24 Homemade Marble Run Ideas | DIY Marble Run For Kids

Spark your child’s creativity and curiosity with these exciting Marble Run Ideas that provide hours of fun. They are cheap and easy to build!

Get ready to unleash your child’s inner engineer with these Marble Run Ideas that encourage them to be more creative and resourceful. From simple builds to complex ones, these ideas are perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels.

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Homemade Marble Run Ideas

1. Craft Sticks Handheld Marble Run

Marble Run Ideas1

Do you know marble run can be made easily from some mere craft sticks? If not, read these quick instructions to build one for your kiddo.

2. Marble Maze Idea

Marble Maze

Follow these instructions to create an inexpensive and cutesy marble labyrinth with a clock, craft foam, and patience. It’s one of the most amazing marble maze ideas.

3. Do It Yourself Marble Run from Toilet Rolls

DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls

Make good use of leftover toilet rolls by crafting this fascinating marble run game that your children will adore.

4. LEGO Marble Run

Marble Run Ideas2

Marble run made up of LEGO is another fun craft for kids. This is probably one of the amazing marble run ideas on this list.

5. Pool Noodle Marble Run

You only want a pool noodle, scissors, bamboo skewers, painter’s tape, and A4 paper to make this fun pool noodle marble run.

6. Cereal Box Marble Run

Cereal Box Marble Run

Create this fantastic marble run by recycling an empty cereal box to keep your little ones entertained and occupied for quite a while.

7. Wooden Roller Coaster Marble Run

Wooden Roller Coaster Marble Run

An epitome of functional art, this pretty neat roller coaster marble run is made up of wood and will surely fascinate your little munchkins.

8. Wall-Mounted Marble Run

Marble Run Ideas3

Another toilet rolls marble run idea, but this time, the entire structure is attached to the wall to enhance the gaming experience.

9. DIY Big Marble Run Machine from Cardboard

With a few supplies and a little bit of patience, you can easily DIY a big marble run machine from cardboard. It’s an enjoyable and adventurous game for kids to play with.

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10. Steel Marble Run

Made up of steel wire, this steel marble run is sturdy, enticing, and a perfect boredom buster for your little buddies.

11. Junk Model Marble Run

Junk Model Marble Run

Follow the zero waste lifestyle by DIYing this marble run with your kiddo using recyclable junk items.

12. DIY Two Minutes Marble Run

Only a ruler and some clothespins are needed to build the most simplistic marble run within two minutes. Watch the video to learn more.

13. DIY Wooden Marble Track

Made with oak, this simple yet sturdy wooden marble run is a pretty much functional and fantastic addition to your kids’ game arsenal.

14. Pegboard Marble Ramp

Marble Run Ideas4

Motivate your little engineers to build this changeable pegboard marble run that even toddlers can play with.

15. Milk Carton Marble Run

Milk Carton Marble Run

Recycle milk cartons and paper tubes to build a cheap and adorable marble run. Head over to this tutorial to learn more.

16. Paper Plate Marble Track

Paper Plate Marble Track

Marble track made of paper plates is tricky to set up but worth trying, and most importantly, it’s an excellent parent-child bonding activity. If you wish to use old plastic plates instead of paper, it will be a great move for the environment.

17. Marble Run With an Inclined Plane

Marble Run Ideas5

Provide a hands-on STEAM learning experience to your kids by involving them in the preparation of this marble run project.

18. Train Track Marble Run

Train Track Marble Run

What about making a marble run with the train track that no one ever plays with anymore? Sounds interesting, right! Take inspiration from this tutorial to learn more.

19. Marble Run with Magnetic Wand

Marble Run with Magnetic Wand

DIYing a handy marble run out of stuff you already have, like a shoebox lid, craft sticks, straws, bottle caps, and tape roll. Plus, playing this game with a magnetic wand and magnetic ball gives a magical feel to kids.

20. Refrigerator Marble Run

Marble Run Ideas6

Use the refrigerator door as a canvas to create this entertaining marble run and explore the world of kinetic energy with your kids.

21. Foam Pipe Marble Run Idea

Foam Pipe Marble Run IdeaGrab foam pipe insulation, tape, and marbles to complete this fun project. It’s one of the best marble run ideas.

22. Play Dough Marble Run

Play Dough Marble Run

Recreate this easy marble run by constructing twisty, squishy tracks using play dough, paper cups, masking tape, and craft sticks.

23. Cookie Sheet Marble Run DIY

Cookie Sheet Marble Run DIY

With cookie sheets and play dough, you can easily build a crafty and inexpensive marble run in no time.

24. Paper Marble Run

DIY Paper Marble Run

This marble run is made from printed paper, wire, glue gun, duct tape, and cardboard.  It’s one of the great paper marble run designs.

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