35 Birds That Start With B

From Bald Eagles to Boat-tailed Grackles, learn all about Birds That Start With B. A must-read for birdwatchers and nature lovers!

Looking to explore the bird kingdom in a novel way? This alphabetic approach will add a fun twist to your birdwatching endeavors. In this specialized guide, you’ll learn about different birds that start with the letter b.

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Birds That Start With B

1. Bald Eagle

Birds That Start With B 1

Scientific Name: Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Recognized as a symbol of freedom in the United States, the Bald Eagle is a majestic raptor with a striking white head contrasting its dark body. Renowned for its hunting prowess, this bird is found near large water bodies.

2. Baltimore OrioleBirds That Start With B 2

Scientific Name: Icterus galbula

Exhibiting vibrant orange and black plumage, the Baltimore Oriole is a songbird that graces the Eastern United States. It’s well-known for its complex, hanging nests and melodic songs.

3. Barn Owl

Birds That Start With B 3

Scientific Name: Tyto alba

Characterized by heart-shaped faces, Barn Owls are among the birds that start with B. They are often found in rural and suburban regions. Barn owls use their keen hearing to locate prey in the darkness.

4. Barn SwallowBirds That Start With B 4

Scientific Name: Hirundo rustica

With a distinguished forked tail, the barn swallow is a graceful flyer that catches insects mid-air. Found across continents, this avian wonder often builds mud nests near human dwellings.

5. Barred Owl

Birds That Start With B 5

Scientific Name: Strix varia

Common in wooded areas, the barred owl is admired for its hooting calls and distinctive “barred” appearance. It consumes small mammals and birds, which it hunts at night.

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6. BellbirdBirds That Start With B 6

Scientific Name: Procnias (Genus)

Native to Australasia and the Americas, Bellbirds are famous for their bell-like calls. Each species has a unique coloration and habitat preference, ranging from rainforests to scrublands.

7. BlackbirdBirds That Start With B 7

Scientific Name: Turdus merula

Common in European gardens, Blackbirds boast glossy black feathers and a melodious song. They are omnivorous and enjoy a diet of insects and fruits.

8. Black-capped Chickadee

Birds That Start With B 8

Scientific Name: Poecile atricapillus

Sporting a black cap and bib, this sociable bird is found in North America. With a proclivity for mixed woodlands, Black-capped Chickadees are known for their “chick-a-dee” calls.

9. Blue Jay


Scientific Name: Cyanocitta cristata

Featuring a blue crest and white underparts, Blue Jays are intelligent and often imitated by other birds. They are highly adaptable, thriving in both forests and urban areas.

10. Blue TitBirds That Start With B 10

Scientific Name: Cyanistes caeruleus

Native to Europe and Asia, this avian wonder is a small, colorful bird known for its playful behavior. It’s an agile forager that primarily consumes insects.

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11. Blue-footed BoobyBirds That Start With B 11

Scientific Name: Sula nebouxii

Renowned for its striking blue feet, this seabird is native to subtropical oceans. Blue-footed Boobies are expert divers and feed mainly on fish.

12. Black-collared Hawk

Birds That Start With B 12

Scientific Name: Busarellus nigricollis

This raptor is endemic to Central and South America. Recognized for its black collar, this bird is usually found near freshwater bodies. It’s a notable addition to these birds that start with B.

13. BudgerigarBirds That Start With B 13

Scientific Name: Melopsittacus undulatus

Popular as budgies, the budgerigars are ideal pets due to their vivid plumage and ability to mimic human speech. They thrive in scrubland and woodland areas.

14. Bullfinch

birds that start with b 14

Scientific Name: Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Showcasing a robust body, this species is native to Europe and Asia. Males possess a striking red breast, and they primarily feed on seeds.

15. Buntingbirds that start with b 15

Scientific Name: Emberiza

Buntings are small songbirds found globally. Sporting colorful plumages, these birds inhabit grasslands and fields, where they feast on seeds.

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16. Black-tailed Godwit

birds that start with b 16

Scientific Name: Limosa limosa

Endemic to Europe and Asia, these waders are popular for their long bills and legs. Black-tailed Godwits are commonly found in wet grasslands and marshy areas.

17. Black Rosy-Finch

birds that start with b 17

Scientific Name: Leucosticte atrata

Primarily encountered in the western United States, these finches are adapted to high-altitude environments. Their plumage changes with the seasons, blending seamlessly into their alpine habitats.

18. Black Kitebirds that start with b 18

Scientific Name: Milvus migrans

Native to warm climates, black kites are medium-sized raptors recognized for their agile flight. They are opportunistic feeders, consuming carrion and small mammals.

19. Brambling

birds that start with b 19

Scientific Name: Fringilla montifringilla

In northern Europe and Asia, Bramblings are migratory finches that display remarkable color changes between seasons. During winter, they often join flocks of chaffinches.

20. BrolgaBrolga

Scientific Name: Antigone rubicunda

Broglas are large cranes with intricate courtship dances. They are frequent in wetlands and feed on various plants and small animals.

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21. Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Scientific Name: Pelecanus occidentalis

Often spotted along coastal regions, Brown Pelicans are admired by bird watchers for their large bills and unique pouches.

22. Black-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticorax

Scientific Name: Nycticorax nycticorax

As their name suggests, these herons are nocturnal hunters. Black-crowned night herons feature black beaks and red eyes. They can be easily spotted in wetlands.

23. Black-naped Oriole

Oriolus chinensis

Scientific Name: Oriolus chinensis

Yellow with a black nape, this oriole is endemic to eastern and southeastern Asia. This species prefers forests and cultivated areas.

24. Burrowing OwlAthene cunicularia

Scientific Name: Athene cunicularia

Distinguished by their long legs, Burrowing Owls live in underground burrows. Unlike most owls, they are active both during the day and night.

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25. Black-winged Stilt

Black-winged Stilt

Scientific Name: Himantopus himantopus

Renowned for their long, slender legs, these shorebirds inhabit wetlands worldwide. They are skilled waders and feed on aquatic insects.

26. Bearded TitBearded Tit

Scientific Name: Panurus biarmicus

With a unique “mustache” marking, bearded tits are small reed-dwellers in Europe and Asia. Despite their name, they are not closely related to true tits.

27. Black DrongoBlack Drongo

Scientific Name: Dicrurus macrocercus

Native to southern Asia, black drongos are fearless birds, often chasing away larger predators. They are agile fliers with forked tails.

28. Black-headed Gull

Black-headed Gull

Scientific Name: Chroicocephalus ridibundus

These social birds are easily recognizable by their black heads during breeding season. Black-headed gulls are common in large flocks near water bodies.

29. Baikal Teal

Baikal Teal

Scientific Name: Anas formosa

Native to eastern Siberia, these ducks display intricate patterns on their heads. Baikal teals are migratory and spend winters in East Asia.

30. Brewer’s BlackbirdBrewer’s Blackbird

Scientific Name: Euphagus cyanocephalus

Common in North America, these blackbirds showcase iridescent feathers. They adapt well to various habitats and forages on the ground.

31. Black GrouseBlack Grouse

Scientific Name: Lyrurus tetrix

Black Grouse are renowned for their lekking behavior, where males display elaborate dances to attract females. This makes them an ideal candidate for this list of birds that start with B.

32. Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Scientific Name: Ara ararauna

Known for their vibrant feathers, these macaws are endemic to South America. They are highly intelligent, living in large, noisy flocks.

33. Black-winged Kite

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Scientific Name: Elanus caeruleus

With black wingtips and red eyes, these kites are common in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia. They are skilled hunters, preying mainly on rodents.

34. Blue-faced HoneyeaterBlue-faced Honeyeater

Scientific Name: Entomyzon cyanotis

Recognizable by their bright blue faces, these Australian birds that start with B are a sight to behold. They have a diverse diet, ranging from nectar to insects.

35. Boat-tailed Grackle

Boat-tailed Grackle

Scientific Name: Quiscalus major

Named for their boat-shaped tails, these grackles are native to the southeastern United States. They are opportunistic feeders, consuming everything from grains to small fish.

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