8 Awesome Flowers with Pointed Petals

Browse this list of Flowers with Pointed Petals to give your outdoor space a conversation-worthy focal point!

With their unique petal shape and vibrant colors, these flowers with pointed petals can transform any outdoor space into a picturesque haven. Browse this exclusive list to find out such beautiful specimens.

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Flowers with Pointed Petals

1. Star-of-BethlehemFlowers with Pointed Petals 1

Botanical Name – Ornithogalum umbellatum

This bulbous perennial features star-shaped white blossoms with 6-7 pointed petals. Its showy flowers only open in sunlight and close at sunset.

2. Chinese Bellflower

Flowers with Pointed Petals 2

Botanical Name – Platycodon grandiflorus

Adorned with five pointy lobes, the blue starry flowers of Chinese bellflower bloom in late spring to summer. It requires full sun to partial shade and well-drained potting medium for prolific blooms.

3. Purple Coneflower

Flowers with Pointed Petals 3

Botanical Name – Echinacea purpurea

Purple coneflower is a herbaceous perennial that belongs to the daisy family. It bears vibrant blooms with pointy petals and a purplish-brown central disc.

4. Bird of Paradise

Flowers with Pointed Petals 4

Botanical Name – Strelitzia reginae

Native to South Africa, this tropical plant resembles a bird’s head. Each blooms have three orange-hued sepals and three dark blue pointy petals.

5. Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Botanical Name – Passiflora x ‘Lavender Lady’

Make your indoor garden stand out with this exotic passion flower variety. Its lavender-hued flowers with violet-purple filaments make it stand out among other evergreen climbers.

6. Gazania


Botanical Name – Gazania rigens

Gazania is a hardy perennial with large daisy-like flowers that come in shades of yellow and orange. This botanical specimen attracts butterflies and other beneficial pollinators to gardens.

7. Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

Botanical Name – Rudbeckia hirta

Featuring yellow flowers with pointed petals and button-like centers, this biennial is a sight to behold. It can become 2-4 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide in ideal growing conditions.

8. Aster


Botanical Name – Aster spp.

Aster boasts bunches of lavender, white, pink, red, blue, or purple blossoms from late summer to fall. These flowers are 1-3 inches in size and have 7-20 pointy petals.

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