20 Amazing Cat Room Designs for Your Inspiration

Planning to create personal space for your little feline friend? Here’re some fantastic and uniquely amazing cat room designs for your inspiration!

Amazing Cat Room Designs

1. Modern Cat Room InteriorCat Room Designs1

Adorned with palm wallpaper, bright accents, a golden sputnik chandelier, mounted mice wall art, and a blue velvet couch, this modern cat room design is perfect in every sense.

2. The Feline KingdomThe Feline Kingdom

A kitty room with a couple of toys, a cat picture frame, paw prints, and mini cat bridges ensures happy meows. You can even add a bridge for your kitty to rest and swing a little.

3. Kitty-Sized BedroomKitty-Sized Bedroom

Take inspiration from this kitty-sized bedroom design in which you can use a tiny drawer, mini night lamp, small planters, and a cat-sized bed. You can customize the furniture with things underlying in your home.

4. Stylish Sphynx SanctuaryCat Room Designs2

A magnificent room design with utmost comfort, coziness, and bohemian touch makes it a true stylish sphynx sanctuary.

5. A Climbing ParadiseA Climbing Paradise

Convert your cat’s room into a climbing paradise by mounting a honeycomb wall shelf and other pieces of furniture that your little climber adore for sure.

6. Jungle-themed Cat PlayroomJungle-themed Cat Playroom

A couple of cat trees and wall-mounted shelves with lots of greenery makes a natural cat playroom. This is one of the amazing cat room designs in this list.

7. Minimalist Cat Room DesignCat Room Designs3

Looking for a minimalistic yet cute and functional cat room design? Look no further, as this room features cat cubbies, ledges, cat steps, and an Eiffel Tower wall decal.

8. Kitty Parkour ParadiseKitty Parkour Paradise

A room filled with plenty of platforms and a mini roped cat bridge is perfect for your perching and climbing feline friend. The accended shelves and bridges will provide a great jumping experience for your cat.

9. Kitty Teepee Bed!Kitty Teepee Bed!

If you’re searching cat room design for a small space, this teepee bed fits in the smallest of space, and not to mention, it looks super cute.

10. Cat Room With Wall-Mounted PlaygroundCat Room Designs4

Featuring cat cubbies, a multi-level kitty hammock, and cat perch, this room is best for an adventurous cat.

11. A Group Cat Room DesignA Group Cat Room Design

This maximalist room is specially designed for a group of cats, featuring bright colored wall shelves, cat cubbies, mini houses, and kitty litter bins.

12. A Pink Cat RoomA Pink Cat Room

Take inspiration from this everything pink cat room featuring cat ladders, a rotating carousel-shaped climbing frame, and a fluffy pink swing to entertain your little companion.

13. Another Less-Spacious Design IdeaCat Room Designs5

A tiny staircase with two small houses and a wall-mounted bed is another excellent cat room design inspiration for less spacious homes.

14. Built-In Cat BedroomBuilt-In Cat Bedroom

A unique cat room design with a modern glass enclosure full of wooden perches and a hanging floating box looks fantastic, while the wooden slats ensure proper ventilation.

15. Winter Wonderland Cat RoomWinter Wonderland Cat Room

Decorate your cat’s room with white painted walls, mini staircase, tiny house, cat tree, and little comfy bed for a winter wonderland touch.

16. Budget Cat Room DesignCat Room Designs6

Wall mount a couple of repurposed tires and crates to design a cat’s room on a budget. It allows your little friends to perch and relax too.

17. What About a Catio!What About a Catio!

Let your cats enjoy outdoor in the vicinity of nature without any risk of predators by creating this cat-approved catio. This idea is perfect for people having tiny houses.

18. Shelves Shelves And Shelves!Shelves Shelves And Shelves!

Take inspiration from this room in which wall-mounted and wooden box shelves act as a ladder and shelter, enabling your feline friend to move freely and taking naps when required.

19. Multipurpose Cat RoomCat Room Designs7

Outfitted with planks, cat trees, perches, kitty litter bin, and different accessories, this multipurpose room is best for your feline’s sleeping, feeding, and cleaning activities.

20. A Simple Feline RoomA Simple Feline Room

If you want a no-fuss kitty room design, opt for this idea. For this, you’ll need the cat hammock, weird photo frame, cat litter bin, and kitty-sized bed.

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