60+ Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands | Rubber Band Uses

Here are some clever and amazing uses of rubber bands that can simplify your day-to-day activities without making a hole in your pocket!

Rubber band alias elastic band, gum band, or lacky band is a thin, stretchy product made up of rubber. Apart from its general use of bundling together file folders and other random papers, there are some amazing uses of rubber bands as well that’ll blow your mind.

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Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands

1. Keep Apple Slices Fresh

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands1

Sliced apples turn brown when exposed to air. Keep them fresh using this smart rubber band trick. After cutting an apple in a tic tac toe arrangement, secure its slices with a rubber band.

2. DIY Camera Tripod

All you need is a rubber band to create a thrifty camera tripod that ensures zero movements and provides stability. Head over to this tutorial to make one for yourself.

3. DIY Mobile Holder

Don’t have a cell phone stand handy for binge-watching, no worries, grab a couple of pencils and rubber bands to craft this inexpensive and fully functional mobile holder, suggested by Last Minute Life Hacks.

4. Open Stuck Jars

If your jar’s lid won’t budge even after applying significant muscle, use a rubber band and elbow grease to conquer a stubborn jar. This is one of the amazing uses of rubber bands on this list. Read more here.

5. Keep Books Safe On-the-Go

Keep Books Safe On-the-Go

Carrying books in a bag or purse makes its pages bent or crumpled. To avoid this issue, slip 1-2 large wide rubber bands over the book before putting it inside your bag to prevent any potential damage.

6. Corral Ribbon

Corraling ribbons is quite a cumbersome task when you have plenty of them lying around your house. Say goodbye to tangling ribbons by wrapping a rubber band around the ribbon spool.

7. No-Slip Cutting Board Out of Rubber Bands

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands2

Cutting boards are prone to slip and slide, thus posing a risk to the user. Keep this issue in check with this cheap and simple rubber band trick. This fix adds friction to the board, thereby making it unmovable.

8. Remove Stripped Screws

Are you facing difficulty in removing a stripped screw? If yes, this rubber band trick is for you. Begin the hack by laying a wide rubber band flat over the stripped screw and unbolt it with a screwdriver. The rubber band gives you enough grip to get the job done.

9. DIY Non-Slip Hangers

DIY Non-Slip Hangers

Instead of splurging on fancy, slip-free hangers, convert the existing ones into non-slippery with rubber bands. Simply secure a few bands on both the ends of the wire or plastic hanger to keep the outfits from falling.

10. Rubber Band Bracelet

Who knows gorgeous colorful bracelets can be made out of rubber bands? These bracelets are a perfect party giveaway during festivities. Craft a lot of cutesy bracelets using this tutorial.

11. Stops Spoon Slippage

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands3

While cooking, one thing that always annoys people is the sudden fall of a spoon into the pot or bowl. Prevent this irritating and messy condition by enfolding a rubber band on the spoon’s handle where it meets the pot or bowl rim.

12. Secure the Trash Bag

Thanks to this rubber band hack, you no longer have to worry about the falling of trash bags into the can. First, line your garbage can with a right-sized trash bag, pull it a little bit over, and wrap a jumbo rubber band over the can rim.

13. Excess Paint Remover

Excess Paint Remover

While painting your house, paint drips create quite a mess. Pop a thick rubber band over the paint can, and every time you dip the brush, wipe it over the band to get rid of excess paint. This trick makes painting drip-free and prevents paint buildup on the can rim.

14. A Handy Bookmark

Instead of using strange things as a bookmark, try a rubber band, you’ll never regret it. Put on a rubber band around the page you want to mark and the back of the book as well. For a bookworm, it’s probably one of the most amazing uses of rubber bands.

15. Arrange Flowers in Style

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands4

Adorn your personal space by DIYing a pretty floral arrangement with rubber bands. Grab a square vase and create a grid pattern by wrapping three bands vertically and three bands horizontally over the top of the vase. Next, rest the flowers against the rubber bands as you desire.

16. Rubber Band Eraser

Now, this is an excellent use of a rubber band! Insist your kids to watch this helpful video of Joseph Anthonii to learn how to use a rubber band as a thrifty eraser.

17. Label A Jar

Label A Jar

Making labels for jars is easier than you think, and most importantly, they can be removed easily when the jar is ready for a quick wash. Place a large rubber band around the jar to get the job done.

18. A Soap Dispenser Stopper

Stop the misuse of the liquid hand soap by winding a rubber band around the neck of the soap dispenser. This limits the quantity of soap that pumps out every time your kiddos wash their hands, thereby prevents mess and saves money.

19. Extra Grip for Wooden Hammer

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands4

As wooden-handled hammers provide less grip, that’s why they are difficult to work with. Eliminate this issue by entwining a wide rubber band around the hammer’s handle to get the required grip.

20. Rolls Out Dough Evenly

To get a perfect thickness for your cookie, pie, pastry, or pizza dough, all you need is a couple of rubber bands and a rolling pin. Check out this tutorial to make sure your food bakes evenly.

21. Rubber Band as a Page Flipper

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands5

Rather than licking your fingers every time you’ve to flip a page, wrap a rubber band over the tip of your finger to turn pages quicker.

22. Rubber Band Guitar

Learn how to make a fully functional guitar using rubber bands and some basic supplies. Along with making sweet noise, this project helps your kids to understand the science behind the relation between sound and frequency. Read details here.

23. Baby-Proof Cabinets

As babies are curious explorers, they often try to open kitchen cabinets, which in turn can cause mishaps. To keep their prying little fingers from opening the kitchen cabinet door, you only need a thick rubber band and this DIY.

24. DIY Rubber Band Ball

Go through this video to make a huge flexible rubber band ball, which is a perfect boredom-busting toy for kids. The best part, this project is an excellent parent-child bonding activity.

25. Rubber Band Powered Bottle Toy Car

Another fun rubber band toy project for your little ones. To recreate this adorable and fully working toy car for your kids, gather elastic bands, plastic bottles, straws, skewers, and hot glue.

26. Quick Rubber Band Cell Phone Mount

Why wasting your money on fancy car mobile holders for navigation when you can build one in an instant with a simple rubber band. Watch this life hack that makes your navigation hassle-free.

27. At-Home French Manicure

Check out this video to score a classic pro-like French tip manicure without any muss and fuss at home, you only need a flat rubber band and your best friend.

28. Bring Your Broom to Life

Give a new breath of life to your worn-out, gross-looking broom by wrapping an elastic band around its splayed bristles. This makes the broom firm and usable for cleaning purposes.

29. Rubber Band to Hold Slipping Tea Bags

Rubber Band to Hold Slipping Tea Bags

Next time after putting a teabag in the cup, hold it right away with an elastic band to prevent it from falling into the cup.

30. Fix Loose Eyeglasses

Instead of tossing your loose eyeglasses, bring back their former glory with a rubber band. Follow these instructions to fix this annoying problem.

31. Prevents Garden Hose Leaking

Without spending money and any significant effort, you can fix the leaking problem of your garden hose with a nifty product named rubber band.

32. Slip-Proof Glass Tumblers

Accidents are likely when you have kids around the house, and this is true with glass tumblers as they have a slippery texture. To avoid any mishap, make them slip-proof using a plain old rubber band. Simply put on a rubber band around the glass, and that’s it.

33. DIY Cup Glider

Engage your kids in this fun cup glider DIY that needs plastic disposable cups and rubber bands. This project instills a “do-it-yourself” attitude in your kids.

34. Rubber Band Paddle Boat

To entertain your restless kids, DIY this cool paddle boat made out of rubber bands and ice cream sticks. Watch this instructive video to learn more.

35. Rubber Band Stamp

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands7

With rubber bands, an acrylic stamp block, and water-based dye stamp pads, this project quickly came together to make all sorts of fun pieces of art on your shirt, napkins, and wrapping paper.

36. Chip Clips Alternative

Ran out of chip clips? Use the plain old rubber band, the best and cheapest replacement for chip clips. To use this trick, roll your package and secure it with a rubber band twice or thrice.

37. Quick Toothbrush Holder

Quick Toothbrush Holder

Don’t have time to visit the store to buy a toothbrush holder? No worries, you can make a toothbrush holder instantly at home out of a few rubber bands. It not looks aesthetic but serves its purpose quite well. Create a grid-like structure over a cup or a tall glass using rubber bands, and your DIY toothbrush holder is ready.

38. DIY Rubber Band Glass Lanterns

Here’s another brilliant way to use rubber bands around your house. Create these aesthetically pleasing glass lanterns with rubber bands, glass tumblers, and leather cords to embellish your porch or patio.

39. For Smart Packing

For Smart Packing

If you prefer rolled clothing method over folding one to organize your garments for traveling purposes, go one step ahead and secure them with rubber bands to keep them tidy in one place.

40. Elegant Votive Candle Holders

No need to spend a fortune on fancy votive candle holders when you can DIY a lot of them on your own with rubber bands, vases, and other supplies. Go check out The Hyper House for detailed instructions.

41. Rubber Band Sewing Hack

Sewing is tricky, especially when you don’t have a seam guide to sew straight stitches on the clothes. To get brand new, pro-like stitched clothing, use the rubber band as a seam guide.

42. Rubber Band Necklace

Turn your rubber bands into a quirky yet lovely necklace that looks perfect with every outfit. Read this article to know four different ways to make rubber band necklaces.

43. Remove Nail Without Damaging the Wall

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands8

While removing a nail from the wall with a hammer, a dent is likely. To protect your wall while pulling nails, wrap a few rubber bands over the hammerhead and the pivot point of the hammer.

44. Keep Shower Caddy in Place

Hold your unbalanced shower caddy in place with a rubber band, no more sliding down and no more falling of shampoo bottles. All you’ve to do is loop an elastic band around the showerhead nozzle after putting the caddy.

45. DIY Rubber Band Catapult

Crafting toys with rubber bands is fun, and most importantly, these projects are kid-friendly as well. Indulge your unruly kids in this entertaining catapult DIY that uses rubber bands and craft sticks.

46. To Tie Hair

When you’re out of hair ties, use plain old rubber bands to manage your strands, as shown in this video. But there is one downside: when you take out the rubber band, it breaks some of your hair.

47. Rubber Padding

Loop some rubber bands around the TV and AC remove or ashtray to stop them from sliding and scratching the table’s glass surface.

48. A Paper or Poster Scroll

A Paper or Poster Scroll

Perhaps the most common use of rubber bands in day-to-day life but worth discussing because of the helpfulness. Roll up the paper or poster scroll gently and secure it with a rubber band for storage.

49. Rubber Band Hand Exercises

Not only do elastic bands help you craft toys and secure scrolls, but they also enhance the intensity of hand exercises, thereby strengthens your hand muscles. For details, click here.

50. Make Butterfly With a Rubber Band

Relieve your childhood days by making this butterfly with a rubber band. This is perhaps one of the most amazing uses of rubber bands.

51. As a Candle Dewobbler

Give your wobbly candle a snugly fit in the candle holder with this easy rubber band trick. Simply cover the base of the candle with a rubber band before putting it into the candle holder.

52. Track Ingredient Levels

Having difficulty finding out the ingredient level of painted or certain hard-to-see containers, rubber bands can do it for you. To track the remaining content, simply put on a rubber band around the outside of the container to mark the ingredient level.

53. Rubber Bands Cover For Charger Cable

Create your personalized charging cable cover straight out of rubber bands and a loom board that enhances its look and protects it from fraying as well.

54. Rubber Band Cable Tie

Corral your power tool cords, microphone cables, and other electronic gear wires with extra long and extra wide rubber bands. Discover this helpful trick here.

55. Helps to Break in a Baseball Glove

A new baseball glove can be stiff, which in turn impacts your performance during matches. That’s why it’s vital to loosen the baseball glove that can be done easily with this rubber band method.

56. Toilet Paper Rolls Saver

Here’s a simple fix to save your toilet paper from curious pets and children. Take a rubber band and girdle it over the toilet paper roll.

57. Secure Bed Slats

Make the loose bed slats more secure by fastening them with a few thick rubber bands over their ends where they meet the frame. It’s a temporary fix that gives you time to find a permanent one.

58. Rubber Band Easter Eggs

Amazing Uses of Rubber Bands10

Elevate the looks of your easter eggs by making different patterns on them with rubber bangs, sounds egg-cellent, right! Take a look at this article for more info.

59. Rubber Band Jeans Hack

Whether it’s pregnancy or you put on some extra pounds, jeans become uncomfortable to fasten. Rather than purchasing new clothing, tackle this situation with this clever rubber band hack.

60. Turn Plier into a Clamp

Turn Plier into a Clamp

Instead of running to the nearest hardware store for a clamp to hold small components, transform your plier into one using a rubber band. Fasten a rubber band twice or thrice around the jaws of the plier, and your clamp is ready.

61. Rubber Band Powered Helicopter

Create this adorable yet fully functional helicopter for your little ones using this tutorial. The best part, this toy needs rubber bands to fly, not batteries.

62. Rubber Band Propeller Plane

Does your kid need a plane toy instead of a helicopter? No worries, watch this youtube tutorial to build a flying aircraft at home using rubber bands.

After reading these amazing uses of rubber bands, you’ll not forget to carry a packet of rubber bands with you. If you know of any unique use of rubber bands that is not listed here, write in the comment section down below, we would be happy to hear from you.

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