25 Amazing Corn Husk Crafts | Craft Ideas With Corn Husk

Get ready to be inspired by these Corn Husk Crafts that will help you create some eye-catching, decor-worthy display items!

Corn husk is a versatile product that can be transformed into a wide range of beautiful and unique creations. If you’re a nature lover or eco-conscious crafter, check out these amazing Corn Husk Crafts.

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Corn Husk Crafts

1. Corn Husk Paint Brushes

Corn Husk Crafts1

Running out of paintbrushes, no need to purchase them as you can make a whole lot using corn husks. Read more about this craft idea here.

2. Corn Husk Flowers

Display your craftiness by making lovely corn husk flowers to spruce up the look of home decor. You can further attach the flowers to a simple headband to make an ornamental headpiece for your kids.

3. DIY Doll from Corn Husks

DIY Doll from Corn Husks

Express love towards your little girl on her birthday by gifting her a handmade doll made by you using corn husks. Or make these dolls with your princess to decorate her toy house. Find the tutorial.

4. DIY Fiesta Flower Wreath

DIY Fiesta Flower Wreath

Add a festive touch to your home decor by making a stunning fiesta wreath straight out of corn husks. Grab a foam shape ring, corn husk flowers, ribbons, and a few other supplies to complete this craft.

5. Dyed Corn Husk Witches

Corn Husk Crafts2

Perfect for Halloween-themed decor, these vibrant and cutesy corn husk witches are an excellent craft for kids to begin their DIY journey. It’s one of the most amazing corn husk crafts.

6. Minimalistic Corn Husk Wreath DIY

Minimalistic Corn Husk Wreath

Learn how to make a corn husk wreath and add some pizzazz to your fall or thanksgiving home decor.

7. Corn Husk Party Favor Place Cards

Corn Husk Party Favor Place Cards

Give your monotonous thanksgiving party favors an attractive look by embellishing them with corn husks place cards that are cheap and easy to make.

8. Corn Husk Turkey

Corn Husk Crafts3

Everyone loves to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. So why not embellish your space with a turkey craft made with corn husks and a cut-out printable?

9. Corn Husk Christmas Tree

Let your kiddos make their Christmas tree with corn husks, green felt, pencils, scissors, cardboard, and a glue gun.

10. Simple DIY Cornhusk Votive and Vase

Table Decor with Corn Husk

An ideal decorative accent for fall decor, these corn husks votives and vases induce holiday spirit with a cozy glow.

11. Corn Husk Pumpkins

Corn Husk Pumpkins

Give your fireplace an instant fall makeover by creating some display-worthy chic pumpkins out of dried corn husks. It’s one of the awesome corn husk crafts.

12. DIY Corn Husk Garland

Corn Husk Crafts4

Make your fall mantle more appealing by DIYing this corn husk garland. All you’ve to do is soak the husk in tepid water, fold it by twisting a floral wire, and then connect the husk to the twine.

13. DIY Corn Husk Pom PomsDIY Corn Husk Pom Poms

Create pom-poms from corn husks and hang them over the dining table to attract all the eyeballs. You can use them to make a mini garland as well.

14. Corn Husk Fall Table Setting

Husk Fall Table Setting

A unique craft project for the upcoming festivities, this corn husk fall table setting adds a warm and inviting feel to your dining table.

15. Corn Husk Brooms

Corn Husk Crafts6

Give a decorative turn to the bland corn husks by creating adorable brooms that are simple but appealing additions to the fall porch.

16. Corn Husk Coaster

Follow a zero-waste lifestyle by making your own customized coasters using corn husks. Plus, it adds a sense of style to the overall decor.

17. Corn Husk Door Mat

Don’t go with costly doormats when you can weave numerous at home by upcycling the corn husks. It’s one of the excellent corn husk crafts.

18. DIY Husk Basket

One of the easiest ways to utilize your leftover corn husks is by preparing small baskets to hold pens, pencils, and other crafting accessories.

19. Making Rope Out of Corn Husks

Watch this video to make good use of the leftover corn husks by creating a rope that can be used as yarn for knitting or crocheting or as macrame yarn.

20. DIY Husk Wall Hanging

Instead of throwing corn husks, make a one-of-a-kind wall hanging decor. Watch the video to understand the steps.

21. Corn Husk Luminaries

Corn Husk Luminaries

Corn husk luminaries are a fun, easy way to add fall charm to any space. They look great on a porch or table. It’s one of the easiest crafts with corn husk.

22. DIY Corn Husk Napkin Ring

DIY Corn Husk Napkin Ring

If you need a last-minute idea for your thanksgiving table, these cornhusk napkin rings are the perfect option.

23. Corn Husk Poinsettia

Corn Husk Poinsettia

Stylish and eco-friendly, this cork husk poinsettia brings holiday cheer to any room. Read the detailed instructions here.

24. Corn Husk Candy Favors

Corn Husk Candy Favors

Craft memorable party favors that look like corn husks but hold a sweet surprise: chocolate-covered espresso beans.

25. Corn Husk Angels

Corn Husk Angels


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a lovely angel out of corn husks. It’s one of the best corn husk crafts.

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