Easy and Bizarre Bathroom Cleaning Tips

When plain old ways won’t work anymore, then these bizarre bathroom cleaning tips will be your last resort!

Keeping a bathroom immaculate and in tip-top shape is one hell of a task and, of course, the least favorite chore. If the traditional cleaning methods are no longer fruitful to you, then below are some bizarre bathroom cleaning tips that can save you money and cut down on harsh, commercial cleaning products.

Bizarre Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Before practicing the below tips, always wear good quality rubber gloves and a face mask for safety and tidiness.

1. Tackle Grout with an Electric ToothbrushBizarre Bathroom Cleaning Tips1

Restore the former glory of your discolored grout with an old electric toothbrush. This tip is effective and makes your work hassle-free. Dip the electric toothbrush into this cleaning solution and run it on the grout for a few minutes and rinse with water.

2. Coca-Cola Cleanser

It sounds bizarre, but coca-cola can remove the toilet bowl’s rust rings in no time. Take a can of coke and empty it around the rim to fully cover the toilet bowl. Leave it for one hour, this will allow the acid to do its work. Once it’s done, scrub with a toilet brush and flush once or twice.

3. Disinfect With Hydrogen PeroxideDisinfect With Hydrogen Peroxide

When it comes to surface disinfection, nothing is better than hydrogen peroxide. Eliminate germs from your toilet space by pouring 1/4-1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl. Wait for 25-30 minutes, and then flush.

4. Polish Chrome With Baby Oil

Bizarre but true, baby oil is a handy tool to shine up your dingy-looking bathroom chrome sinks, showerhead, and faucets. First, wash the chrome with water and pour a few drops of baby oil on a clean, soft cloth, and buff until the chrome shines. This trick is also useful for toilet handle, toilet tank, and porcelain surfaces.

5. Remove Soap Scum with Dryer SheetsBizarre Bathroom Cleaning Tips2

Dryer sheets aren’t just for soft and static-free clothes, but they also take off soap scum easily. Just pour a few droplets of water on the dryer sheet and start scrubbing shower screens, walls, and tub.

Bonus Tip: Pour 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil on 1-2 dryer sheets and stuff them inside the toilet paper roll cardboard. Every time it spins, you’ll get a punch of freshness.

6. Clean Mirror With Coffee Filter

Who would have thought, a coffee filter can also be used to clean a soiled bathroom mirror? As the coffee filter is lint-free, it’s a better substitute for paper towels. Just grab store-bought or handmade glass cleaner, a coffee filter, and you’re good to go.

7. Clean Toilet with Denture TabletsClean Toilet with Denture Tablets

You’ll be quite surprised to know that along with cleaning the dentures, these tabs make your toilet sparkle. Pop a few tablets into the toilet bowl and wait until they stop fizzing. Once it’s done, scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and it should remain the hard water stains too!

8. Try Car Wax

Over time, hard water minerals get deposited into the fiber glass’s porous surface. Once the stains set in, they remain as-is regardless of rigorous cleaning. To counter this issue, wash and apply car wax all over the fiberglass once every month.

9. Wash Shower Curtain in WasherBizarre Bathroom Cleaning Tips3

Shower curtains need daily wash and care, as they are exposed to water and soap scum a lot. Sounds strange, but you can clean the shower curtains into the washing machine without any damage. All you have to do is follow this simple and straight forward article.

10. Try Aspirin As Bathroom Cleanser

Aspirin not only relieves a headache, but it’s also an amazing bathroom cleaner. Dissolve 2-3 aspirin tabs in a glass of lukewarm water. Next, take a rug or toothbrush and scrub your counter or tub surface with this cleaning solution. Aspirin works as an abrasive that breaks down soap scum, grit, and grime easily.

11. Remove Rust with Salt And Lemon PasteRemove Rust with Salt And Lemon Paste

With lemon’s acidity and salt’s abrasiveness, removing rust is not a chore anymore. Squeeze half lemon on the problematic spot and pour enough salt to make a paste. Leave it for an hour or so, allowing the mixture to do their work. After that, wipe the paste away with a rag.

12. Polish Sink Faucet with Toothpaste

To polish your sink faucet, you don’t have to go any further, as its solution lies in the bathroom itself. Spread a sufficient amount of non-gel based toothpaste on the chrome faucet and buff it with a soft, dry cloth. If you don’t get the desired results, repeat the process again.

13. Use Vodka to Clean PorcelainBizarre Bathroom Cleaning Tips4

Apart from being the most famous booze, vodka is a go-to cleaning solution. Pour a few drops onto a soft, dry cloth and wipe the soiled porcelain fixtures right away for an instant gleam.

14. Clean Toilet With Gatorade

Toilet cleaning is an unpleasant task, but it becomes much worse when you’re dealing with the strong odor of chemical cleaners. Avoid all that stench by using gatorde soft drinks for scrubbing your toilet bowl. Once you are done with scrubbing, hit the flush!

15. Remove Cobwebs With a Yardstick And Sock

Don’t have the desired tool to remove those lurking cobwebs from the bathroom ceiling, then give a shot to this bizarre cleaning tip. Take a yardstick and cover its end with a sock to reach into the corners of the bathroom ceiling. This trick should be enough to get rid of all the cobwebs in your bathroom or any other room as well.

16. Boiling Water For Clogged DrainBoiling Water For Clogged Drain

All you need is a bucket of boiling water to unclog a clogged bathroom drain. This unusual tip only works if your bathroom has small blockages. Pour enough amount of boiling water into the trouble-causing drain and you’re good to go. Avoid this method if you have a plastic drain pipe. Even dawn dish soap is a helpful item to unclog the toilet.

17. Dawn Dish Soap Bathtub Cleaner

Believe it or not, dawn dish soap is an impressive bathtub stain remover. Just grab a cheap broom, a bottle of dawn, and follow this tutorial to get a gleaming bathtub.

18. Clean Toilet Bowl With MouthwashClean Toilet Bowl With Mouthwash

Have a soiled, shabby toilet bowl? No problem, empty 1/4 cup of mouthwash into the toilet bowl. Wait for at least half an hour. Swish, scrub with a toilet brush, and flush as usual.

Final Thoughts

We bet you did not encounter the above bizarre bathroom cleaning tips before. If you have a query or feedback, let us know by commenting below.

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