20 Best Phone Case Painting Ideas

Transform your plain phone cover into a work of art with these fun and creative Phone Case Painting Ideas!

Are you tired of having the same old boring phone cover as everyone else? If yes, then personalize its look with these artsy Phone Case Painting Ideas.

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Phone Case Painting Ideas

1. DIY Sharpie and Spray Paint Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 1

Watch this video tutorial to upgrade your phone case with Sharpie and spray paint.

2. Nail Polish Painted Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 2

Learn how to paint abstract art on the smartphone case with nail polish in this visual tutorial.

3. DIY Rainbow Splatter Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 3

Take inspiration from this YouTube tutorial and add a pop of color to your phone cover. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to show your creativity and imagination.

4. Artsy Landscape Phone CasesPhone Case Painting Ideas 4

Create nature-inspired phone cases and enjoy a personalized touch of the great outdoors with every call.

5. Panda Phone CoverPhone Case Painting Ideas 5

If you’re a panda lover, then this phone case painting idea is what you need to try this weekend.

6. Flowers and Butterflies Painted Phone CasesPhone Case Painting Ideas 6

Give your monotonous phone case an aesthetic boost with this tutorial featuring two different designs, i.e., floral and butterflies.

7. 5-Minute Watercolor Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 7

Instead of painting the phone cover, insert watercolor-painted paper inside the case for added charm. Get the details here.

8. DIY Chalkboard Cell Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 8

Make this adorable and easy DIY chalkboard cell phone case to add a little character to your device.

9. DIY Tie Dye Phone Case IdeaPhone Case Painting Ideas 9

Learn how to beautify your boring phone cover with the tie-dye method. Here are the detailed instructions.

10. Eye-Catching Abstract Painted Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 10

You only need a clear phone cover and puffy paint to make this visually appealing, textured, abstract case.

11. DIY Paint Drip Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 11

Create this unique, eye-catching paint drip phone cover that’ll surely turn heads. The detailed how-to is here.

12. Sunset Silhouette DIY Painted Phone CasePhone Case Painting Ideas 12

Get creative and show off your artistic skills with this fun sunset silhouette painted phone case.

13. Ombre Painted Phone CoverPhone Case Painting Ideas 13

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this ombre-painted case is the perfect project to showcase your talent.

14. Starry Aesthetic Phone Case Painting Idea

Starry Phone Case

Give your phone case a stars-inspired makeover and enjoy a personalized accessory that reflects your personality.

15. Interstellar Hand Painted Phone Case Idea

Interstellar Phone Case Painting Idea

Give your smartphone cover a new lease of life with this cosmic and trendy interstellar painting idea. Grab oil markers, sponge, acrylic paints, napkins, and rubbing alcohol for this project.

16. Halloween Themed Phone Case Painting IdeaHalloween Theme

Bring some Halloween flair to your device with these creative jack-o-lantern-themed case painting idea.

17. Coastal Inspired Phone Case Painting DIYCoastal Inspired Design DIY

With some easy steps and supplies, anyone can create this coastal-inspired case that’s perfect for any beach lover. Click here for the project.

18. Mandala Cute Phone Case Painting IdeaMandala Painting

Another one of the fantastic phone case painting ideas features an attention-grabbing, colorful mandala design. It makes your device stand out in the crowd.

19. Sky and Clouds on iPhone CoverSky and Clouds on iPhone Cover

Carry a piece of nature wherever you go with this mesmerizing iPhone cover. Here’re the instructions.

20. Flame Phone Case Painting Idea

Flame Cellular Cover Painting

Let your mobile case be the reflection of your fiery personality with this blazing flame design. Look at this video for inspiration.

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