25 DIY Plant Watering Can Ideas | How to Make a Watering Can

Make your gardening journey quirky and interesting by using these DIY Plant Watering Can Ideas listed below!

Instead of using store-bought sprinkling cans, take a look at these affordable and easy-to-copy DIY Plant Watering Can Ideas to make one effortlessly in no time.

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DIY Plant Watering Can Ideas

1. Foldable Watering Can

Check out this instructable to make an eco-friendly, foldable watering can using the truck tarp and a few other supplies.

2. DIY Recycled Watering Can

Here’s the tutorial to create an inexpensive watering can using a plastic container, a small water bottle, a cutting tool, rope, and glue. This project can be easily completed in less than one hour.

3. Thumb-Controlled Plastic Bottle Watering Can

Instead of disposing of your water bottle, convert it into an eco-friendly watering can. It’s perfect for watering plants in small spaces.

4. Easy Plant Watering Can DIY

Learn how to make a sprinkling can using a plastic oil can, PVC pipe, and a plastic cap in this video tutorial.

5. Homemade Watering Can

DIY a kid-sized watering can from an empty ‘Shake-n-Pour’ container and help your garden grow. Get the instructions here.

6. DIY Watering Jar Idea

All you need is an old pickle jar and scrap leather to put together this unusual little watering can. The details are here.

7. Recycled Watering Can with Copper Nozzle

Turn a one-gallon plastic bottle into an elegant watering can with copper pipe, spray paint, hacksaw, glue, cutter, and tape. It’s one of the best DIY plant watering can ideas.

8. DIY Kids Watering Can

Making this kid-friendly watering can is a piece of cake. Gather a tin can, hammer, nail, scissors, string, and church key or power drill to get started.

9. Plastic Milk Jug Watering Can

No need to purchase a watering can when it’s easy to make one using an old plastic milk jug and a needle. This project is perfect for a new gardener.

10. Old Laundry Detergent Container Turned Watering Can

Grab an empty detergent bottle and transform it into a functional plant watering can with this tutorial. It’s one of the cheapest and easy-to-make watering can ideas.

11. 3D Printable Watering Can

If you have a 3d printer, use it to create an amazing watering can. Hop to this article to learn more.

12. Simple Plant Watering Can Idea

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to make your own DIY sprinkling can? Look no further and check out this tutorial.

13. Gardening Water Can with Waste Material

Take a look at this YouTube tutorial to build a gardening sprinkling can using PVC pipe, an oil can, a plastic bottle, and glue.

14. Coke Watering Can

With some modifications, you can easily create a super affordable and handy watering can out of a coke bottle. The details are here.

15. Green Watering Machine

Show off your creativity by making this watering can using a beer can, straw, spoons, and stiff wire. This small sprinkling can is perfect for the indoor garden.

16. Brass Watering Can

This idea needs brass working techniques, tools, supplies, and soldering skills to put together a beautiful bespoke gardening tool.

17. Copper Watering Can

Take inspiration from this video to create a trendy sprinkling can out of copper. It’s a time-taking project, but the result is quite satisfactory.

18. Plastic Bottle and Straw Watering Can

You can make a handy watering can in less than 15 minutes with a plastic bottle, glue, and straw. The best part, no special skills, and tools are needed.

19. Watering Can with Measuring Marks

This homemade watering can, featuring water level markings, helps you and your kiddos avoid overwatering. Read more here.

20. Mini Tea Pot Watering Can

Do you have a teapot? Use it as a mini watering can to water your succulents and herbs. The details are here.

21. DIY Electric Watering Can

Find out how to make a portable and rechargeable watering can in this video tutorial.

22. DIY Big Watering Can With a Hose

If you don’t want to carry the plant watering can in your garden, this idea fits the bill perfectly.

23. PVC Watering Can

All you have to do is measure, cut, and attach PVC pipes of different sizes to assemble a chic watering can.

24. Corrugated Iron Watering Can

Do you need to make a sprinkling can just like the regular one? If yes, then this video is for you.

25. Clay Watering Can

Put your creative hat on and make this watering can/teapot out of air-dry clay and a little bit of patience.

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