30 Budget-Friendly DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas

Want an extra settee or a replacement for your old one on a budget? Check out these easy-to-make and affordable DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas!

These DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas are a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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DIY Couch And Sofa Ideas

1. Upcycled Crib into Couch

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 1

This tutorial shows how you can recreate this cute couch from old cribs. It’s an easy weekend project.

2. $20 DIY Cardboard Couch

You only need cardboard, foam, and fabric to make this comfortable couch. It costs only $20.

3. DIY Boucle/Sherpa Couch

Instead of making a couch from scratch, give your existing one a chic makeover using this detailed video tutorial.

4. Couch DIY

If you love to DIY your own furniture, check out this YouTube video that teaches the easiest way to create a stunning couch.

5. DIY Industrial Couch

Take your DIYing and woodworking skills to a new level by making this industrial-style couch. Its base is made from reclaimed wood beams.

6. DIY Pallet Couch

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 2

Follow this tutorial to build an L-shaped pallet couch and bring rustic charm to your outdoor space. It’s one of the best DIY couch and sofa ideas.

7. DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Couch

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 3

This clawfoot bathtub couch is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will surely get lots of attention. Get the details here.

8. Box Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 4

This wood-framed settee is simple and durable with a timeless style. Pile pillows along the sturdy, solid-wood sides and back make this a perfect daybed to lounge on.

9. DIY Sofa Bed

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 5

Here’s the easy-to-understand tutorial to build a versatile pallet sofa bed, which works perfectly for daytime lounging.

10. Outdoor Sofa Idea

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 6

Build your own outdoor settee with reclined seats and back for increased comfort. A free step-by-step plan is here.

11. DIY Pallet Upholstered Sectional Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 7

This beautiful and comfy upholstered sectional sofa is made from pallets, foam, fabric, and a few tools. The DIY is here.

12. Zig Zag Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 8

Featuring a built-in counter, this sofa is great for having a get-together for watching a movie or sporting event, even in a small space.

13. Storage Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 9

A settee with a fold-out seat is perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets. It’s one of the most amazing DIY couch and sofa ideas.

14. DIY Upholstered Couch

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 10

This modern furniture is ideal for a living room, man cave, kid’s playroom, or sitting area. The exposed wood frame allows you to customize it with your favorite stain color and fabric.

15. Easy DIY Wooden Studio Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 11

Construct this DIY wooden studio sofa to add some pizzazz and a relaxing spot in your living area. Learn more here.

16. IKEA Sofa Hack Idea

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 12

If you have an old Ikea futon transform it into a stylish couch with some modifications and this tutorial.

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17. Modern & Sophisticated Outdoor Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 13

Enjoy indoor-like comfort outdoors with this streamlined and sophisticated outdoor couch that makes a statement with its timeless design.

18. DIY Sofa with Shelves

Equipped with shelves, this unique sofa lets you showcase souvenirs, plants, and other decoratives.

19. DIY Mid-Century Modern Sofa

DIY Couch and Sofa Ideas 14

Make this modern furniture and give your space the much-needed mid-century charm. Hop to this article for more info.

20. $100 No-Sew Sofa

Have a tight Budget? Don’t fret because you only need $100 to create a comfy couch. The best part is it’s a no-sew project.

21. Indoor/Outdoor Minimalist Couch

This unique-shaped minimalist furniture project is what you need to build next. Get the idea here.

22. Full Metal Sofa

A few profile tubes, a little metal sheet, welding, and your metal furniture are ready. It’s one of the best DIY couch and sofa ideas to take inspiration from. Click here to know more.

23. Contemporary Beach Gray Outdoor Sofa Build

Modern outdoor couches can be quite expensive. That’s why making a comfy sofa at home is a wise decision. Get the tutorial here.

24. DIY Weatherly Sofa Idea

Highlighted by large X styling, finials, and navy-colored cushions, this sofa is an excellent focal point for outdoors.

25. Four Seater DIY Plywood Lounge Sofa

Can’t find the perfect settee with the right price point, quality, aesthetics, comfort, and everything? This article is for you.

26. Cute DIY Sofa

This Instructable shows how to make a cute DIY sofa from pine wood furniture boards, a saw, a cordless drill, and an electric stapler.

27. DIY Stylish Sofa Bed

The purpose of this project is to build a couch that can also be an emergency bed and act as a home theater case.

28. Bean Bag Couch

Amaze your guests and loved ones by making this peculiar bean bag couch that screams comfort loudly. Read the details here.

29. DIY Platform Couch

Beautiful and durable, this platform couch is a perfect piece of furniture for the porch or patio. This article has all the details.

30. Tire to Sofa

Learn how to recycle an old tire into a gorgeous tufted seat that can be used in the sitting room or balcony. It’s one of the most beautiful DIY couch and sofa ideas.

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