30 Awesome DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

Transform your outdoor space from dull to super cool with these chic and inexpensive DIY Patio Furniture ideas!

To enhance the coziness, comfortability, and appealing factor of your outdoor space on a budget, try these amazing DIY Patio Furniture ideas!

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DIY Patio Furniture

1. 2×4 Outdoor Table

DIY Patio Furniture 1

Show off your DIYing skills by making this table ideal for patio, porch, and backyard.

2. $15 DIY Patio Coffee Table

DIY Patio Furniture 2

This beginner-friendly DIY patio coffee table needs $15, basic woodworking skills, and a little patience.

3. Patio Table Transformation

DIY Patio Furniture 3

If you happen to have an old tiled patio table, take inspiration from this tutorial to transform it into a chic resting place.

4. Patio Sofa Idea

DIY Patio Furniture 4

This elegant wooden sofa is perfect for spicing up the patio look. It’s one of the best DIY patio furniture ideas on this list.

5. Outdoor Bar/Potting Bench / BBQ Prep Station

DIY Patio Furniture 5

DIY this multifunctional outdoor furniture that works as a bar with a drink/ice bucket, potting bench, and BBQ prep station. The details are here.

6. DIY Concrete Gallon Stools

DIY Patio Furniture 6

Follow this instructable to build five sturdy stools from concrete and gallon buckets for the patio. Go one step ahead and personalize them with handprints or any other art.

7. DIY Concrete Dining Table

DIY Patio Furniture 7

Instead of DIYing a wooden dining table for your outdoor space, put together a super sturdy one using concrete and this tutorial.

8. Repurposed Spool Side Table

DIY Patio Furniture 8

Learn how to transform an old cable spool into a nautical-themed side table for the patio in this article.

9. DIY George Nelson-Inspired Outdoor Slat Bench

DIY Patio Furniture 9

Build the iconic George Nelson Platform Bench to give your boring patio a mid-century charm. This project requires minimal tools for completion.

10. Umbrella Stand with Side Table

DIY Patio Furniture 10

Make this quick and easy DIY umbrella stand that can be used as a fun patio side table. The instructions are here.

11. Patio Table with Built-In Cooler

DIY Patio Furniture 11

DIY this patio table with a built-in cooler to enjoy chilling beverages with your friends and loved ones this summer.

12. Patio Day Bed with Wood Pallets

DIY Patio Furniture 12

Gather wood pallets, screws, paint, mattress, planks, and cushions to assemble this patio day bed.

13. Stone-Top Patio Table

Watch this video to convert slatestone, wood, and paint into a stone-top patio table. You can even use damaged slatestone as well.

14. DIY Side-by-Side Patio Chair

DIY Patio Furniture 13

Add this side-by-side chair in your outdoor space to share quality time with your other half. It’s ideal for a romantic night out.

15. DIY Pallet Patio Sectional Couch

DIY Patio Furniture 14

All you have to do is stack pallets on each other to make this cozy L-shaped sectional couch for your patio area.

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16. Cinder Block Bench

DIY Patio Furniture 15

Instead of using a wooden bench outdoor, build this unusual one with cinder blocks. Complete the setup with cushions and a planter.

17. Easy Patio Chairs

DIY Patio Furniture 16

With this article, wood, and other supplies, anyone can easily assemble these classic lightweight patio chairs.

18. Outdoor Coffee Table with Metal Bucket Base

DIY Patio Furniture 16

Topped the galvanized bucket with a circular wooden structure to get a wonderful coffee table for the outdoor spot.

19. DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table

DIY Patio Furniture 17

Give your patio some character by DIYing this thrifty entertainment table, an excellent outdoor addition for summertime!

20. $15 Bistro Table

DIY Patio Furniture 18

You only need a couple of tools and an hour to build this inexpensive bistro table that goes well with the rest of the patio setup.

21. Terracotta Pot Table

DIY Patio Furniture 19Use a large terracotta pot, terracotta tray, and paint to assemble a unique patio pot table with this tutorial.

22. DIY Wire Patio Table

DIY Wire Patio Table

Made with tomato cages, a wood circle, and mending plates, this wire patio table is eye-catching and easy to move around.

23. Round Patio Dining Table

Round Patio Dining Table

Are you looking for a dining table for a less spacious patio? Then this round wooden dining table is for you.

24. Nautical Picnic Table

Nautical Picnic Table

Bring nautical vibes in your patio space by DIYing this nautical-themed picnic table that never goes out of style.

25. Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island

Equipped with a large countertop and seating arrangement, this patio kitchen island can easily turn a lonely barbecue into a functional outdoor kitchen.

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26. DIY Cable Drum Rocking Chair

DIY Cable Drum Rocking Chair

Are you bored of the regular rocking chair? Then repurpose a large cable drum to make a wonderful rocking chair.

27. Kids Slatted Outdoor Chairs

Kids Slatted Outdoor Chairs

Recreate these easy-to-DIY slatted patio chairs for your kids. Paint them with multiple colors to attract your kiddos’ attention.

28. DIY Industrial Patio Cart

DIY Industrial Patio Cart

This industrial-themed patio cart helps with serving and storing beverages during outdoor parties and sunny days.

29. Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chair

Replace your existing patio chair with this trendy Adirondack chair that you can build on your own quite easily.

30. Wood Plank Loveseat

Wood Plank Loveseat

DIY this wood plank loveseat to give your patio a rustic touch and more outdoor seating space.

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