25+ DIY Clothes Hacks That Are Simply Genius

Check out some cool DIY Clothes Hacks, we have handpicked in this detailed article to make your life easier!

These clever DIY Clothes Hacks fix clothing mishaps and let you create stunning pieces of fashion inexpensively.

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DIY Clothes Hacks

1. How To Turn A Shirt Into A Skirt

Take a look at this video hack to find out how to turn a simple button-down shirt into a chic skirt without scissors and sewing.

2. Hide Bleach Stains with a Sharpie!

DIY Clothes Hacks 2

To get rid of bleach stains from your lovely outfit, you need a sharpie marker that matches the garment color and this tutorial.

3. Trick To Remove Deodorant Stains

Are you looking for a super quick hack to remove deodorant stains from your favorite fabric? This article is for you!

4. Hair Straightener = Collar Iron

DIY Clothes Hacks 4

A hair straightener that gives fab hair can also be used to iron tricky spots, like shirt collars. Don’t leave the straightener on the fabric too long to avoid any damage.

5. Repair An Underwire Bra

DIY Clothes Hacks 5

There’s nothing more annoying than the feeling you get when the wire in your underwire bra starts to poke through. Solve this issue with this hack.

6. Eliminate Static Clings Without Using Chemicals

DIY Clothes Hacks 6

Learn how to get rid of static cling from your apparel without using chemicals or sprays in this simple safety-pin hack.

7. De-Pill Clothes with a Razor

DIY Clothes Hacks 7

To make your garment lint-free, run a razor on the clothing surface, pick the lint using adhesive tape, and that’s it. But, use the razor cautiously to avoid any damage.

8. Buttoning Tight Pants

DIY Clothes Hacks 8

If you’re newly pregnant, postpartum, or between sizes, try this hair tie trick to button your tight pants/jeans. This method ensures your pants stay closed.

9. Reversible Bucket Sling Bag

Check out this video tutorial to make a reversible bucket sling bag from old worn-out jeans.

10. Remove Chewing Gum From Clothes

Removing chewing gum from clothes is a cumbersome task. Fortunately, we have a quick hack that’ll do the trick. Take a look at this video to know more.

11. Old Shirt Turned Cardigan

DIY Clothes Hacks 9

Instead of disposing of your outdated shirt, redesign it into a lovely cardigan using this easy DIY clothes hack.

12. Fix A Zipper With Paraffin Wax Candle

Sometimes, the zipper gets stuck and doesn’t slide back and forth smoothly. Grab a paraffin wax candle and a hairdryer to fix this issue.

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13. Eliminate Clothes Wrinkles Without Ironing

DIY Clothes Hacks 10

Prepare this spray to eliminate clothing wrinkles without ironing. It’s one of the most genius and time-saving DIY clothes hacks.

14. DIY No-Sew Slip Dress

DIY Clothes Hacks 11

Follow this amazing DIY clothing hack and turn your plain old maxi skirt into a stunning slip dress costume. The best part, no sewing is needed.

15. Use Hairspray To Remove Lipstick Stains

To save your outfit from the bright-colored lipstick stain, this hairspray hack is the best bet. Choose a non-sticky one for this tutorial.

16. DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Bow Sleeves

DIY Clothes Hacks 12

All you need are a t-shirt, a scissor, E6000 glue, measuring tape, and this hack to give your drab t-shirt a fashionable look with bow sleeves.

17. Use Vinegar To Whiten Whites

DIY Clothes Hacks 13

Here’s a super simple and affordable clothing hack to whiten your dirty whites using vinegar and a little elbow grease.

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18. Repair A Frayed Shirt Collar

DIY Clothes Hacks 14

To fix the frayed collar of your favorite shirt, this easy method fits the bill. It’s one of the best DIY clothes hacks on this list.

19. Remove Odors from Clothes with Vodka

DIY Clothes Hacks 15

Vodka is an excellent product to remove funky odor from all kinds of fabric. Simply pour 1/2 cup of cheap vodka into an empty spray bottle and spritz it lightly on the clothes.

20. Makeup Stain-Removing Hack

DIY Clothes Hacks 15

Use this shaving cream method to lift the stubborn makeup stains from your beautiful garment. The details are here.

21. Remove Ink Stains From Clothing

Whether from a pen explosion or a husband who routinely fails to check his pockets, ink stains can happen. Learn the hack to remove ink stains from your clothes here!

22. Pants Waistband Hack

DIY Clothes Hacks 1

If you don’t want to throw out those pants that don’t fit anymore, try this genius hack and make them comfortable for you.

23. DIY Bow-Back Tank Top

DIY Bow-Back Tank Top

No need to buy a top when you can transform your old t-shirt into a gorgeous bow-back tank top with a pair of scissors and glue. The instructions are here.

24. Secure Button with Clear Nail Polish

Secure Button with Clear Nail Polish

Rather than sewing the button, use a coat of clear nail polish to keep it from falling off the shirt. Read more here.

25. Unshrink Clothes Using Baby Shampoo

Unshrink Clothes Using Baby Shampoo

Had a favorite shirt shrink in the wash? No worries! You can use this hack to unshrink shirts, pants, and more to return them to their original shape.

26. Boxy T-Shirt Turned into Ruffled Tube Top

Boxy T-Shirt Turned into Ruffled Tube Top

This blogger shows a simple hack to convert a boxy t-shirt into a pretty summer top with minimal sewing.

27. No More Jeans Gap!

No More Jeans Gap!

Read this brilliant clothing hack to fix the gap around the waistband of your jeans or pants in a couple of minutes.

28. DIY Laced Up Collar Sleeved Top

DIY Laced Up Collar Sleeved Top

If you have an outdated t-shirt, try this genius hack to turn it into a laced-up collar-sleeved top. It’s ideal for casual and dressy days.

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