9 Amazing DIY Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas That You Will Love

Take your overall appearance and crafting skills to another level with these stylish handmade Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas!

Handmade wearables are perfect for gifting purposes and everyday usage. Check out these adorable Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas that are easy to make, beginner-friendly, and worth every penny.

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Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas

1. DIY Rainbow Heishi Beads Bracelet

DIY Rainbow Heishi Beads Bracelet

Spice up your appearance with this funky wearable. It’s adorned with multi-colored beads. Get inspiration from this tutorial.

2. DIY Personalized Clay Heishi Bead Colorful Bracelet

Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas 2

These bracelets are personalized with alphabet beads and beautified with colorful heishi beads. Watch this video for more info.

3. DIY Heishi Bead and Brass Bracelet

Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas 3

This tutorial combines dyed coconut wood heishi beads with brass accents for an earthy, organic-looking DIY bracelet. You can either make this wearable in a single-strand or double-strand style.

4. Heishi and Wooden Beads Bracelet DIY

Heishi Beads Bracelet Ideas 4

Pair the attractive heishi silver and wood beads on elastic cords to make three different bracelets. Read more here.

5. Gold-Plated Heishi Beads Bracelet Idea

DIY Bracelet

This eye-catching jewelry is made from seed beads, gold-plated heishi beads, turquoise fire polish beads, and other supplies.

6. Simple Heishi Bead Bracelet Idea

Are you looking for a simple, minimal-looking heishi bead bracelet? Take a look at this easy-to-understand video.

7. Christmas Heishi Bracelets

Christmas Heishi Bracelets

This Christmas, give your jewelry collection a festive update with these heishi bead ornaments. Get the step-by-step tutorial here.

8. Stunning Heishi Beads Adjustable Bracelets

Stunning Heishi Beads Adjustable Bracelets

In this video, you will learn how to make adjustable and colorful bracelets with heishi beads.

9. Heishi Bead Charm Bracelets

Follow this easy instructional video to create five trendy beaded jewelry with charms. It’s one of the best heishi bead bracelet ideas.

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