10 Easy and Fun DIY Turkey Feather Decoration Ideas

Finding some fun to do and easy craft ideas to execute with your kids? These DIY turkey feather decoration ideas are surely the stop!

1. Clay Pot Turkey

Clay Pot Turkey

Add facial expressions to a topsy-turvy clay pot and give it a turkey effect by securing some flat feathers at the back. Find the idea here.

2. Mini Pumpkin Turkey Decoration

DIY Turkey Feather Decoration Ideas1

This mini pumpkin craft is apt to make your dining table ready for some turkey-ish dinner time! All you got to do is insert the feathers and a turkey head to the mini pumpkin you have.

3. Turkey Feathers Windsocks

Turkey Windsocks

Upcycle tin cans and embellish it with paint and a face to turn them into this fantastic Thanksgiving windsock craft. Visit Happiness Is Homemade.

4. DIY Turkey Feather Wreath

DIY Feather Wreath

This feather wreath is a simple and quick craft to decorate your front door with a nature theme. If you don’t manage to find turkey feathers, you can use graphic feathers as well, visit here.

5. DIY Pheasant, Turkey Feather Art

DIY Turkey Feather Decoration Ideas2

Decorate your wreath with pinecones, acorns, and turkey feathers to achieve a similar wreath. We found the idea here.

6. Turkey Frame

Turkey Frame

Upgrade a simple wooden frame into a turkey frame art to make it stand out from other ordinary frames. Get this attractive DIY here.

7. Wild Turkey Feather Art

DIY Turkey Feather Decoration Ideas3

Display your collection of turkey feathers by hanging them down from a wooden board and some strings. Find this minimal yet eye-catchy idea here.

8. Pine Cone Turkey Feathers Decoration


Give a complete makeover to pinecones to look like a turkey by adding a face, legs, and feathers to it as in the video above.

9. DIY Centerpiece with feathers

Decorate a narrow vase with the help of some flower fillers and feathers to make a whimsical yet economical centerpiece. Refer to the video to learn the steps.

10. Beautiful DIY Turkey Feather Wreath

DIY Turkey Feather Decoration Ideas4

Feather wreaths not just stand out from the usual wreaths but adds a natural element to your festival decorations! You can find the instructions at The Painted Hinge.

We hope you found a fun decor idea to finish with your kids while making memories! If you innovate any unique DIY turkey feather decoration ideas, feel free to share them with us.

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