50 Awesome Birds That Start With F

From Finches to Falcons, this detailed guide reveals everything you need to know about Birds That Start With F!

Whether you’re an ornithologist or a hobbyist birdwatcher, birds have always been a topic of great interest. Within this diversity, there are Birds That Start with the letter F. From flight patterns to nesting habits, this article covers what makes these feathered F-named creatures so captivating.

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Birds That Start with F

1. Fulvous Whistling-Duck

Birds That Start With F 1

Scientific Name: Dendrocygna bicolor

This waterfowl features a tawny body, dark bill, and legs. Known for its distinctive whistling calls, this social bird often forms large flocks. Thus, a notable mention in the list of birds that start with F.

2. Fulvous-breasted FlatbillBirds That Start With F 2


Scientific Name: Rhynchocyclus fulvipectus

Native to the Amazon Basin, this bird features a blend of brown and yellow feathers with a distinctive flattened bill. Specializing in insect-catching, it thrives in lowland tropical forests.

3. Fan-tailed Warbler

Birds That Start With F 3

Scientific Name: Euthlypis lachrymosa

Characterized by its conspicuous fan-shaped tail, this bird has an olive-green upper body and yellowish underparts. This species often frequents dense shrubs and brushes where it searches for insects.

4. Ferruginous Hawk

Birds That Start With F 4

Scientific Name: Buteo regalis

This large raptor boasts rust-colored plumage, broad wings, and a distinctive gray head. Often seen soaring over open landscapes, it feeds on mammals.

5. Fieldfare

Birds That Start With F 5

Scientific Name: Turdus pilaris

With its striking mix of brown, gray, and white feathers, this thrush species primarily feeds on insects and fruits. Fieldfare is a social bird, often seen in large flocks during the winter months.

6. Fire-tailed Myzornis

Birds That Start With F 6

Scientific Name: Myzornis pyrrhoura

Exhibiting vibrant green plumage and an eye-catching fire-red tail, this bird mainly feeds on insects. It’s a spectacular sight in the forest undergrowth of the Eastern Himalayas.

7. Firecrest

Birds That Start With F 7

Scientific Name: Regulus ignicapilla

Notable for its striking black eye stripe and vivid orange crown, this petite bird primarily consumes insects. Commonly seen in mixed flocks, it’s an agile feeder, picking insects off leaves.

8. Fish Crow

Birds That Start With F 8

Scientific Name: Corvus ossifragus

This species distinguishes itself with glossy black feathers and a unique caw, different from its crow relatives. Prefers coastal areas and is often seen foraging for food near water bodies.

9. Fisher’s Lovebird

Birds That Start With F 9

Scientific Name: Agapornis fischeri

Exhibiting a vibrant mix of green, orange, and blue feathers, this bird forms strong pair bonds. Originating from Africa, this bird is popular in aviculture due to its striking appearance.

10. Flame Robin

Birds That Start With F 10

Scientific Name: Petroica phoenicea

This bird has a dazzling bright red chest contrasted by a darker upper body. It’s a striking presence in Australia’s forests, where it often feeds on ground-dwelling insects.

11. Flamingo

Birds That Start With F 11

Scientific Name: Phoenicopterus

Renowned for its long, thin legs and bright pink plumage, it feeds on algae and plankton. This social bird is often seen in large colonies near water bodies, wading elegantly.

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12. Fork-tailed Drongo

Fork-tailed Drongo


Scientific Name: Dicrurus adsimilis

These medium-sized birds that start with ‘f’ display black plumage and a sharply forked tail. Known for mimicry skills, it can imitate other bird calls to warn of predators.

13. Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Birds That Start With F 13

Scientific Name: Tyrannus savana

Recognizable by its distinctive long, forked tail and contrasting black head, this bird specializes in aerial insect catching. It is highly migratory, covering vast distances across the Americas.

14. Fuscous Honeyeater

Birds That Start With F 14

Scientific Name: Lichenostomus fuscus

Exhibiting modest brown plumage, this bird consumes nectar and insects. It joins mixed-species feeding flocks and shows a preference for eucalyptus forests.

15. Fulmar

Birds That Start With F 16

Scientific Name: Fulmarus glacialis

Resembling a seagull, this bird sports grayish feathers and nests in cliff colonies overlooking the sea. It’s an exceptional glider, often seen riding wind currents over the ocean.

16. Fairy Tern

Birds That Start With F 16

Scientific Name: Gygis alba

This small seabird sports an all-white plumage and a striking black eye patch. Its slender bill is well-suited for capturing fish. Fairy tern is often seen around coral islands and lagoons, showcasing remarkable agility in the air.

17. Fairywren

Birds That Start With F 17

Scientific Name: Malurus

The Malurus genus is recognized for its vibrant, fairywren species. Native to Australia and nearby islands, these birds that start with F are primarily insectivorous. The males of many species are colorful, sporting bright plumage. The females and younger birds have more subdued colors for camouflage.

18. Fairy Flycatcher

Birds That Start With F 18

Scientific Name: Stenostira scita

The Fairy Flycatcher is a small, insectivorous bird measuring around 10-12 cm in length. It features a distinct white and grey plumage, which makes it easy to identify.

19. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Birds That Start With F 19

Scientific Name: Glaucidium brasilianum

A small raptor, this owl possesses brownish plumage and distinctive false eye spots on the back of its head. Despite its size, it’s a fierce hunter that preys on small mammals and birds.

20. Fawn-breasted Waxbill

Birds That Start With F 20

Scientific Name: Estrilda paludicola

Sporting brownish upperparts and a rosy underbelly, this bird primarily consumes seeds. It’s often seen in grasslands, feeding on seeds and small insects.

21. Florida Scrub-Jay

Birds That Start With F 21

Scientific Name: Aphelocoma coerulescens

This bird is unique to the Florida peninsula, with vibrant blue feathers. Unlike many jays, this species is non-migratory and has a highly cooperative family structure.

22. Forest Owlet

Birds That Start With F 22

Scientific Name: Heteroglaux blewitti

This scarce species exhibits a compact size, dark brown feathers, and white underparts marked with brown streaks. It’s a critically endangered species in this list of birds that start with F.

23. Flesh-footed Shearwater

Birds That Start With F 12

Scientific Name: Ardenna carneipes

This seabird has dark black feathers with a lighter-colored belly and pinkish feet, distinguishing it from similar species. Often spotted in the southern hemisphere, it’s skilled in long-distance flights.

24. Falcated Duck

Birds That Start With F 23

Scientific Name: Mareca falcata

This duck stands out with its iridescent green head and elongated, sickle-shaped feathers. They are common in East Asia, showcasing splendid plumage during mating seasons.

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25. Fairy Martin

Birds That Start With F 25

Scientific Name: Petrochelidon Ariel

Featuring brown upperparts and a whitish belly, this bird specializes in aerial insect catching. Its cup-shaped nests are often seen on cliffs, making it skilled in vertical nest construction.

26. Franklin’s Gull

Franklin's Gull

Scientific Name: Leucophaeus pipixcan

With its dark hood and white underparts, this gull species has a penchant for foraging in freshly plowed fields. It’s highly social and often migrates in large flocks.

27. Florida Sandhill Crane

Florida Sandhill Crane

Scientific Name: Antigone pratensis

Showcasing long legs and a distinctive red crown on its head, Antigone pratensis has a unique trumpeting call. Often seen in pairs, these birds that start with f are a year-round fixture in Florida’s wetlands.

28. Freckled Duck


Scientific Name: Stictonetta naevosa

Exhibiting dark, mottled plumage, this Australian duck is adapted to swamps and marshlands. During mating season, the male develops a distinctive bill knob, setting it apart from others.

29. Forest Falcon


Scientific Name: Micrastur

This raptor showcases a dark plumage and excels in stealthy hunting. Prefers dense forest environments where it can swiftly navigate through the trees in search of prey.

30. Fiery-throated Hummingbird


Scientific Name: Panterpe insignis

Featuring iridescent green plumage and a vividly colored throat, this bird thrives in mountainous areas. Despite its small size, it’s aggressively territorial among the birds that start with F.

31. Frigatebird


Scientific Name: Fregata

Birds in this genus showcase angular wings, a deeply forked tail, and a red gular pouch. They are known for kleptoparasitic behavior and steal food from other birds in flight.

32. Far Eastern Curlew


Scientific Name: Numenius madagascariensis

Recognizable by its long, downward-curved bill, this bird is primarily a mudflat forager. Despite its somewhat clumsy appearance, this avian wonder is an agile flyer in this list of birds that start with F.

33. Fox Sparrow


Scientific Name: Passerella iliaca

This large sparrow displays reddish-brown plumage and dark streaks on its underparts. Adaptable to varying climates, this bird migrates to cooler regions during the summer months.

34. Flame-colored Tanager


Scientific Name: Piranga bidentata

Sporting brilliant orange and red plumage, this bird thrives in subtropical woodlands. Its vibrant coloration is especially eye-catching during flight, capturing the attention of birdwatchers.

35. Fischer’s Turaco


Scientific Name: Tauraco fischeri

This bird boasts multicolored plumage and a striking red beak, making it a visual spectacle. Particularly agile among trees, it moves gracefully, rarely opting for extended flights.

36. Fairy Bluebird


Scientific Name: Irena puella

This stunning bird has bright blue plumage, complemented by darker shades on its wings. Often sighted in the forests of Southeast Asia, this bird has a melodious call in this list of birds that start with F.

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37. Freckle-breasted Thornbird


Scientific Name: Phacellodomus striaticollis

Displaying a brownish body speckled with white spots, this bird constructs complex, spiky nests. It’s a skulking bird often sighted in South American thorny shrublands.

38. Fork-tailed Woodnymph


Scientific Name: Thalurania furcata

With iridescent blue-green plumage, this hummingbird stands out in its South American habitats. Its needle-like bill is specialized for feeding on nectar from tubular flowers.

39. Forest Canary


Scientific Name: Crithagra scotops

Boasting a subtle blend of yellow and green feathers, this bird is a seed eater. Habitually seen in South African highlands, it thrives in moist, wooded areas.

40. Flutist Wren


Scientific Name: Microcerculus ustulatus

With a plumage of brown feathers, flutist wrens possess an astonishingly melodious song. These birds frequently visit the South American rainforests among the birds that start with F.

41. Fairy Gerygone


Scientific Name: Gerygone palpebrosa

This bird showcases understated brown plumage and is known for its intricate, hanging nests. It’s a vocal species, often heard before being seen in the woodlands of Australia and New Guinea.

42. Finsch’s Wheatear


Scientific Name: Oenanthe finschii

This bird features a contrast of black and white plumage and has a characteristic tail-wagging behavior. Its preferred habitats include rocky slopes and barren lands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

43. Forbes’s Forest Rail

Forbes's Forest Rail

Scientific Name: Rallina forbesi

With a blend of brown and white feathers, these elusive birds inhabit dense, subtropical forests. These shy species is unique in this list of birds that start with F.

44. Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker


Scientific Name: Dendrocopos macei

Dendrocopos macei stands out with its speckled white belly and brown upperparts. It’s common in open woodlands across South Asia, often heard drumming on tree trunks.

45. Flat-billed Vireo

Flat-billed Vireo

Scientific Name: Vireo nanus

This small bird exhibits a muted blend of olive and yellowish plumage. It primarily resides in thorny forests and is endemic to the dry regions of southwestern Ecuador.

46. Flammulated Owl

Flammulated Owl

Scientific Name: Psiloscops flammeolus

Flammulated owl features greyish-brown feathers and distinctive dark eyes. During the summer, it inhabits the mountainous pine forests of North America.

47. Flores Hawk-Eagle

Flores Hawk-Eagle

Scientific Name: Nisaetus Floris

This large raptor features brown plumage with a striking crest and white belly. It’s endemic to Indonesia and primarily dwells in montane forests.

48. Fawn-breasted Bowerbird

Fawn-breasted Bowerbird

Scientific Name: Chlamydera cerviniventris

Exhibiting a soft brown plumage, this bird is renowned for its elaborate courtship displays, which include intricate nests called bowers. Indigenous to Papua New Guinea, it has a liking for fruit.

49. Flame-fronted Barbet

Flame-fronted Barbet

Scientific Name: Megalaima armillaris

This colorful bird features green plumage with hints of blue and a yellow forehead. Native to Java and Bali, it has a strong bill perfectly suited for drilling into trees.

50. Fischer’s Starling

Fischer's Starling

Scientific Name: Lamprotornis fischeri

Boasting ash-grey plumage and a white lower chest, these birds that start with ‘f’ are common in dry open acacia thornbush. It prefers to feed on insects and fruits.

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