22 Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas | How to Make a Balcony Private

Build yourself a cozy resting place away from all the buzz and glare of the world with these Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas!

If you want a bit of seclusion while spending quality time in your gallery, check out this list of Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas that’ll help you out.

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Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas

1. Bamboo Privacy Wall

Watch this video to create a bamboo privacy wall on your balcony without drilling. It’s a beginner-friendly project.

2. Go with Faux Bamboo Plants

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 1

Tall faux bamboo plants are an excellent means to save yourself from prying eyes. Arrange a few inside your balcony as desired.

3. A Lattice Frame

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 2

Setup a lattice frame in the balcony and grow climbers or hang multiple planters on it to stop uninvited views.

4. Grow Tall Plants

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 3

Adding tall plants to the gallery area is a great way to achieve extra privacy with a touch of nature.

5. Faux Plants as Balcony Privacy Screen

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 4

If you have a brown thumb, use the faux plants to create a privacy screen on your balcony. They are maintenance-free and look lovely too.

6. Hang Curtains

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 5

Hang the curtain of your choice using a rod to get complete privacy. It’s one of the best apartment balcony privacy ideas.

7. Introduce Bamboo Mats

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 6

Grab some bamboo mats, attach them to the balcony railing, and your privacy setup is ready.

8. Use a Large Umbrella

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 7

All you need is a large umbrella to get complete seclusion from your nosy neighbors. Plus, this hack also protects you from wind and scorching sunlight.

9. Fabric Privacy Screen

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 8

Covering the gallery railing with a simple cloth is enough to block your neighbors’ prying eyes. You can also use bohemian tapestries for a chic look.

10. Use Vertical Plant Shelves

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 9

Vertical planters not only add a dash of greenery to the balcony but provides privacy as well. Use two or more vertical planters for better coverage.

11. Faux Ivy Screen

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 10

All you have to do is tie the faux ivy screen on the front of the balcony railing to hinder the inside view.

12. Privacy Screen Planter

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 11

Upgrade your gallery with this beginner-friendly privacy screen planter that spruces up the aesthetic appeal.

13. Lighted Privacy Screen

Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas 12

Follow this instructable to create a lighted privacy screen for your gallery. It also doubles up as a room divider. This idea requires minimal woodworking skills and no sewing experience.

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14. Use Vining Plant as Curtain

Either grow vining plants in such a way that looks like a curtain or DIY this one using artificial plants to maintain privacy in your gallery.

15. Roll Up Shades

Made from reeds or bamboo, these roll-up shades make your balcony private and bring tropical vibes to the space.

16. Bamboo Room Dividers

Replicate this DIY bamboo stick privacy wall idea to create a more secluded balcony nook. Hop to this video for more info.

17. Denim Jeans Planters Privacy Screen

Do you want a unique privacy screen? Turn some old denim jeans into chic planters and tie them with the railing in a sequence. Read more here.

18. Balcony Railing Film

If you have a glass railing, use railing film to hide your gallery’s inside view. There are many types to choose from.

19. IKEA SLÄTTÖ Privacy Screen

This privacy screen from IKEA shuts out curious eyes and gives you more seclusion on your balcony.

20. Install Metal Fencing

Metal fencing is another brilliant balcony privacy idea that retains the breeze and natural light while increasing the level of privacy.

21. DIY Privacy Panels for a Small Balcony

The panels are very simple and inexpensive to build with 1″x3″ pine boards, furring strips, and an outdoor chair cushion from IKEA. Read more here.

22. Lots of Planters

Adorn your balcony railing with various potted planters to block the spying eyes of your next-door neighbor. People with a green thumb will love this idea.

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