25+ Creative Medal Display Ideas | Cool Ways to Display Medals

Do you have lots of medallions? Try these creative Medal Display Ideas to showcase your achievements with style!

Instead of stashing medallions in a drawer, treasure your accomplishments with these inexpensive and eye-catching Medal Display Ideas. They make great gifts too.

Medal Display Ideas

1. Use Golf Stick As Medal Display

Medal Display Ideas 1

Who knows, a golf stick can be used to exhibit all sorts of victory medals. Simply mount it on the wall using two hooks, and that’s it.

2. Tennis Racquet Medals Display Idea

Medal Display Ideas 2

Instead of throwing your broken tennis racquet, upcycle it to organize your medals. Learn how to mount a tennis racquet on the wall with this instructable.

3. $15 Easy DIY Medal Display

Follow this video tutorial to build an elegant medallion display for less than $15. It goes quite well with the rest of the home decor.

4. Old Crib Rail Medal Display

Medal Display Ideas 3

Beautify an old crib rail with stainless steel paint and hang it on an empty wall to get a unique medal display. Read more here.

5. Wall Shelf Medal and Trophy Display Idea

Medal Display Ideas 4

This wall shelf holds medals and doubles up as a trophy display station. Hop to this article to know more.

6. Herb Drying Rack Medal Display

Medal Display Ideas 5

Introduce a herb-drying rack in your living room to showcase your medallions with an added charm. It’s one of the cool ways to display medals.

Here are some low-budget container ideas for herb gardens

7. Running Medals Display Rack

Medal Display Ideas 6

Made with alder lumber and a few tools, this running medals display rack with an inspirational message is pretty easy to make.

8. DIY Medal Hanger

Medal Display Ideas 7

Here’s another excellent medal hanger idea that uses IKEA products. It lets you show off bibs and trophies, along with medals.

9. Pallet Sports Medal Display

Medal Display Ideas 8

Bring rustic industrial vibes to your home decor by DIYing this medal display out of a wooden pallet. The details are here.

10. DIY Harry Potter Medal Rack

Take inspiration from this video to build a medallion rack with a Harry Potter twist. Potterheads will definitely love this idea.

11. DIY Race Medal Holder & Display

Medal Display Ideas 9

Learn how to make a race medal holder & display using pine board, acrylic paint, paper towel, vinyl letters, spray sealant, hooks, and this DIY.

12. DIY Medals Display With Free SVG Cut Files

DIY Medals Display With Free SVG Cut Files

Besides organizing medallions, this cute medals hanger also makes a great gift as well. The instructions are here.

13. Personalized Medal Display DIY

To arrange medallions, occasional sports photographs, and bibs in one place, build this personalized medals holder using the video tutorial.

14. DIY Finisher’s Medal Display

DIY Finisher’s Medallion Display

With a little creativity, an old IKEA bookcase shelf, and a mod podge, you can quickly put together this shabby chic medal display.

 15. Popsicle Sticks DIY Medal Frame

Find out how to make an elegant frame to showcase your medallions in this video. You only need an illustration board, popsicle sticks, glue gun, and barbeque sticks for this project.

16. Minimal Cardboard Medal Display

If you want an affordable and minimal sports medal display, grab cardboard and a few supplies. Check out the video to know more.

Find out some homemade cardboard cat house ideas here

17. DIY Medal Display Case

This DIYer made a medal display case from an old picture frame and reclaimed timber for his grandfather’s WW2 war medals.

18. Epoxy Resin Medal Display

This epoxy resin medal display is perfect for preserving your fanciest medallions to encourage the younger generations. It’s a time-consuming project but worth the effort.

19. Rustic Ironman Medal Display

Rustic Ironman Medal Display

Put your creativity hat on and make this rustic wooden hanger to showcase your ironman medals. The details are here.

20. Wood Trim Medal Hanger

Wood Trim Medal Hanger

Paint a wood trim to match the wall color, staple the medal ribbons on its back, and nail the wood trim on the wall.

21. The Medals Mannequin

The Medals Mannequin

All you need is a mannequin to show off your medallions. It’s one of the most amazing medal display ideas on this list.

22. DIY Marathon Medal Display

DIY Marathon Medal Display

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your marathon-enthusiast friend? This medal display fits the bill.

23. Medals in a Jar

Medals in a Jar

If you’re not into DIYs, a jar is the best option for you. Simply grab a large lidded glass jar and put your medals inside it.

24. Hockey Stick Medal Display

Hockey Stick Medal Display

A mounted hockey stick is an excellent place to display your sports or war medals. Read more here.

25. Christmas Tree Medal Display

Christmas Tree Medal Display

Swap the regular X-mas tree ornaments with your medals to create a mesmerizing festive display this Christmas.

26. DIY Curtain Rod Medal Display

DIY Curtain Rod Medal Display

Why buy medal racks when you can build one at home quickly with curtain rods and this tutorial.

27. Refrigerator Medal Display Board

Refrigerator Medal Display Board

To turn your refrigerator into a medallion display board, remove the ribbons and the adhesive protector sheet from the magnetic sheets. Next, stick your medals on the sheets, and arrange them on the refrigerator.

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