28 Amazing DIY Leather Crafts

Do you fancy leather accessories? Here are some cute and classy DIY Leather Crafts, worth your time and efforts!

Leather adds a classy touch to ordinary accessories but is expensive enough to choose alternatives. If you are in the same boat, here are some trendy DIY Leather Crafts to fit your bill!

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DIY Leather Crafts

1. DIY Leather Hair BowsDIY Leather Crafts Hair Bow


There are quite a few things you can do with leather. You can create these amazing-looking Leather Hair Bows by following this simple tutorial.

2. DIY Leather Tassel KeychainDIY Leather Crafts keychain


It is a hoot and a half working with leather, so we bring you this fantastic DIY Leather Tassel Keychain tutorial! Sooner or later, your friends are bound to come asking for these.

3. DIY Leather Jewelry DishDIY Leather Crafts jewelry dish


Check out this fantastic tutorial by A Pair and A Spare. This is the best-looking jewelry dish we’ve laid eyes on. Why not make yourself one?

4. DIY Leather Conversation HeartsDIY Leather Crafts Conversation Hearts


Here’s a fun idea for Valentine’s. Make it a style statement! As shown above, create your leather conversation hearts – head on to Polkadot Chair for the tutorial!

5. DIY No Sew Leather Jewelry PouchDIY Leather Crafts jewelry Pouch


If in any case, you need to store your jewelry in a safe and discrete space, craft this easy DIY No-Sew Jewelry Pouch! The tutorial is here.

6. Leather Laptop Case DIYDIY Leather Crafts laptop case


Your laptop deserves some loving too. Not to mention a stylish leather case! This time, Oh Happy Day brings you a fantastic tutorial on how you can make one.

7. Leather Geometric NecklaceDIY Leather Crafts Geometric Necklace


Shannon Eileen has a pretty decent tutorial on how you can make some Geometric Necklaces made out of leather. Check her out from this link.

8. DIY Ombre Leather CoastersDIY Leather Crafts Ombre Coasters


Check out Almost Makes Perfect’s blog post detailing how you can make hexagonal Ombre Leather Coasters!

9. No-Sew Leather Key FobDIY Leather Crafts Key Fob


Check out this easy no-sew leather key fob that you can make at home with ease! To put it differently, head on to Fyne Designs for a detailed tutorial.

10. DIY Scalloped Leather ClutchDIY Leather Crafts Clutch


Everybody’s born with different talents and skillset. Accordingly, if crafting is yours, check out this fantastic Scalloped Leather Clutch that you can craft by following this super simple tutorial on Wouldn’t It Be Lovely.

11. DIY Beaded Leather BraceletDIY Leather Crafts Bracelet


This tutorial on DIY Joy lets you craft these adorable leather bracelets using plain beads. This tutorial isn’t for the faint of heart.

12. Leather Flannel Snap ScarfDIY Crafts Leather  Snap Scarf


Wow, that looks so good. Surprisingly, it’s super easy to create! Indeed, if you follow this article by Delia Creates, you’ll have a Leather Flannel Snap Scarf of your own!

13. Leather Heart Coin PurseDIY Crafts Leather Heart coin Purse


You’ve come to the right place if you’ve always wanted a small leather pouch for miscellaneous carriage. Presently, this is the best tutorial available on how to craft a Leather Heart Coin Purse for yourself!

14. Geometric Leather Mouse PadDIY Crafts Leather  Mouse Pad


Did you know you can create a mouse pad out of leather? Neither did we! Until we tried this method ourselves – and it works! Head on over to another excellent tutorial by Delia Creates for this lovely mouse pad.

15. Leather Cord RollDIY Crafts Leather cord Roll


Tangled wires are a thing of the past. Cord rolls are the trend, and you don’t need to buy one! After all, you can make one for yourself for ridiculously cheap – take Brit.co’s word for it!

16. DIY Rustic Leather Tassel OrnamentsDIY Crafts Leather Tassel Ornaments


Here’s a tutorial by City Farmhouse on how to create Rustic Leather Tassels for ornamental usage! Undoubtedly, these look good.

17. DIY Leather And Gold Leaf NotebookDIY Crafts Leather Gold Leaf Notebook


This notebook is one for the posh people out there. After all, it does feature actual gold leaves as a crafting ingredient! Head on to Lovely Indeed for this amazing tutorial.

18. Leather Straps For Tote BagsDIY Crafts Leather Straps For Tote Bags


This DIY Tote Baguses rivets and grommets to sew together. Although there’s no need to be intimidated – it’s pretty easy to work with them. Click this link to follow the tutorial.

19. DIY Leather Tissue PouchDIY Crafts Leather  Tissue Pouch


Check out this fantastic Leather Tissue Pouch from Delia Creates! In effect, this leaves your tissues feeling fresh for longer! Leather locks the moisture out.

20. DIY Braided Leather Dog LeashDIY Crafts Leather  Dog Leash


This one is for the pet lovers out there! Sketch42Blog has an excellent tutorial on how to bling up your pup’s leash.

21. DIY Lace Cut Gold Leather CuffDIY Crafts Leather Gold Leather Cuff


Here you see a Cricut-enabled Lace Cut Leather Gold Cuff! The Project Girl has a step-by-step tutorial you can follow that makes sure your die-cut leather article turns out perfect.

22. Transformable Leather Sculpted Earrings

DIY Crafts Leather earring

Wow, what’s that? High praise for a unique earring, that’s what! Given that these are made out of a single sheet of leather each, these 3d sculpted models are sure to turn heads on every block. Check out the Instructable here.

23. Braided Leather HeadbandDIY Crafts Leather Headband


Check out this braided leather headband! Kristina Clemens has an excellent tutorial that gives you the steps here.

24. DIY Leather And Brass Teardrop Hanging PlanterDIY Crafts Leather teardrop hanging planter


Where do you keep all those planters? You hang them, of course. Follow this awesome tutorial by Vintage Revivals to see the blow-by-blow.

25. DIY Leather WalletDIY Crafts Leather wallet


Sew a pretty leather wallet for a loved one by following this tutorial on Primer Magazine! In the meantime, check out some of the other offerings on the list.

26. DIY Triangle Leather PouchDIY Crafts Leather pouch


Watch out for this origami-inspired Triangle Leather Pouch! Made with just one single sheet of leather and some clever folds, you too can create a fabulous pouch by following this tutorial.

27. DIY Leather Wrap BraceletDIY Crafts Leather warp braclet


This DIY Leather Wrap bracelet is one for the vanity fairs. Pretty and unique, you can use various beads to liven it up. Follow this tutorial on Poppytalk to see how you can make one of your own.

28. DIY No Sew Leather Bow NecklaceDIY Crafts Leather Bow Necklace


Leather bow-ties are in! For this reason, we have curated for you one of the finest tutorials available on the internet for a No-Sew Leather Bow Necklace – just head on to Pretty Prudent and see how you can make one for yourself (or someone you love).

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