20 Creative Chopstick Crafts Ideas and Projects

Explore this list of easy Chopstick Crafts that’ll keep your hands busy and creativity flowing. Start crafting today!

From adorable plant markers to stylish jewelry, these Chopstick Crafts are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Start crafting today and impress your friends with chopstick artistry!

Here are some amazing cork husk crafts

Easy Chopstick Crafts Ideas and Projects

1. DIY Chopstick Necklace

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 1

This lovely necklace can go quite well with all kinds of outfits. Gather chopsticks, Dremel, drill, and paint to complete this project.

2. Chopsticks Jewellery Box

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 2

Get crafty and make this beautiful jewelry box with bamboo chopsticks, glue, and decorative glass pieces.

3. Recycled Chopsticks Flower/plant Stand

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 3

Upcycle some of your old chopsticks to make a unique planter stand. It’s an excellent way to display your favorite botanical specimen.

4. DIY Chopstick lampshade

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 5

Craft a super cute boho-inspired lampshade on a budget with lots of chopsticks. The instructions are here.

5. Chopstick Christmas Tree DIY

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 5

Adorned with plastic jewels and shiny tinsel yarn, this chopstick Christmas tree will attract a lot of eyeballs. It’s an excellent last-minute holiday decor idea.

6. DIY Chopstick Plant Markers

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 6

Made from cork and chopsticks, these plant markers are a great way to identify your plants. Read the details here.

7. Chopstick Flower Vase

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 7

Introduce this chopstick flower vase and give your bland home decor an aesthetic focal point. Click here to know more.

8. Harry Potter Chopsticks Wands

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 8

Are you a ‘Potterhead’? If yes, then you’ll love this idea in which magical wands are created out of chopsticks. It’s one of the most amazing chopstick crafts on this list.

9. Chopsticks Basket

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 9

Instead of purchasing a fruit basket, make one at home with a couple of chopsticks. Hop to this article for more info.

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10. Chopsticks Pointy Mirror

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 10

Enhance the look of your drab wall with this decorative mirror made up of chopsticks and a few supplies. Take inspiration from this article.

11. DIY Trivet

DIY Trivet

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to craft a trivet out of chopsticks. It’s affordable and easy to make.

12. DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Chopsticks are an easy and cheap way to make a gorgeous sunburst mirror. It’s great for everyday decor and gifting purposes. Create one for yourself using this tutorial.

13. Ceiling Pendant Lampshade

Ceiling Pendant Lampshade

Instead of tossing out your old chopsticks, transform them into a chic lampshade for your ceiling pendant light.

14. Chopstick Charms

Chopstick Charms

Need a new hair accessory? Combine chopsticks with super cute charms. Check out this article for the supplies and instructions.

15. DIY Chopsticks iPad Stand

DIY Chopsticks iPad Stand

Put your creative hat on to build a super affordable DIY iPad stand out of chopsticks and glue. It’s one of the brilliant chopstick crafts.

16. Chopstick Picture Frame

Chopstick Crafts Ideas 16

Here’s an easy craft idea to transform chopsticks into picture frames for children’s artwork, photos, or whatever you’d like to display.

17. Cardboard and Chopstick Lollipops

Cardboard and Chopstick Lollipops

Add a sweet touch to your kiddo’s birthday party decor with these unique cardboard and chopstick lollipops. The DIY is here.

18. Chopstick and Cardboard Wall Art

Chopstick and Cardboard Wall Art

Watch this video tutorial to craft eye-catching wall art from chopsticks and cardboard. It’s one of the best chopstick craft ideas and projects.

19. Chopsticks Wall Hanging Decoration

Wall Hanging Decoration

Showcase your air plants on this handmade chopsticks wall hanging.

20. Chopstick Wall Art

Chopstick Wall Art

This chopstick wall painting art is a nice addition to any apartment. Follow this instructable for more info.

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