30 Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas and Plans | How to Make an Ottoman

Here are some Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas from around the web that adds functionality to the space besides enhancing the visual interest!

An ottoman not only adds pizzazz but also provides extra storage space, a feet-resting spot, and a seating station. To make one for yourself, read this list of Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas.

Here are some unbelievable furniture makeover ideas

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas

1. DIY Upholstered Ottoman Build Plan

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 1

Recreate this DIY upholstered ottoman on the weekend using this tutorial. It can be used as a footstool, extra seating, or a low coffee table for your next family game night.

2. DIY Storage Ottoman Idea

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 2

Read this guide to build a storage ottoman that looks good and serves your needs. It offers storage space for magazines, pillows, throws, and blankets.

3. Old Electrical Spool Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 3

Learn how to modify an old electrical spool into a neutral-colored footstool with this article. It’s one of the best homemade DIY ottoman ideas.

4. DIY Vintage Fur Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 4

If you have a cable spool and a ripped fur coat, you can easily make this vintage fur ottoman.

5. Wood Crate Storage Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 5

Grab casters, a wooden crate, plywood, glue, paint, fabric, and a few tools to start this wonderful project. Get the details here.

6. DIY Pallet Ottoman Idea

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 6

Take your DIY decor to a whole new level with this pallet furniture. A small list of materials and a few simple steps make this project a weekend win.

7. Beautiful DIY Ottoman Idea

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 7

This beautiful DIY ottoman is made from a pallet and a mattress topper. It’s easy-to-DIY and affordable too.

8. DIY Ottoman/Coffee Table Ikea Hack

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 8

If you have an old end table, transform it into a fun and stylish footstool that doubles up as a coffee table. Click here to learn more.

9. DIY Diamond Tufted Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 9

To make a gorgeous diamond tufted ottoman, you only need a coffee table, quilt batting, foam, fabric, and a few supplies. Read the details here.

10. Plastic Bucket Turned Ottoman

Watch this video to make a trendy yet frugal ottoman out of a plastic bucket. Make sure the bucket you use is strong enough.

11. DIY Pouf Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 10

Rather than using a store-bought puff, DIY one at home with this easy-to-understand tutorial. This project is simple, even for a novice sewer.

12. DIY Burlap Coffee Bag Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 11This burlap coffee bag ottoman can be used as seating, side table, and storage all at once. It’s one of the most ingenious homemade DIY ottoman ideas.

13. DIY Coffee Sack Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 12

DIY this sturdy coffee sack ottoman and give your living room a rustic focal point. Hop to this blog for more info.

14. Old Drawer Turned Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 13

Got an old drawer? Give it a new life by converting it into an ottoman with storage. It’s great for hiding photo albums, books, or other belongings not used very frequently.

15. Milk Crate Ottoman DIY

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 14

Looking for a room refresh without a total overhaul? This milk crate ottoman is just what you’ve been missing.

16. DIY Tire Ottoman Idea

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 15

This rope tire ottoman adds a cute rustic look to any room. You can use it as a footrest, as a small coffee, as a side table, or as extra seating.

17. No-Sew Rug Ottoman

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 16Wondering how to make a no-sew rug ottoman? This blog post has all the required details to complete this project.

18. DIY Trendy Ottoman Idea

Homemade DIY Ottoman Ideas 17Using entry-level upholstery skills and minimal tools, anyone can make these splashy little pieces of furniture topped with embroidered textiles.

19. Ottoman Out of an Old Suitcase

Ottoman Out of an Old Suitcase

In this Instructables, the DIYer uses an old suitcase, fabric, plywood, staple gun, jigsaw, muslin, and bamboo fiber to create a unique ottoman.

20. Faux Leather DIY Ottoman

Faux Leather DIY Ottoman

Add a bit of glam and functionality to your dull living room with this DIY faux leather ottoman. It’s one of the most attractive homemade DIY ottoman ideas. Get the details here.

21. DIY Ottoman Bench from a Repurposed Coffee Table

DIY Ottoman Bench from a Repurposed Coffee Table

Instead of throwing your old coffee table in the trash, turn it into a stylish piece of furniture. Check out the instructions here.

22. Army Footlocker to Ottoman

Army Footlocker to Ottoman

This Instructables shows the easiest way to turn a vintage army footlocker into an ottoman that goes well with every home decor.

23. Round Pallet Style French Industrial Ottoman

Round Pallet Style French Industrial Ottoman

This round french industrial ottoman is an Instagram-worthy accent piece that makes your space stands out. The DIY is here.

24. DIY $20 Ottoman Idea

DIY $20 Ottoman Idea

This super cheap, easy, and cute ottoman idea is best for budget-cautious DIYers. Take inspiration from this tutorial.

25. Rustic Farmhouse Storage Ottoman

Rustic Farmhouse Storage Ottoman

Are you looking for a chic way to sneak storage into your living room? This cute yet functional ottoman is the right solution.

26. $10 Crate Ottoman DIY

This DIY crate ottoman is a fun project and costs only $10. Look at this video for the instructions.

27. DIY Sisal Rope Ottoman

DIY Sisal Rope Ottoman

This sisal rope ottoman is a perfect decor piece for a beachy/nautical-themed living room. The DIY is here.

28. Basket Turned Ottoman

Basket Turned Ottoman

These basket ottomans look great and are pretty inexpensive to make. It’s one of the most amazing homemade DIY ottoman ideas.

29. Woven Leather Ottoman Idea

Display your craftiness by creating this woven leather ottoman. It seems complicated to weave leather, but it’s surprisingly easy.

30. DIY Boho Mud Cloth Ottoman

DIY Boho Mud Cloth footstool

Bring in bohemian vibes by adorning your room with this mud-cloth ottoman. Find out all the details here.

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