Top 15 Space-Saving Folding Bed Ideas

Revamp your space with these Folding Bed Ideas! They are suitable for small rooms, studios, or multi-purpose spaces!

These functional and stylish folding bed ideas are perfect for those who need an extra bed but have less spacious apartments.

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Folding Bed Ideas

1. DIY Folding Murphy Bed

DIY Folding Bed 1

Find out how to build a portable folding Murphy bed at home with some basic supplies in this article. When not in use, this bed folds into the wall, revealing a desk for the workspace.

2. Ottoman Fold-Out Bed

DIY Folding Bed 2

If you want a bed for the guest room that hides in plain sight, this fold-out ottoman is the perfect solution. It’s perfect for condos, lofts, apartments, cabins, and just about any place you need an extra bed.

3. DIY Convertible Sofa Bed

DIY Folding Bed 4

Rustic and sturdy, this attractive sofa bed is ideal for everyday use and convenient when you have an overnight guest. Get the building instructions in this tutorial.

4. Bunk Bed into Folding Beds

 Folding Bed

If you want more space in your kid’s room, consider these folding bunk beds. They are easy to make with some supplies and DIYing skills. Learn more about this project here.

5. Faux Dresser Murphy Bed DIY

Faux Dresser Murphy Bed DIY

Instead of sleeping on the floor, make this clever Murphy bed disguised as a dresser using this article. This folding bed idea is best for tight spaces.

6. Convertible Chair Bed

Convertible Chair Bed

A chair that unfolds into a bed is the best space-saving furniture. The best part, it has a storage compartment for bedding. Watch the building instructions in this video tutorial.

7. Space Saving Foldable Bed

Foldable Bed

If you want a long-lasting, super sturdy folding bed, this quirky one made from metal might be for you. This type of bed is quite common in Indian rural areas. You only need pipes, tension springs, plastic straps, and some other supplies for this project.

8. Bench to Double Size Bed

Clever Folding Bed

Watch this helpful video tutorial to build a bench that folds out to become a double-size bed. It lets you store air mattresses under the seat of the bench.

9. Foldable Murphy Bed DIY

Foldable Murphy Bed

This space-saving folding Murphy bed is installed against a wall and looks like a large cabinet when not in use. Make one for your space using this helpful tutorial.

10. Under $300 Folding Bed Idea

Folding Bed

Don’t have a budget but still want a folding bed in your bedroom? This Murphy bed that costs only $300 is the right choice. Hop to this article for the list of supplies and instructions.

11. DIY Modern Murphy Bed with Cane and Arches

Modern Murphy Bed

Featuring cane and arches, this modern Murphy bed is the best way to fill your space with rustic vibes. This furniture looks like a wardrobe but unfolds into a chic bed. Check the step-by-step instructions here.

12. Folding Bed for Car Camping

Folding Bed for Car Camping

If you like to do car camping more often, this folding bed idea is for you. It’s a time-consuming project, but the result is quite satisfying and worth the effort.

13. Pinewood Foldaway Bed

Pinewood Foldaway Bed

Follow this detailed tutorial to build a foldaway bed out of pinewood, hardware, and tools. This furniture is ideal for less-spacious homes and rental apartments.

14. DIY Murphy Bed with Fluted Doors

Murphy Bed

In this tutorial, the DIYer Rachel builds a beautiful folding Murphy bed featuring fluted doors using a kit and careful planning. It’s perfect when an unexpected guest arrives.

15. Single Foldaway Bed DIY

Single Foldaway Bed

Do you need a guest sleeping spot but don’t have a guest room? Add a hidden Murphy bed that folds away into an armoire. Find the instructions in this article.

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