10 Orange Flowers with Black Dots and Spots

Browse this collection of breathtaking Orange Flowers with Black Dots to brighten up your monotonous landscape!

Orange flowers with black dots are a standout choice for gardeners with their vibrant colors and distinctive patterns. If you want to add one to your garden, browse this article till the end.

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Orange Flowers with Black Dots

Remember, the dots on the petals might not always be black; they can appear in darker shades such as brown, maroon, purple, or red.

1. Tango Halloween Lily

Orange Flowers with Black Dots 1

Botanical Name – Lilium ‘Tango Halloween’

‘Tango Halloween’ showcases striking orange-yellow flowers with dark maroon spots. This lily variety needs full sun to produce lush blooms.

2. Double Tiger Lily

Orange Flowers with Black Dots 2

Botanical Name – Lilium lancifolium ‘Flore Pleno’

Native to China and Japan, the double tiger lily stands out with purple-black dots on orange-colored petals. This summer bloomer can produce up to 25 flowers on a single stem.

3. Spotted touch-me-not

Orange Flowers with Black Dots 3

Botanical Name – Impatiens capensis

Spotted touch-me-not blooms in fall with spotted orange-yellow flowers. This herbaceous perennial is a common sight in forests, streambanks, and bogs.

4. ‘Orange King’ Peruvian Lily

Orange Flowers with Black Dots 4

Botanical Name – Alstroemeria Aurea ‘Orange King’

The orange blossoms of this Peruvian lily attract onlookers with the reddish-brown markings. Its flowers are a great addition to cut arrangements and other floral displays.

5. Tiger Lily

Orange Flowers with Black Dots 5

Botanical Name – Lilium lancifolium

The dark black spots on the orange flowers give them the appearance of tiger skin, hence the name. Keep this plant far away from your dogs and cats because of its toxicity.

6. Orange Pixie Lily

Orange Flowers with Black Dots 6

Botanical Name – Lilium ‘Orange Pixie’

Highlight your garden with the flamboyant bright orange flowers of this lily variety. Its spotted blooms appear from late spring to summer in optimal growing conditions.

7. Blackberry Lily

Blackberry Lily

Botanical Name – Iris domestica

Belongs to the Iridaceae family, the blackberry lily boasts orange blossoms with red dots in summer. This drought-tolerant plant is a great addition to cottage and coastal gardens.

8. Tiger Babies Lily

Tiger Babies Lily

Botanical Name – Lilium ‘Tiger Babies’

This fascinating lily variety beautifies landscapes with its cantaloupe orange blooms. The dark brown spots on the petals make these flowers even more attractive.

9. Fire King Lily

Fire King Lily

Botanical Name – Lilium ‘Fire King’

Make your landscape the focal point of your property with vivid reddish-orange flowers of ‘Fire King’ lily. Their beautiful blooms stand out with the purple freckles.

10. Royal Sunset Lily

Royal Sunset Lily

Botanical Name – Lilium ‘Royal Sunset’

Add drama to your garden with the showy pink-edged caramel-orange flowers of this lily variety. These blooms can become 4-6 inches across in size.

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