20+ Clever Balcony Workstation Ideas | How to Turn Balcony Into Office

These stunning Balcony Workstation Ideas will boost your productivity, bringing a change to your routine workspace!

Say goodbye to your regular home office setup with these clever Balcony Workstation Ideas andĀ give your boring working schedule a much-needed twist.

Here are some amazing balcony lighting ideas

Balcony Workstation Ideas

1. Narrow Balcony Home Office

Do you have a narrow balcony nook? Turn it into a productive workspace with floating shelves, a desk, a modern chair, and a unique lamp.

2. A Shared Workspace

If space is not an issue in your gallery, put two desks and vintages chairs to complete the home office setup.

3. Balcony Workstation with a Large Planter

All you need is a wooden desk, a modern chair, and a lush plant in a wicker basket to get a chic balcony WFH station.

4. Stylish Enclosed Balcony Workspace

Equipped with a floating desk, a wall-mounted bookshelf, cabinet, and animal skin rug, this closed balcony is a stylish place to work.

5. Open Balcony Workstation Setup


Featuring lots of plants and a balcony bar table, this dreamy home office setup is a must-have.

6. A Chic Gallery Home Office

With a glass-top wooden desk, floor lamp, and floating wall shelves, you can easily create a cute little workstation for yourself.

7. Minimal Balcony Workspace

Don’t know how to create a nice balcony workstation? Simply install a wooden table and a stool to get the job done. Introduce small planters for an added appeal.

8. Workstation with Vintage Style Desk

This enclosed gallery office has a vintage desk, chic flower vase, high back chair, designer lamp, and colorful shelves.

9. A Neutral Workstation

Adorned with artistic painting and white furniture, this balcony workstation is a perfect place to do your office work.

10. Wood Accent Balcony Workspace

Beautified with wood, pendant lamps, and a planter, this elegant balcony office is appealing.

11. Mid-Century Inspired Home Office

Burgundy-colored wall, mid-century-inspired table, and the industrial lamp are the highlights of this gallery workspace.

12. Modern Balcony Workstation Idea

Recreate this workstation inside your balcony with vertical wood stripes on the wall, a table with drawers, and a lamp.

13. Ultra-Minimalist Outdoor Workspace


Install a desk, chairs, and a planter to set up a minimalist yet functional balcony office.

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14. Industrial Home Office

To set up an industrial-themed office in your gallery, use dark window frames, a peculiar chair, a faux brick wall, and a floating desk.

15. A Compact Balcony Workstation

A table and plants are the perfect adornments to create a workstation on a less-spacious balcony.

16. Outdoor Home Office with a Sun Shade Sail

Are you planning to set up WFH station on an open balcony during the summer season? Don’t forget to install a sun shade sail.

17. Sunny Balcony Workspace


Grab a chair and a round table to convert the gallery into a functional office within a few minutes.

18. A Perfect Home Office


Everyone desires to work in the vicinity of nature. If you too, then adorn your balcony with lots of greenery. Use a wooden table to hold your office essentials.

19. Balcony Office with a Swing Chair


Instead of the regular chairs in your workstation, use a swing chair to enjoy the outside view while completing your assignment.

20. Unique Over-the-Railing Outdoor Desk

Don’t let your small apartment balcony stops you from turning it into a chic workspace. Simply install an over-the-railing desk, and chairs, and you’re good to go.

21. A Cozy Workspace


Place some planters around, spread a comfy rug on the floor, and a pillow to get a cozy workspace.

22. Hammock in the Balcony

A hammock is what you need to transform your gallery into a dreamy office. It’s one of the best balcony workstation ideas on this list.

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