elevate the look of your washroom wall with this industrial farmhouse ‘Flush’ sign. Get detailed instructions here.

2. DIY Whale Art

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 2

Craft this attention-grabbing whale art – an easy fix to a boring, blank bathroom wall. Read the details here.

3. Industrial Farmhouse Shelving

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 3

Install rustic-looking open storage shelves in your bathroom to get a mishmash of industrial and farmhouse vibes. Hop to this article for the instructions.

4. Nautical Rope Towel Holder

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 4

Give your restroom a nautical look with this rope towel holder. It’s one of the most amazing DIY bathroom wall decor ideas.

5. DIY Leather Copper Cup Organizer

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 5

Functional and visually appealing, this leather copper cup organizer is a stylish way to arrange everyday makeup items in the bathroom.

6. Bathroom Wall Art Idea

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 6

Copy this beautiful wall art to turn your kid’s bathroom from drab to amazing. Grab wooden plaques, scrapbook paper, mod podge, paint, and contact paper for this project.

7. Copper-Pipe Towel Ladder

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 7

A towel ladder made of copper hardware gives your restroom the charm of a fancy Parisian hotel suite. Click here to know more.

8. DIY 3D Canvas Plant Pictures

Take your bathroom wall decor to a new level with these 3D canvas plant pictures. Watch the video to learn more.

9. Super Affordable Bathroom Wall Art Decor

You only need these affordable picture frames to make your restroom stand out. Check out this video for the details.

10. DIY Giant Wooden Frame Mirror

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 8

In this article, the DIYer decorates her drab washroom wall with a giant mirror to make the space more interesting and full of natural light.

11. Use Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 9

Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to give your washroom a chic look. They are easy to use and removable when not needed. Go with heat and moisture-resistant types to avoid peeling and mildew.

12. Add Straw Hats

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 10

Adorn your bathroom wall with stylish straw hats to get a captivating boho-chic look. Use coat hooks to hang the hats.

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13. DIY Washi Tape Gallery Wall

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 11

Say goodbye to your tedious washroom with this washi tape gallery wall featuring photographs, illustrations, and graphic prints.

14. A Wall of Mirrors!

A Wall of Mirrors!

Hanging an assortment of different-sized mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make your washroom more appealing.

15. DIY Glam Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Learn how to turn simple wooden letters into an alluring bathroom wall decor in this video tutorial.

16. Bath Time Photos and DIY Canvas Prints

Bath Time Photos and DIY Canvas Prints

Highlighted by kids’ tub time pictures, these beautiful canvas prints are excellent decorative pieces for the restroom. Read more here.

17. Repurposed Window Bathroom Towel Rack

Repurposed Window Bathroom Towel Rack

Make this shabby chic window towel rack to give your bathroom a conversation-starting focal point.

18. Mini Living Bathroom Wall

If you have a green thumb, this mini living wall idea is for you. It’s a simple way to bring lush greenery into the restroom.

19. Wall-Mounted Baskets

Wall-Mounted Baskets

A vintage metal basket is a stylish way to maximize storage space in a compact restroom. The details are here.

20. DIY Marbled Paper Artwork

DIY Marbled Paper Artwork

Amp up the wow factor of your bathroom’s interior with this classy marbled paper artwork. It’s budget-friendly and easy to DIY.

21. Brush Teeth Bathroom Sign

Brush Teeth Bathroom Sign

A fun addition to a children’s bathroom, this cute sign reminds them to brush their teeth twice daily. Plus, it looks great on the wall.

22. Cute Wall Mirrors Idea

Cute Wall Mirrors Idea

Instead of using a regular mirror in your restroom, hang multiple doily framed mirrors for a captivating display. It’s one of the most fantastic DIY bathroom wall decor ideas. Get the details here.

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