110+ Surprising Vinegar Uses That You Never Heard Before

Check out some surprising Vinegar Uses below and get most of your household issues resolved with this magic ingredient!

Vinegar Uses 1

Vinegar is not just for salads and pickling, it also has countless other uses in its arsenal. Here’re some unexpected Vinegar Uses that’ll make your everyday chores a little easier.

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Vinegar Uses for Home

1. Carpet Stain Remover

Vinegar Uses 2

Eliminate the pesky stains from your carpet using white vinegar. It’s an excellent substitute for commercial carpet cleaners. Vinegar works on all kinds of fresh stains except dried ones. Read details here.

2. Dirty Windows Cleaner

If you don’t have window cleaner handy, try vinegar, it works like a charm. Simply pour equal amounts of white vinegar and tepid water into a spray bottle. Next, spritz the solution on the windows and wipe with a lint-free cloth in quick circular motions for a streak-free shine.

3. Cleans Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes become dirty and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria; that’s why their regular cleaning is a must. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water into a container. Place the makeup brushes in this solution for 25-30 minutes, and then clean them under tap water.

4. Eliminates MoldVinegar Uses 3

Mold is not only unsightly but causes health problems as well. To get rid of mold, use white vinegar. Its acidic properties eradicate mold from porous and non-porous surfaces. However, never use vinegar on natural stone, cast iron or aluminum, and waxed wood.

5. Clean Lampshades

Over time, dirt and grime get accumulated on the lampshade, making its appearance dull. To restore the lampshade to its original state, clean it with vinegar. Read more here.

6. Window Blinds Cleaner

Don’t know how to clean your soiled window blinds? No worries, use the cost-effective vinegar. Stir equal amounts of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Next, spray the liquid on the dirty blinds and wipe them using a sponge or a cloth.

7. Clean Floor with VinegarVinegar Uses 4

As vinegar is affordable and safe, it’s the best option to clean tile, laminate, wooden, and vinyl floors. First, vacuum the floor and stir 1/2 cup of white vinegar per gallon of lukewarm water in a container. Next, wring the mop before wiping the floor with this solution.

8. Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

The build-up of hard water minerals and the coffee residuals affects the working efficiency of a ninja coffee maker. To keep your coffee maker in pristine condition, clean it thoroughly with vinegar. Check out the details here.

9. Unclogs Toilet

Say goodbye to the costly plumbing services because all you need is vinegar and baking soda to tackle the annoying toilet clogs. This combo induces a fizzing or bubbling action that removes the clog quickly. Read details here.

10. Dishwasher Cleaning

Vinegar Uses 5

Just like the dishes, dishwashers also need cleaning as well. To get rid of limescale and soap build-up from your dishwasher, empty a cup of white vinegar in the dishwasher and run it momentarily. Redo this process 2-3 times a year.

11. Freshens Garbage Disposal Unit

Dirty garbage disposal not only emits a funky odor but also clogs the drain. To clean the disposal unit, use vinegar and baking soda. Their fizzing action removes grime, gunks, and foul smells from the garbage disposal. Read more here.

12. Get Rid of House Flies

House flies are a nuisance and spread diseases as well. If you want to keep your living space free from pesky flies, make traps using vinegar, liquid dish soap, and this article.

13. Clean the Stovetop with VinegarVinegar Uses 5

Tough cooked-on spills are likely on the stovetop. But don’t let those stubborn grime and spilled food particles affect your stovetop’s look and working condition. Clean it thoroughly with all-natural vinegar.

14. Clean Nicotine Off Walls

Cigarette smoke is not only bad for health but also stains the walls, thus making the room’s appearance unattractive. If you’re experiencing such an issue, use vinegar to clean nicotine from the wall.

15. For Copper Jewelry

Copper jewelry looks beautiful, but they are prone to tarnishing. To remove the tarnish, clean them with vinegar and salt. It’s one of the most amazing vinegar uses to date. Read details here.

16. Removes Mold from Shower CaulkingVinegar Uses 6

Caulk is used to seal the joints around the edge of windows, tubs, and showers to prevent leakage. Due to frequent exposure to water and humidity, mold develops on the shower caulking. To eliminate the mold, use the powerful combo of vinegar and baking soda.

17. Unclogs Bathtub

Unclogging a bathtub clog is a cumbersome task. Instead of spending money on professional plumbing services, try out this economical vinegar hack. All you need is 1/2 cup of baking soda, a cup of vinegar, and 1/2 cup of salt.

18. Get Slime Out of Carpet

Did your kid accidentally drop slime on your favorite carpet? If yes, use the readily available and cheap vinegar to eliminate slime from the carpet. This method is quite effective and doesn’t leave any stains. Read more here.

19. Removes Chemical Smell from New ClothesVinegar Uses 7

If the odor of new clothes is unbearable for you, get rid of that chemical smell from your outfits using vinegar — the natural deodorizer.

20. Get Mildew Smell out of Clothes

Mildew develops and causes a musty smell when wet clothes leave unattended for an extended period. To obliterate the mildew smell from your garments, use distilled white vinegar. The cleaning hack is here.

21. Clean Faux Leather Couch

Vinegar is the best bet to remove the oil-based stains from your fake leather couch. However, first, use this hack on a hidden sofa area. The details are here.

22. Soften Hard Paintbrushes with Vinegar

Instead of tossing out your stiff paint brushes, try this miraculous vinegar hack that makes them useful again. Gather vinegar, glass jar, fork, pot, and stovetop to soften the paintbrushes in under 30 minutes.

23. Removes Stubborn Stickers

No need to waste your hard-earned money on store-bought residue removers. Check out this vinegar hack to remove stubborn stickers and sticky residue from plastic, wood, or glass surfaces.

24. Homemade Fabric Softener

Ditch the heavily scented, chemical-filled fabric softeners and try distilled white vinegar. Simply add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle and 2-3 drops of aromatic essential oil.

25. Keep Dark Outfits DarkVinegar Uses 8

While washing dark outfits, detergent and soap residues often cling to them, making them look ugly and untidy. Keep this issue in check by pouring 1/2 cup of undiluted white vinegar into the washing machine during the final cleaning cycle.

26. Get Rid of Smoke Odor from Outfits

Don’t know how to make your clothes free from the smoke odor? You’re at the right place! Simply put the desired outfits in the washing machine and when it reaches the final rinsing cycle, pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into it.

27. Clean Steam Iron with Vinegar

Unclogging a clogged steam iron is tedious until you know the right trick. To eliminate the steam iron clog, watch this helpful video.

28. Prevent Lint on Clothes

Vinegar Uses 9

No one loves that annoying lint on their freshly washed garments. Luckily, you can prevent and get rid of excessive lint from adhering to your outfits using vinegar. Begin this hack by emptying a cup of distilled white vinegar into the load during the final rinsing cycle.

29. Freshen Up Washing Machine

Frequent use of a washing machine without a thorough cleaning hampers its working efficiency. Vinegar is an effective natural product to clean and deodorize a dingy clothes washer.

30. Clean Wooden Paneling with Vinegar

Make your dingy wood paneling clean and shiny again by harnessing the potential of vinegar. It’s one of the best vinegar uses on this list. Read more details here.

31. Remove Wall Adhesives

Vinegar Uses 10

If you want to take off the self-adhesive hooks and other sticky accessories from your plaster wall, vinegar is your best friend. Just drip a few drops of vinegar behind the base of the accessory or hook, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then peel it off.

32. Add Vinegar to Plaster

No matter what you do, plaster dries very quickly, giving less time to do the repair job. To slow the drying time, combine 1/2 tsp of white vinegar into each quart of plaster.

33. Homemade Air Freshener

If you want a natural, chemical-free air freshener, the all-purpose vinegar is for you. Fill a couple of jars with undiluted white vinegar and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Place them strategically all around the house, and that’s it.

34. Make Oven Spotless With VinegarVinegar Uses 11

With regular usage, the oven interior becomes dingy and greasy. Make the appliance spotless with vinegar and get the maximum uptime. The instructions are here.

35. Removes Tea and Coffee Stains from Mugs

Drinks like coffee and tea stain mugs. To eliminate such stains from the ceramic and porcelain mugs, use vinegar. Fill a cup with equal parts of hot water and white vinegar. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then wash with running tap water.

36. Clean Dirty Showerhead

Gradually, limescale and minerals get deposited on the showerhead and block its holes. To clean the showerhead, all you need is a bottle of vinegar. For this hack, disassemble the showerhead and soak it in a container filled with white vinegar for an hour. Then, rub with a bristled brush and wash it with water.

37. Make Your Faucets Sparkle

Vinegar Uses 13

Frequent exposure to hard water makes the faucets dirty. Use vinegar’s acidic properties to bring their sparkle back. Grab a sandwich bag, vinegar, toothpicks, and a toothbrush for this cleaning hack.

38. Unshrink Wool

Woolen attires are likely to shrink if not washed carefully. To restore their original size, fill a bucket with 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water. Next, put the woolen item in this solution for 20-25 minutes. After that, squeeze the cloth, stretch until you get the original size, and dry as usual.

39. DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

To get a squeaky clean toilet bowl, you need 1/2 cup of vinegar, a toilet brush, 1/2 cup of borax, and a little elbow grease. Read details here.

40. Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Vinegar Uses 14

Instead of using chemical-filled commercial cleaners, opt for all-natural vinegar. It’s an excellent substitute and a great multitasker. Instructions are here.

41. Vinegar for Dingy Shower Walls

Cleaning shower walls covered with mildew and soap scum is tricky. But, with vinegar, you can make your dirty shower walls new again easily within a few minutes.

42. Freshens Up the Refrigerator

Try this quick, step-by-step vinegar cleaning hack to clean your refrigerator’s soiled interior in less than 30 minutes. It removes all the sticky residues quite well.

43. Clean Kitty Litter Box With VinegarVinegar Uses 15

Clean and disinfect your kitty’s untidy litter box with vinegar and baking soda. This combo is popular for its potent fizzing action (chemical reaction). Check out more here.

44. For Untidy Birdcages

A dirty birdcage is a severe health hazard for birds. To make the birdcage a healthy place for your little friends, wash it thoroughly with vinegar and water solution.

45. Tidy up Rabbit Litter Box

To tidy up your rabbit’s litter box, use vinegar and baking soda. Make sure to clean your rabbit’s litter box 2-3 times a week. Learn the how-to via this video.

46. Freshen Up Dog BedVinegar Uses 16

No matter how much you take care of your dogs, their bed always ends up with funky odors and furry messes. To combat this issue, vinegar is the ultimate solution. Plus, it’s an excellent deodorizer as well. The details are here.

Learn how to clean dog paws with vinegar here

47. Vinegar Uses for Sticky Scissors

After frequent use of scissors, their blades become dirty and sticky. Make them good as new by wiping scissors blades with a cloth soaked in undiluted apple cider vinegar or white vinegar.

48. Eradicates Bathtub Mildew

A bathtub with frequent moisture and humidity is a favorite place for mildew to thrive. Eliminate this health hazard using the vinegar hack. Add a cup of each white vinegar and water to a spray bottle. Spread this solution onto the bathtub and wait for 8-10 minutes. Then, scour with a brush and rinse with water.

49. Clears Clogged Drain

Vinegar Uses 17

Drains get clogged due to the accumulation of food, hair, soap scum, wipes, diapers, mineral deposits, and other waste. Before calling a plumber, try this apple cider vinegar and baking soda hack. Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1-2 tsp of baking soda into the drain hole. When the fizzing action is over, empty a bucket of warm water.

50. Vinegar as a Toothbrush Cleaner

Like your teeth, a toothbrush needs cleaning as well. Clean your toothbrush thrice a week using apple cider vinegar. Mix 1/2 cup of water, two tablespoons of vinegar, and two teaspoons of baking soda into a bowl. Drop the toothbrush’s head into this solution for half an hour, and then wash with water.

51. Clear Water Stains from Furniture

Furniture is prone to water stains, no matter how many coasters you have. To clear water stains, soak a cloth in undiluted white vinegar and gently wipe the furniture.

52. Remove Antiperspirant Stains

Vinegar is a foolproof way to eliminate antiperspirant stains from garments. Simply wet the stained spot with white vinegar and leave it overnight. The next day, wash the cloth as usual. Avoid this method on white outfits.

53. Clean a Burnt Iron

To make your burnt iron sparkling new, clean it with vinegar. Just sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda on the burnt spot and then rub the surface with a cloth moistened in warm white vinegar. Repeat this method if the results are not satisfactory.

54. For Dyeing Easter Eggs

Thanks to vinegar’s acetic acid content, food coloring bonds with the eggs easily. For dyeing the easter eggs, add a teaspoon of vinegar, two cups of hot water, and a few drops of food coloring to a bowl.

55. Wash Cloth Diapers


Washing cloth diapers is easy and less messy with distilled white vinegar. Plus, vinegar removes lingering pungent odor as well. Instructions are here.

56. Keep Cat from Scratching Furniture

Discourage your feline friend from scratching your furniture using this homemade spray. Simply pour a cup of white vinegar and 10-15 drops of citrus essential oil into a spray bottle. Next, spritz the solution on the furniture that needs protection from the cat.

57. Clean and Sanitize Butcher Block Countertops

To make your butcher block countertop spotless, use the all-purpose white vinegar. It freshens up and sanitizes the untidy butcher block worktop.

58. Polish Pewter

Maintain your pewter utensils’ top-notch condition by polishing them with white vinegar and white flour paste. The best part, this method removes tarnish as well. It’s one of the best vinegar uses for pewter lovers ever.

59. Clean and Polish Brass

Restore the lost shine of your brass products using vinegar. Begin this hack by stirring 1 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 cup vinegar, and enough flour in a bowl to make a paste. Next, spread it onto the brass, wait for 8-10 minutes, rinse and buff dry.

Vinegar Uses for Garden

60. For Rust-Free Garden Tools


Like plants, garden tools require proper care as well. To make your garden tools rust-free, submerge them in a container loaded with white vinegar overnight. The next day, scrub the tools with a bristled brush, rinse with water, and dry them properly.

61. Eradicates Fruit Flies

Fruits flies are nuisance pests and disease-causing organisms. Eliminate them by mixing 10-12 drops of liquid dish soap and 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a container. Empty the solution into jars and place them near the affected fruit plant or their wandering places.

62. Weed Killing Spray

If you’re looking for a natural weed-killing product, vinegar is for you. As per this source, vinegar is ideal for eliminating weeds from the garden walls, fences, and walkway crevices. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spritz it all over the weeds. You’ll get results within 2-3 days.

63. Clean Barbeque Grill with Vinegar

Only a BBQ lover knows how much it’s difficult to clean a dirty grill. Begin the cleaning process by loading a container with equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Next, submerge the grill into this solution for an hour. Once the waiting period is over, scrub the grill with a brush and wash with water.

64. Keep Cat Away from Sandbox

Cats often use the sandbox as a litter box, thereby causing toxoplasmosis or ringworm in children. To keep your feline at bay, moisten some pieces of cloth in full-strength white vinegar and set them nearby the sandbox. It works because felines hate vinegar’s distinctive odor.

65. Ants Repellent Spray

Besides being an integral part of the gardening environment, ants are a nuisance for gardeners. If you want to stop them, combine one part of each white vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle. Sprinkle the liquid on the ant trails and ants wondering places.

66. Make Terracotta Pots New Again


Terracotta pots are the first choice among gardeners because of their numerous benefits. With time, pots lose their charm and become a breeding area of harmful microorganisms. To freshen up your pots look, clean them with white vinegar momentarily. Next, scrub with a brush and wash with water.

67. Check Soil Alkalinity

Instead of buying a device to check the alkalinity of your garden soil, use vinegar instead. After combining vinegar with the soil sample, if you notice fizzing or bubbling action, it means your soil is alkaline.

68. Repels Animals Away from Garden

All you need is vinegar to prevent cats, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, moles, rats, and dogs from damaging your garden. Saturate a few clothes in white vinegar and place them strategically on stakes and fences around the garden.

69. Keeps Cut Flowers Fresh

Cut flowers boost home decor instantly. However, they droop and wilt quickly. To prolong the freshness of your cut flowers, add two tablespoons of white vinegar and a dash of sugar into a vase filled with water. Set the cut flowers in the vase, and you’re done.

70. Removes Berry Stains from Hands

If your hands get stained due to strawberry or blueberry while doing gardening chores, use vinegar to get stain-free hands. Wash your stained hands with enough white vinegar, and you’re good to go. This hack proves that vinegar uses are unique and versatile.

71. Clean Fruits and Vegetables

According to this authentic source, washing fruits and greens with white vinegar eliminates 98% of the disease-causing bacteria. Soak vegetables and fruits in one part of white vinegar and three parts of water for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse them with water.

72. Manages Calcium Deficiency in Plants

Just like human beings, plants also need calcium for their development and growth. To manage calcium deficiency, prepare this plant-saving solution using vinegar, eggshells, and this article.

73. Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

Looking for a cheap and environment-friendly method to get rid of slugs and snails? Look no further and go with vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spritz on the slugs and snails. Within a few minutes, vinegar’s mild acid dissolves their body.

74. Clean a Bird Feeder

Dirty bird feeders are a potential breeding place for bacteria and mold. To protect the birds, clean their feeders periodically. Start with their disassembling. Then, put them in a container filled with equal amounts of white vinegar and lukewarm water for an hour. Next, scrub with a brush and wash with water.

75. Poison Ivy Killer

Being a nasty plant, poison ivy causes many problems. To remove this plant from your garden, fill an empty spray bottle with 1/2 gallon white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dawn dish soap, and 1/2 cup of salt. Shake the bottle well and spritz it all over the poison ivy plant.

76. Clean Outdoor Fountain

A fountain gives timeless appeal to a garden. With time, it becomes untidy due to the buildup of algae and mineral deposits. To keep your fountain clean, empty its water and add enough white vinegar to it. Wait for 25-30 minutes, and then scrub with a brush followed by a good rinse.

77. Wash Hands After Gardening

After doing gardening chores, wash your hands with vinegar to eliminate dirt and microbes. For this, simply rinse hands with white vinegar and clean with water.

78. Disinfects Cement Pond

The outdoor pond also needs thorough cleaning and disinfection like the garden fountain. Otherwise, its stagnant water leads to the growth of bacteria, algae, and mosquitoes. If you have a dirty cement pond, try out this vinegar hack.

79. Boosts Seeds Germination

Soaking seeds in white vinegar germinate the seeds in a much shorter span. It breaks down the outer layer of seeds, aiding in quicker germination. Submerge the seeds in a solution of one teaspoon of white vinegar and a cup of water. The next day plant the seeds as usual.

80. Remove Water Lines from Vases

Frequent use of hard water forms water lines on vases. Bring back their former glory days by cleaning them with vinegar. Mix 1/2 tablespoon of each vinegar and salt in a bowl to make a paste. Coat the vase with this mixture, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then clean it with a damp cloth.

81. Clean Garden and Patio Furniture


Whether your garden and patio furniture are plastic, metal, or wooden, white vinegar can transforms their look instantly. To clean the outdoor furniture, load a spray bottle with white vinegar and spread it all over the furniture. Wait for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe using paper towels.

82. Deter Spiders

White vinegar is an excellent spider deterrent, thanks to its strong smell that arachnids dislike the most. To make a spider repellent, add a cup of each water and vinegar into a garden sprayer. Next, spray the liquid on and around the garden benches and patio to keep them at bay.

83. Fertilizer for Acid-loving Plants

Vinegar is the go-to fertilizer for acid-loving plants because of its acidic nature. It’s best for holly, heathers, fothergilla, and other acid-loving plants. Mix a cup of white vinegar and a gallon of water in a garden sprayer and drench the plants with this liquid. Redo after every three months.

84. Kills Plants Fungus

Use this all-natural apple cider vinegar hack to prepare a homemade fungicide for your lovely plants. It protects plants from mildews, scabs, leafspots, and black spot diseases. This is one of the most helpful vinegar uses for gardeners.

85. Repels Snakes

Nobody wants to interact with snakes while spending quality time in their garden. Use vinegar to keep these uninvited guests far away because snakes hate its pungent odor. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spritz it around the boundary of your garden and other potential viper entrance points.

86. Clean Garden Bricks and Dividers

To transform the look of your dingy garden bricks and dividers, make a cleaning solution by pouring a cup of vinegar and a gallon of water into a bucket. Next, dip the brush in this solution and scour the desired area properly. Wash the area with lots of water afterward.

87. Vinegar for Dirty Birdbath

An untidy birdbath not only diminishes your garden’s beauty but is also harmful to the birds as well. That’s why it’s wise to clean the birdbath periodically, and fortunately, you can do it easily using this vinegar hack.

88. Homemade Garden Insect Spray

Instead of using commercial insecticides, make a natural one at home using vinegar and a few ingredients. Stir three parts of water, one part of apple cider vinegar, and a tsp of liquid dish soap into a garden sprayer. Spread this liquid only on the leaves of the plants once a week.

Vinegar Uses for Health

89. Vinegar for Teeth Cleaning

To transform the look of your yellow teeth, gargle regularly with diluted apple cider vinegar. It works because of the vinegar’s bleaching effects. However, never use undiluted vinegar to avoid erosive tooth wear. Use this method for up to a month to notice positive results.

90. Fights Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungal infection looks unpleasant and induces pain over time. If you want an economical home remedy to get rid of toenail fungus, read this article.

91. Helps in Weight Loss

According to this study, vinegar reduces body weight. The recommended daily vinegar intake for weight loss is 1-2 tablespoons per day with water. Before adding vinegar to your weight loss regime, consult your doctor.

92. Whiten Nails with Vinegar


Make your discolored toe or fingernails white again by soaking them in vinegar and lukewarm water solution. Read more here.

93. Vinegar Uses for Hair

To get beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair, wash them with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Furthermore, vinegar soothes the scalp as well. Avoid this hack if you have any scalp-related issues. The hair rinse recipe is here.

94. Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Vinegar

After washing bleached hair a couple of times, warm hues pop up on strands. This condition is known as brassy hair. One product that always works quite well in hair brassiness is vinegar.

95. As a Facial Toner

To make a natural facial toner at home, combine 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water in a bowl. Next, apply the liquid to your face using a cotton ball. Reuse the facial toner twice a day or after every facial cleansing.

Vinegar Uses for Cooking

96. For Baking

Being a vegan, if you don’t want to use eggs for baking purposes, then apple cider vinegar is the best bet. With a little help from baking soda, vinegar makes the cakes fluffy, soft, and flavorful. It’s one of the brilliant vinegar uses of all time.

97. Helps in Cheesemaking

Are you running out of fresh cheese? Make fresh cheese at home easily using vinegar and a few other ingredients. After making cheese, don’t forget to add vinegar to your cooking arsenal because of its impeccable uses.

98. Salad Vinaigrette

Homemade vinaigrette not only brightens up the taste of boring salads, but it’s also healthier than the store-bought ones. To make one at home, use this recipe. Besides, you can also splash vinegar directly over the salad for a quick burst of flavor.

99. For Pickling

Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are perfect ingredients for creating a variety of flavorful pickles. Plus, vinegar extends the shelf life of pickles as well. Check the cucumber pickling recipe here.

100. To Boil Better Eggs

For perfectly poached eggs, keep the shape of egg whites intact by pouring a tbsp of apple cider vinegar while poaching them. Furthermore, you can prevent the eggshells from cracking by pouring a tsp of vinegar into the water.

101. Boosts Sauce and Soup Flavor

Give an extra zing of flavor to your bland soup and sauce with apple cider vinegar. For this approach, add vinegar slowly until soup and sauce taste as you desire. Always do a taste test before adding more.

102. As a Marinade

Apple cider vinegar is an important additive in numerous marinade recipes. It not only enhances the taste and texture of the dish but also works as a tenderizing agent as well.

103. Substitute for Lemon Juice

Instead of going to the store to buy lemon juice, you can use apple cider vinegar instead. Similar to lemon juice, vinegar gives a tangy twist to the dishes. However, always use apple cider vinegar in tiny amounts for better flavor.

104. For Flaky Pie Dough

Everyone loves to eat flaky pie crust. To get the perfect flakiness and fantastic texture, pour a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the pie dough while adding ice water.

105. Get Fluffier Rice

When not cooked properly, rice gets clumped together. To get fluffier rice every time, empty a teaspoon of vinegar into the cooking pot along with rice. This is one of the most helpful vinegar uses that makes day-to-day cooking chores easier.

106. Make Buttermilk with Vinegar


To prepare tastier and healthier buttermilk at home, all you want is a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar and enough milk.

107. Keep Cheese Fresh Last Longer

Cheese is prone to mold when stored for a long time. Keep the cheese fresh lasts longer by wrapping it with a clean cloth soaked in white or apple cider vinegar.

Miscellaneous Vinegar Uses

108. Clean Car Battery Terminals

Over time, car battery terminals get corroded, making the battery performance terrible. To keep your car battery terminals corrosion-free, use the duo of vinegar and baking soda. You only need two tablespoons of baking soda, a cup of vinegar, and this article to get the job done.

109. Clean Salt Cell

A salt cell is a filtering system of a swimming pool. With time, the salt cell gets accumulated with hard water deposits, causing health problems to the swimmers. Solve this problem by cleaning the salt cell with vinegar. This hack is effective because of vinegar’s acidic nature. Details are here.

110. Removes Mold from Car Seats

Exposure to mold causes numerous health issues. Eliminate its infestation quickly from your car seats using the miraculous white vinegar. Read this article to learn more.

111. Clean Chicken Water Bowls

To maintain the health of your chickens, clean their water bowls weekly. First, empty the water and pour undiluted white vinegar into the bowls. Let it sit for 25-30 minutes and then scrub with a brush, followed by a good rinse.

112. Removes Gum from Car Seat

Removing chewing gum from any surface is a tedious and frustrating chore. To get rid of stuck gum from your car seat, all you need is full-strength, undiluted vinegar, and this cleaning method.

113. For Rust-free Nuts and Bolts

Revive your rusty nuts and bolts overnight using vinegar. This method works because of its mild acidic nature. Put the rusty stuff in a jar filled with white vinegar and leave it overnight. The next day, scour them using a brush, rinse with water, and dry them properly.

114. Eliminates Mildew from Vinyl Boat Seats

As boats spend most of the time near water, they are susceptible to mildew. It degrades the boat’s aesthetic value and poses health risks as well. To eliminate mildew, read this article.

115. Clean Laptop Screen

Seeing a dirty laptop screen while watching movies or doing an official chore is annoying and distracting. Wipe the laptop screen with vinegar to get a streak-free finish.

116. Frost-free Car Windshield

The build-up of snow or ice on the car’s windshield is a safety concern. To prevent their formation, use this vinegar hack. It’s one of the most helpful vinegar uses for a car owner.

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