12 Different Ways to Recycle Pencil Shaves

From starting a fire to making chic pendants and paperweight, there are several Different Ways to Recycle Pencil Shaves! Let’s find out below!

Before emptying your pencil shavings in the dustbin, check out these Different Ways to Recycle Pencil Shaves that make your everyday life a bit easier.

Different Ways to Recycle Pencil Shaves

1. As a Fire Starter

If you’re running out of a firestarter, you only need pencil shaves to start a fire. Watch the video to find out how to use this hack.

2. Pencil Shaving as Mulch

As pencil shavings retain moisture, eliminate weeds, and are non-toxic to plants, they are an excellent alternative to traditional mulch.

3. Pencil Shaving Compost


Pencil shavings are the go-to stuff for the compost pile because they provide carbon that helps the microorganisms to break down organic matter.

4. Bedding for Rodent Pets

No need to buy bedding material for your rodent, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, and hamsters, use the pencil shavings. This recycling hack saves money and the environment too.

5. Pencil Shaving Art

Turning heaps of pencil shavings into meaningful art is one of the most common ways to recycle pencil shaves. Learn how to draw a woman with shavings in this video tutorial.

6. Helps in Drawing

Pencil shaves can also help in making chic drawings. The best part, you can reuse the shavings after multiple drawing attempts. Follow this easy-to-do instructable to learn more.

7. Repel Moths

All you need is pencil shavings to deter moths. As pencils are made from cedarwood, bugs hate their smell. Take a mini cotton pouch, fill it with pencil shaves, put the pouch in the wardrobe and you’re done.

8. DIY Peacock on Black Cardboard

Watch this video to make a display-worthy peacock specimen out of pencil shaves and black cardboard. Either place it on the fireplace mantel or stick a ribbon on its back to hang on the wall.

9. Pencil Shavings Bottle art

Transform a plain old alcohol bottle with pencil shavings, white & red acrylic color, sponge, white craft paper, glue, and a paintbrush.

10. Pencil Shavings Paper Weight

Do you need a paperweight? Instead of running to the nearest store, make one at home using pencil shavings, resin, Emory board, lighter, and this tutorial. It also makes a great gift.

11. Mini Pencil Shavings Christmas Tree

Recycle colorful pencil shavings to put together a statement-making, mini Christmas tree. It’s an attractive focal point for the holiday decor.

12. Pencil Shavings Resin Pendant DIY

Take a look at this video to DIY a stylish pendant out of pencil shavings, MDF board, adhesive tape, a tweezer, resin, sander, and a knife. You can adjust the pendant size as needed.

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