16 DIY Snowy Mason Jars For Christmas Decor

For this season’s festive decor, try these DIY snowy mason jars craft ideas to embellish your home on a budget without much hard work!

1. DIY Snowy Mason Jars

DIY Snowy Mason Jars1

Make your home festive ready with these DIY snowy mason jars, in a few simple steps with basic supplies. This idea is apt to keep your kids busy and let them show their creative side simultaneously.

2. DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries

DIY Decorative Luminaries

These rustic mason jar luminaries are a perfect addition to your bedroom as the bedside table for the festive season. Otherwise, use them to light your front porch, click here.

3. DIY Snow Frosted Christmas Mason Jar

Snow Frosted Winter Candle Holder

You can find mason jar in any local store, but recycling a glass jar sounds like a better option to cut down waste and put them to something attractive. Learn the steps here.

4. Magical Snowy Mason Jar Craft With Gift Poems

Decorative Jar With Epsom Salt

Cover your mason jar in a thick layer of Epsom salt and decorate it with string, pom poms, and paper cut-outs! It’s just as simple as it sounds to create a set of these magical snowy jars for Christmas.

5. DIY Snow Covered Candle Holders

Snow Covered Candle Holder

Instead of merely putting the candles on a table, put them in this snowy jar for added effects and ornamentation. Find the DIY here.

6. DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Holiday Inspiration Decor

Surprise your friends and family with this personalized holiday jar, which takes less time and doesn’t cost much. An economic idea for a Christmas return gift, have a look here.

7. Winter Luminaries: Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

DIY Snowy Mason Jars2

A jar decorated with lace, pinecones, string, and Epsom salt is a great DIY to complete this festive season with the help of your kids. Crafts By Amanda has the tutorial.

8. Reindeer Print DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Reindeer Print Holiday Jar

This snow jar is different from any other in this list so far, well, it’s the reindeer imprint that makes this festive mason jar standout, watch out here.

9. Christmas Snowy Mason Jar Winter

Christmas Winter Jar

To give a jar a wintery look without using Epsom salt or any fake salt, layer the inside with frosted glass paint. Visit Creative Ramblings to know more.

10. Christmas Glitter Jars

Paint tree shapes on a glass jar using mod podge; cover the forms with glitter and brush off any extra glitter from the surface. Cover the remaining part with mod podge and white glitter, watch the video above for the directions.

11. Snowglobe Christmas Mason Jar

Watch this video tutorial to learn the steps to make a snowglobe jar to decorate a tabletop or for a festive-themed dining setting. You can fill the jar with candies and treats if you are throwing a kids’ party!

12. Beautiful Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY

For this snow globe, you’ll need vegetable glycerine, figurine, mason jar, glitter, and waterproof craft glue. This DIY is a great idea to give away as a Christmas present to near and dear ones.

13. Snowy Mason Jar Fairy Lights

DIY Snowy Mason Jars3

Cover half of a jar with fake snow and put a string light inside it, that’s all you got to do to complete this snowy jar project. We found the idea here.

14. Precious DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

Precious DIY Snow Globes

Stand out in your snowy jar game and create this topsy turvy snow globe with the same material as you would require for any other globe DIY. Visit Homebody In Motion.

15. Snow Men In The Mason Jar

DIY Snowy Mason Jars4

DIY a snowglobe with a mason jar with snowman figurines or other figurines that might emit the winter’s feel to your room decor. Learn the tutorial here.

16. DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Fix the figurine of your choice to the inside of the jar’s lid and fill the jar with fake snow to imitate a wintery appeal. Watch the video for instructions.

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