21 Attention-Grabbing Mirror as Headboard Ideas

Add depth, elegance, and a dash of glamour to your sleeping space with these stunning Mirror Headboard Ideas!

Want to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your bedroom sanctuary? Check out these unique, eye-catching Mirror Headboard Ideas!

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Mirror as Headboard Ideas

1. DIY Mirror Headboard Ideas

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 1

Replace your plain old bed headboard with this eye-catching mirror one for an enchanting look. Here are the instructions.

2. Unique Headboard Made from Vintage Dressing Mirror

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 2

Reuse a vintage dressing mirror as a headboard and give your bedchamber a stunning focal point. Read the details here.

3. Gold Framed Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 3

Spice up the look and feel of your monotonous bed by using a large gold-framed mirror as a headboard.

4. DIY Diamond-Patterned Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 4

This diamond-patterned mirror headboard is easy to make with foam, frameless mirrors, self-adhesive tiles, and other supplies. Watch this video tutorial.

5. Headboard with Antique Mirror Accent

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 5

Made from Peruvian oak with distressed silver leaf and antiqued-mirror accents, this headboard is a true eye-catcher.

6. Headboard with Distressed Mirror Backing

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 6

This awesome headboard features gold finish scroll moldings, leather trim, and distressed mirror backing.

7. Mirror Headboard Above the Bed

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 7

Attach a large rectangular mirror above the bed, and your headboard is ready. It’s one of the best mirrors as headboard ideas.

8. Mosaic Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 8

Learn how to turn an old wooden headboard from drab to fab with a mosaic mirror design. Get the instructions here.

9. Antique Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 9

Use an old chipped, gold-framed mirror to create a dramatic bed headboard. Read the details here.

10. Black Frame Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 10

Bring more light into your space and make any small room look bigger with a large black-framed mirror headboard.

11. Folded Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 11

If you have a mirrored room divider, reuse its mirrors to create a chic headboard for your bland bed. This feature makes your space spacious and brighter.

12. Double Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 12

Take two mirrors, place them behind the bed, and your headboard is ready to flaunt with style.

13. Oversized Mirror Headboard

Mirror as Headboard Ideas 13

Transform your bedroom into a luxurious oasis by using an oversized mirror as a headboard.

14. Tiled Mirror Headboard

Tiled Headboard

This wall sculpture of mirrors serves as a display masterpiece and a perfect modded headboard.

15. Headboard of Different Shaped Mirrors

Headboard of Different Shaped Mirrors

If you don’t have large mirrors, choose different shaped and sized mirrors to create an awesome headboard.

16. Strand Mirrored Bed

Strand Bed

Constructed with waterfall edges, the mirrored surfaces are aged for an antique patina look that’s complemented with dark metal trim.

17. DIY Mirror Headboard with Gold Details

DIY Gold Details

Make a bold statement in your bedroom with this golden mirror headboard made out of dollar tree and Walmart items.

18. Modern Mirrored Headboard

Modern Headboard

You only need wood, a blockboard, black fabric, mirror tiles, foam, screws, and contact glue to recreate this modern headboard.

19. DIY Raindrop Headboard

Made from five body mirrors, 3-4 bags of marbles, and E6000 glue, this raindrop-themed mirror headboard is a work of art.

20. DIY Mirrored Headboard

To copy this stunning mirror headboard project, check out this video tutorial for the instructions and list of supplies.

21. DIY Mosaic Mirror Headboard or Wall Art

Look at this visual tutorial to make this gorgeous mosaic mirror headboard that also doubles up as wall art.

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