DIY Candy Kabob Ideas

Check out these DIY Candy Kabob Ideas and surprise your kids with the best from the list. They are easy and fun to make!

Are you looking for cute yet affordable treats to cheer your kids in the house party? Try out these DIY Candy Kabob Ideas for the best options.

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DIY Candy Kabob Ideas

1. DIY Shark Candy Kabobs

Get some marshmallows, gummy sharks, licorice slices, Swedish fish, chewy sour balls, and other candies of your kid’s choice to make this cute candy kabob. Check the details here.

2. DIY Birthday Party Kabobs

Gummy candies, ribbon, skewers, and clear cellophane bags are all you need to treat your kids with their favorite candy kabobs. Click here for the details.

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3. Pizza Candy Kabob

Upgrade the party vibes of your home with these super cute and easy pizza candy kabobs. Get the details here.

4. Quick and Easy Candy Kabob

Surprise your kids with these quick and easy candy kabobs made from colorful candies, gummy fish, gummy slices, gumdrops, ribbons, and skewers. Read more here.

5. DIY Gummy Kabobs

These DIY gummy kabobs are sure to win your kid’s heart with their sweet and sour taste. Watch the tutorial here.

6. Rainbow Candy Skewers

Get colorful candies and layer one after another in a metal skewer like the rainbow colors to make these tasty candy kabobs. Get the details here.

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7. Brownie Bites Candy Kabob

Add brownie bites along with jelly beans, lime slices, citrus peanut candies, and marshmallows in a wooden skewer to make this tasty treat. Click here for details.

8. DIY Easter Party Kabob

Grab your favorite Easter candies. Arrange them in a skewer. Cover with a cellophane sheet, and your Easter party kabobs are ready! Read more here.

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9. Waterbridge Candy Kabob

Engage your kids in a fun summer activity by making this waterbridge candy kabob with them. Get the details here.

10. Halloween Party Kabob

A Halloween party kabob is all you need to make the party special for the kiddos at home. Details are here.

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11. Color Pop Skewers

Make this color pop skewers attaching the candies of your favorite colors to give your guests the tastiest treat ever. Click here for details,

12. DIY Marshmallow Candle Kabob

These marshmallow candle kabobs require only five marshmallow pieces poked together in a toothpick and sprinkled with colored sugar for the sweet flavor. Details are here.

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