30 Creative and Fun Plaster of Paris Crafts for Kids and Adults

Take inspiration from these creative Plaster of Paris Crafts ideas and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces today!

Looking for a fun and versatile craft material that’s easy to work with? Look no further than Plaster of Paris! This affordable and readily available material is perfect for creating display-worthy pieces. Read this article to learn about the best Plaster of Paris Crafts for inspiration.

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Plaster of Paris Crafts

1. DIY Giant Plaster Easter Eggs

Plaster of Paris Crafts 1

To copy this giant easter egg idea, you’ll need balloons, Plaster of Paris, and squeezy bottles.

2. Plaster of Paris Ghosts

Plaster of Paris Crafts 2

Follow this helpful article to make cute little ghosts with your kiddos. It’s an excellent Halloween craft.

3. Faux Porcelain Frame

Plaster of Paris Crafts 3

Craft this faux porcelain photo frame with dollar-store flowers and plaster of Paris. Get the how-to here.

4. DIY Plaster Dipped Flower Votives

Plaster of Paris Crafts 4


Turn your favorite blooms into eye-grabbing candle votives using Plaster of Paris and this amazing tutorial.

5. Plaster of Paris Eggs

Plaster of Paris Eggs


Create these colorful eggs from the plaster of Paris and have fun decorating them. They are tricky to make but are worth the effort.

6. Plaster Leaf Prints

Plaster Leaf Prints


Give your home decor attention-grabbing fall accents using this tutorial. It’s one of the great plaster of paris crafts.

7. Thumb Tacks

Plaster of Paris Crafts 6

Want to make some peculiar thumbtacks? Check out this tutorial. It’s great for gifting purposes as well.

8. Plaster of Parish Art

Plaster of Paris Crafts 7

Bring outdoors in by decorating the living space with this nature-inspired masterpiece. The details are here.

9. Memo Clip Holder

Memo Clip Holder


This fun memo clip holder also doubles as a recipe card and photo holder. To make your own, follow this tutorial.

10. Egyptian Inspired Plaster Relief Tile

Plaster of Paris Crafts 8

Use Plaster of Paris, acrylic paint, decoupage glue, and a foam tray to make your own relief tile.

11. Hearts with Shells & Seaglass

Plaster of Paris Crafts 9

These shells and sea glass hearts make cute little gifts and paperweights. The tutorial is here.

12. DIY Minimalist Candle Holders

Plaster of Paris Crafts 10

These minimalist candle holders are the perfect touch for any special occasion or for elevating your everyday dinners.

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13. DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

Plaster of Paris Crafts 11

Put your creative hat on and craft this fun tic-tac-toe gameboard with plaster of Paris and other supplies.

14. Skulls Topiary

Skulls Topiary


Amp up the spooky factor of your Halloween home decor with this topiary made of little skulls. Read the details here.

15. Maple Leaf Garland


Maple Leaf Garland


Instead of purchasing maple leaf garland, make one at home with plaster of paris, creativity, and this tutorial. It’s one of the brilliant plaster of paris crafts.

16. Plaster Hands DIY

Plaster of Paris Crafts 12

These plaster hands make perfect accents to a Halloween party’s tablescape or trick-or-treating station.

17. Plaster Casted Leaves

Plaster of Paris Crafts 13

Transform your home into a nature-inspired oasis with stunning plaster casted leaves. Click here for the details.

18. DIY Mini Planters

Plaster of Paris Crafts 14

Perfect for cacti and succulents, these mini planters are made from a plaster powder and paint.

19. Plaster Roses

Plaster Roses



Learn how the DIYer turns faux buttercups into visually appealing paperweights and container toppers in this detailed tutorial.

20. Plaster of Paris Birds Sculpture

Plaster of Paris Crafts 15

These cute bird sculptures are made from plaster of paris, masking tape, acrylic paints, and paint pens.

21. Plaster Casting with Sand

Plaster of Paris Crafts 16

This fun craft tutorial is best to keepĀ both you and the kids busy on a sunny day.

22. DIY Plaster of Paris Bowl

DIY Bowl

This DIYer turned an old lace doily into an awesome candle holder with plaster of paris.

23. DIY Snowmen Figures

DIY Snowmen Figures

Get in the festive spirit with these adorable snowmen figures. They are easy to make and affordable too.

24. DIY Mini Christmas Village

DIY Mini Christmas Village

This tiny Christmas village is perfect for adding festive cheer to any space. It’s one of the best Plaster of Paris Crafts.

25. DIY Plaster of Paris Letters

DIY Letters

All you need is plaster of paris powder and a mould to create all sorts of words to decorate your home with.

26. Pastel Colored Plaster of Paris Ornaments

Pastel Colored Plaster of Paris Ornaments

These ornaments are easy to make and perfect for those who like to decorate their x-mas tree in pastel colors.

27. DIY Donut Christmas Ornament

DIY Donut Christmas Ornament

Rather than using traditional ornaments for the Christmas tree. Try this unique donut ornament for an interesting touch.

28. DIY Plaster Flower Vase

DIY Plaster Flower Vase

Who would have thought POP, a balloon, and paint would create such a gorgeous masterpiece? This gorgeous flower vase is a perfect table centerpiece for weddings, birthdays, and events.

29. DIY Stool With Plaster of Paris

DIY Stool With Plaster of Paris

Do you want a cheap and easy-to-make stool for your bathroom? Check out this plaster of paris craft.

30. DIY Hand Jewelry Holder

DIY Hand Jewelry Holder

Organize and display your ornaments easily with this plaster hand jewelry holder. It’s one of the excellent plaster of paris crafts. The DIY is here.

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