25+ Homemade Crib Ideas | DIY Baby Crib Ideas

Here are some adorable Homemade Crib Ideas for your little one, you must check out today. Your baby will love them!

Try these feature-rich and comfy Homemade Crib Ideas that are perfect for your baby. They are easy to DIY and make great gifts too.

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Homemade Crib Ideas

1. Round Wooden Baby Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 1

Instead of making a traditional crib for your baby, DIY this round one featuring black walnut with mortise and tenon joinery. Learn more here.

2. Mid-Century Modern Baby Crib

Watch this video tutorial to build a sturdy mid-century modern baby crib and save some bucks.

3. Crib In a Closet DIY

Take a look at this video tutorial to transform a spare closet into a pretty baby crib. It’s one of the most amazing homemade crib ideas.

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4. DIY PVC Pipe Baby Crib

If you want a one-of-a-kind baby crib idea that doesn’t need woodworking skills, then this video tutorial is for you.

5. DIY Restoration Hardware-Inspired Tufted Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 2

Made with memory foam and other supplies, this gorgeous diamond tufted crib is a time-consuming project but worth the effort. Read more here.

6. Walnut and Maple Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 3

This walnut and maple crib can be easily disassembled for storage, whereas the mattress platform can be lowered as the child grows.

7. DIY Baseball Bat Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 4

Follow this blog to build an amazing crib for your little one using baseball bats and a few slabs of pine.

8. Black & White Tufted Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 5

All you need are MDF, faux leather, foam, fabric/tufting buttons, needles, screws, and some tools to make this lovely black & white tufted crib.

9. DIY Farmhouse Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 6

Learn how to create a farmhouse-style baby crib using wooden boards, woodworking skills, and this tutorial.

10. Rocking Chair With a Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 7

If you have the right tools and basic carpentry skills, you can easily build this rocking chair with a crib. Get the instructions from here.

11. Build a Log Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 8

Bring earthy vibes indoors by creating a crib from a pile of logs. It could be assembled and disassembled in minutes.

12. Baby Crib that Converts to Toddler Bed

Watch this video to DIY a baby crib equipped with fluffy clouds that also doubles up as a toddler bed.

13. Baby Swing Crib

Gather scrape wood, wood glue, hardware, and paint to make this super cute baby swing crib that costs only $40.

14. DIY Pinewood Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 9

Build from pine boards and various other supplies, this homemade baby crib is an excellent addition to the nursery room.

15. Rounded Canopy Baby Crib

Homemade Crib Ideas 10

To make a royal-looking crib for your baby girl, check out this step-by-step tutorial.

16. Co-Sleeper Crib DIY

This portable co-sleeper crib allows a mother and child to safely sleep together without the risk of smothering.

17. Cardboard Baby Crib DIY

Here’s the YouTube tutorial that’ll help you assemble a super affordable baby crib from cardboard that can hold up to 88 lbs of weight.

18. Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

Show affection towards your newborn by making this super cool, moon-shaped baby crib. Read more here.

19. Barrel Crib Idea

Barrel Crib Idea

Who knows, a whisky barrel can be converted into a functional baby crib with a few modifications. The details are here.

20. Baby Crib With Changing Table

Featuring a changing table, this baby crib can be easily converted into a bed for a toddler.

21. Collapsible Baby Crib

This chic collapsible crib is easy to carry around and also makes an excellent gift. It’s one of the best DIY baby crib ideas on this list.

22. DIY Traditional Style Crib

DIY Traditional Style Crib

Get the woodworking plans for this DIY traditional-style crib from this article and build a beautiful home for your newborn baby.

23. DIY $200 Baby Crib

DIY $200 Baby Crib

If you’re expecting a baby and want to know how to build a crib for under $200, check out this tutorial.

24. Pallet Baby Crib

Pallet Baby Crib

Assembled from sturdy and inexpensive pallets, this peculiar baby crib gives vintage vibes and serves its purpose quite well. Read more here.

25. $20 Baby Co-sleeper Crib Build

Are you looking for the cheapest co-sleeper baby crib DIY? Must check out this video.

26. Classic Rail Crib

Classic Rail Crib

Recreate this minimal classic rail crib to give your infant a cozy place to sleep while you’re doing household chores. The details are here.

27. Modern Rustic Baby Crib Idea

Fill your bedroom space with rustic charm by DIYing this modern rustic crib for your lovely infant.

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